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The nurse is waiting with syringe
while frightened eyes can only cringe
as in its mother’s arms it lies,
hanging between what lives and dies.

Cold hearts are bought and sold these days
as warm compassion rarely pays.
Sickness and health now up for sale.
Profits rise from the fallen pale

Those who still care, those one can trust,
I hope you find them if you must.
Be sure before you take the pill
that its not there to make you ill.

This may wake anger in those who
see this a threat to what they do,
but I am not the only one
awakened by the smoking gun.

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The Sun shines brightly in the sky
Warming the face, blinding the eye.
A cold wind blows but here inside
It could be summer I decide
As memories of yesterday,
Of those we love who came to stay,
Flood back to fan the inner flame
That burns so in the hearts they claim.
Life bringer staring down at me
Can it be so that this you see?

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There are those who believe that we
climbed down from some perch in a tree,
and while perusing gathered nuts
saw suddenly some ifs and buts.
These formed new pathways in the mind
those of the search-for-answers kind.

So somehow revelations came.
We stood, and went in search of game
with tools and weapons we had made,
worked by the fire that came to aid.
The cave gave shelter and safe rest;
we thrived, the equal of the best.

Our tools and weapons grew in size
Their forms took on a new disguise
And caves became new structures too
Where many lived, not just a few
No predators came in the night
Their eyes lit by the fireside light.

So did millennia pass by.
We never ceased to wonder why
and marvels wrought by hand and mind
changed how we thought of humankind.
No longer one with all the rest,
some of whom now were second best.

Fights turned to wars with millions dead.
A madness filled our hearts with dread
as death appeared to roll the dice
and saviors told of paradise,
the wrath of God and that called sin,
which drove our thoughts deeper within.

Although our origin’s in doubt
we still are here to rant and shout,
strike out at dangers all around,
ghosts born of fear, ideas unsound.
The peace man seeks that he once knew
stays close but ever out of view.

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Mister Gore has won a prize
for peace that brings tears to my eyes.
Not many will much of that see
as taxes rise to misery.

Unless, unless, what’s that I hear
the CO2 that we should fear
must share the stage now with methane
and soot that exhausts do contain?

Of course, the public has to pay
so this will cause but some delay.
Confusion in that Danish place
might cause some to avoid disgrace.

No mention yet of our dear Sun
that brings such joy to everyone
and surely must play some small roll
in climate change beyond control.

Let’s hope that sanity prevails
that man withdraws from false details.
Let selfish thoughts at last be gone
so mankind can at last be one.

More Gorey details here

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A life unfulfilled

It’s going to meet its maker
that insect on the wall.
I’ve tried my best to free it
but had no luck at all.

Perhaps it’s spent a half life
watching me from on high
while it should have been somewhere
under the darkened sky.

Wings folded as if waiting
perhaps exhausted now
its instincts for survival
no longer tell it how.

Oh little fragile being
that lives to find a mate
no more you’ll serve your destiny
out there to procreate.

Why should this little creature
affect me in this way?
Perhaps I see how precious
should be each passing day.

For what is knowledge pending
to that which now is known
that hidden revelation
a safe and certain home?

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October Sun, now that your work is done
upon your way to warm more southern climes
remembered summer evenings crowd my mind
your parting gift of those most pleasant times.

Your warmth can hardly stir the morning mist
as nights encroach upon the shortening days
and those now drowsy with approaching sleep
sport autumn shades within your softening rays.

You who awakens life each passing year
and warms the days of those lost in their dreams
who sails with all towards some waiting fate
across that ocean, boundless as it seems.

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