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A failing president it seems
Is dangerous to great extremes
As those behind bewitched by power
Plot ways to sweeten what’s grown sour
They must create events, of course
That urge a rapid show of force
Attacks upon the native soil
That guarantee the blood will boil
In those unpleasantly impressed
Are rated highly if not best

A danger thwarted overseas
That could have brought all to their knees
Is with a media loyal and true
Sold as a worthwhile thing to do
And loss of life so far away
Can these days people hardly sway
Who educated by TV
See violence a necessity
To keep them safe from ill intent
Of those who hate through discontent

One world, one government, just one
To rule when power and greed have won
That will at last bring peace and rest
To those who then will be oppressed
While freedom’s champions must hide
As outcasts others will deride
And persecute if daring to
Express a wayward point of view
It sounds familiar – a cliché
That’s being born, now, here, today


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“However, in the view of elites, population control is more about controlling the people than saving the environment.”

From: New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship
by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Scientists and industry
Working for the few
Thinning out our ranks to bring
World Order that is New

Poisons in the water
Poisons in the air
Poisons in the food we eat
Do you really care?

Poisons in the packaging
Poisons in vaccines
Poisons in the pills we take
Just some of their means

Ways to sterilize you
Ways to make you ill
Ways to bring you to your knees
For the final kill

Laugh and say it’s nonsense
Laugh and say I’m mad
Laugh until you see I’m right
When things get that bad.

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During an election discussion on TV yesterday evening, someone suggested that employers should allow their employees time off to enjoy the 2010 World Cup football matches involving the Dutch team. This received a round of applause from those who were no doubt football-loving employees, but when an employer stood up and commented, ‘Unpaid, of course’ the applause gave way to boos. The politicians sat smiling, obviously enjoying a respite from heated discussions of more important issues.


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So, according to the latest news the solution to the financial problems caused by instability within the European Union (EU) is a further reduction of national sovereignty and the centralisation of economic power. As all member states have budget deficits, nearly 500 billion euro is being plucked out of thin air by their finance ministers to give the EU an economic boost. This is to satisfy international investors whose doubts concerning the future stability of the EU were causing the value of the euro to plummet. The fact that this move merely increases the total debt hasn’t escaped everyone 🙂 and one might suspect that clever investors would remain unconvinced unless they know something the rest don’t.


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As I’ve mentioned before there is to be a national election in the Netherlands in June this year. Strangely, many leading politicians including a number of ex ministers have recently resigned from politics saying that they need more time for their private life. While I can understand the human aspects of such a decision it is somewhat curious that so many are all at once involved.


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They’re closing in from left and right
those who would rule with heavy hand.
See your freedom slip away
hour by hour and day by day.

I see the laughs of madmen clear
their lips curled in a knowing grin.
Soon we’ll hear their shouts of glee
when there is no place to flee.

Too late they’ll wake and see the truth
the ones who now could make a change.
Each day gone may be the last;
time for doubting has long passed.

The rich and powerful want it all.
They think it is their well earned right.
We the people must be tamed
for our good as is proclaimed.

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One thing western governments should be doing, but are not, is preventing unscrupulous organizations from dangerous and fraudulent activities having a devastating effect on populations and economies at the national and international level. The Financial Crisis and the Global Warming and the Swine Flu scandals are, of course, the prime examples of this. Why is it taking so long to right the wrongs and set up safeguards to prevent similar occurrences in the future? (more…)

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Reports on the Internet tell of governments, and other interested parties who stand to make a lot of money, pushing for the installation of 3-D body scanners at airports worldwide, even though many experts say that they form a potential health hazard and wouldn’t have detected the “underwear” bomber’s chemicals anyway. (more…)

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In a Christmas message the Queen of the Netherlands discredits social internet sites such as Hyves and Twitter because they are dividing people by undermining personal social contact.
Strange that a member of the elite should state such a thing when so many people see this as a positive development allowing contact and an exchange of ideas across borders and social barriers.
It does fall in line, however, with elite attempts via expanding western governments to reduce freedom of speech to have more control over the population and eventually to introduce a dictatorial world government. Yes, they have long been preaching that politics has failed to produce stability in the world and that the only alternative is a dictatorship run by the scientific/industrial complex with private banks controlling the money. This means that the human rights of (extra)ordinary people such as you and I will gradually be stripped away.
The power of the unelected UN is being expanded to become a world ruling body. Its security forces are already being given immunity from international and national laws to operate within sovereign borders. Eminent politicians, including the European Union’s President, have admitted that setting the basis for a world government was an important goal of the Copenhagen Conference.
Elected members of government are capitulating to the demands of private international entities by ignoring legitimate doubts and concerns and squandering huge amounts of taxpayers’ money. They are destroying national sovereignty without regard for public opinion as the largely unilateral governmental ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon, where three referenda were ignored, clearly shows.
Call me an old fashioned stick-in-the-mud but it seems to me that tyranny should be avoided at all costs.

See the following news items:

Gordon Brown on world policing of carbon emissions.

Obama’s executive order giving the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) freedom to act within the United States above its Constitution and beyond the legal reach of its law enforcement authorities.

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As reported on 20 December in the UK Telegraph newspaper:

“The head of the UN’s climate change panel – Dr Rajendra Pachauri – is accused of making a fortune from his links with ‘carbon trading’ companies, Christopher Booker and Richard North write.”

Also reported by the same newspaper:

‘Gordon Brown is drawing up plans for the European Union to become a global warming “policeman”, monitoring individual countries’ compliance with carbon-cutting targets.’


So the Copenhagen Conference hasn’t produced the goods, or has it?
Even without an accord over the reduction of CO2 emissions, an agreement to form a regulating body to be paid for by the already heavily burdened taxpayers was forged out by western leaders. To anyone reading between the lines it is becoming clear that the real issue was always the setting up of such a world governing body. As the European President, van Rompuy, publicly stated:
“The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.”
As reported two days ago by The New York Times online in this article:
“The (Copenhagen) accord provides a system for monitoring and reporting (my emphasis – Jan) progress toward those national pollution-reduction goals, a compromise on an issue over which China bargained hard. It calls for hundreds of billions of dollars to flow from wealthy nations to those countries most vulnerable to a changing climate. And it sets a goal of limiting the global temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by 2050, implying deep cuts in climate-altering emissions over the next four decades.”
The system referred to above is an extended bureaucracy of the UN that will be set up to manage the money and govern the flow of it using the IMF and the World Bank.
The important point is that none of these institutions is run by persons unelected by the people. Elected representatives can only offer advice which may be accepted or ignored. Once installed, therefore, this bureaucracy can grow further in importance at the will of unelected rulers.
The hope is that in countries where elected governments still have some control, such as America, Australia, and India, this move towards a dictatorial world government can still be halted.

When global warming is seen as an enemy we should be aware of what Herman Goering, Hitler’s second in command, said when he was standing trial at the Nuremberg Trials for war crimes, “… the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

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Freedom in action

Science in action

In view of the recent revelations concerning the fraudulent behavior of those within the UN’s IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it would seem prudent to independently re-evaluate the available data and the models used to make climate predictions before implementing drastic financial solutions to possibly non existent problems. However, there is at present no move to do so.
The feverish attempts by leading politicians to reach an accord in Copenhagen regardless of growing doubts about global warming and its relation to CO2 emissions would indicate that there are perhaps other interests at work. Considering the still worsening financial crisis, what could be a reason for still demanding vast amounts of money from developed countries which none have available without increasing the already enormous financial debts for future generations and further pumping up worldwide inflation?
These same politicians are now openly coupling climate change to a world government body, so perhaps the setting up of the latter is the real hidden agenda at the Copenhagen Conference as many are suggesting. This would undoubtedly require an enormous financial investment.
It is also interesting to note that the money raised in the name of reducing CO2 emissions will find its way into the coffers of the IMF and the World Bank, two financial institutions independent of any form of control by elected representatives.
From what one reads one suspects that such a world government would be run on the lines of the new European Union (EU), where non elected forums make all the decisions and elected representatives can at best advance opinions which may be honored or not. Its Central Bank is independent of direct government control and has a monopoly on creating the currency of the EU, which is loaned to its government in the form of legal tender. It is a bank that can lend money to other banks in “times of need”.
So, logic would lead us to assume that a banking cartel will effectively be ruling the world via an unelected world government body. They will get to decide who does what – worldwide. This seems to many to be nothing more than a totalitarian dictatorship. If these suspicions are founded then the world’s population will have more to worry about in the future than climate change.
Of course, a democratically elected world government in control of a world currency would be something different and perhaps what we really need to create a better future for mankind and the environment. But there are doubts as to whether even this could provide a stable democratic system worldwide without becoming oppressive.
From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy we read on the subject of World Government the following summary:

“As World government as an ideal expresses an aspiration for law-governed, just and peaceful relations between the diverse groups that comprise a common moral community of humankind. World government as an idea or proposal about how to organize the world politically, however, may or may not meet that ideal. That is, even if there were a world state with authoritative legislative, adjudicative and enforcement powers, the elimination of organized violence, poverty and environmental degradation would not automatically follow. The proponents of global governance face a similar challenge. It remains to be seen whether the developing agents, networks and structures of global governance can effectively promote environmental protection; will be able to develop authoritative mechanisms for disciplining the use of force, by nonstate actors as well as by the world’s most powerful states; and will serve the interests of the bottom half of humanity barely eking out a living, even if it means demanding a small sacrifice from the fortunate fifteen percent of humankind living in the world’s high-income economies.”

It would seem to many that a Federal system of elected government provides the best solution for future society, with free markets and minimal government interference within society. However, the government must be in control of the money supply and there must be a return to currency based some standard such as gold. Of course, such a system cannot remove the element of conflict which will remain a disruptive force in human relations as long as the root of man’s aggression is not addressed.

Further reading:

“Catastrophic Global Warming”, Ecological Brainwashing and World Government
by Olga Chetverikova

Who’s Afraid of World Government?
By Lawrence S. Wittner

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