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My days unnumbered, light to dark
No hands of clock could set a mark
With eyes wide to the wonders there
No thoughts of time could me ensnare

Horizons still within mists lay
No future urged me to obey
My world was small and undefined
Without rigidity of mind

No love’s demands me to cement
But with the knowledge instinct lent
The care of a protecting arm
Unnoticed, kept me safe from harm

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Sea Search

A girl hopes the sea will reveal her truelove’s name

Inspired by the Dutch comic strip “S1ngle” by Hanco Kolk and Peter de Wit (the number one in the title is not a misprint)

She wrote her name there in the sand
by water’s edge and sat close by
to guard her message for the sea
she hoped would understand her plea.

A large wave washed her name away.
She waited as tears filled her eyes.
The letters sank into the deep
and woke the one there from its sleep.

The hours passed but no answer came
and as the sun began to set
she rose with sadness hard to bear,
that space still captured by her stare.

Then with a sigh, she turned away
and glancing back with every step
she left the one she’d prayed might know
her truelove’s name and it would show.

A wave crashed on that lonely beach,
one glowing in the dark of night,
and as it slid back to the sea
his name in gold was there to see.

It faded in the light of dawn
but then as he came into view
the letters brightened and became ….
His heart leaped as he read her name.

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Arousal quartet

Two bodies meet with tingling flesh
Hands move to where but few have been
And passing between half-closed eyes
That old dream in a new disguise.

A kiss that lingers wakes inside
Kaleidoscopic thoughts sublime
That move in some way uncontrolled
Releasing what one can’t withhold.

Two cling, oblivious to all
Against the cool tiled subway wall
The rumblings of approaching trains
Enhance their passion’s rhythmic strains.

The movements now without restrain
Are thrown across the windowpane
As shadows mime the troubled flow
Lit by a soft light’s haunting glow.

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I’m erotically yours
Steaming window condensation
Feel your arms
Is it my imagination?
Rising to
Heights of unknown stimulation
Lips reveal
Urgent inner expectation
Is this love
Or an induced conflagration
Losing touch
With a rising desperation
Wordless sounds
Some exotic evocation
Absent thoughts
In that final liberation
No one there
Just a joint collaboration
Raged desire
Now a distant aspiration
Whispered now
Emanations of elation
I was yours

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Gone now the years
Stemmed now the tears
My search for love found you
But when it died along with pride
Appeared then something new

Free of the truth
From dreams of youth
An understanding grew
That there was more than living for
The pleasures we once knew

I’m watching now
One telling how
True love should really be
But through the eyes of its disguise
The dreams are all I see

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Elusive love


Photo courtesy djcodrin

Is love a word and nothing more,
something to send via semaphore?
I ask, ‘Why must I be denied?’
A heart left in the cold outside.

One voice within the multitude
that yearns to end its solitude
another ever-searching soul
sharing what seems a simple goal.

I pray to gods in still of night
that I might see that telling light
within the eyes of one who’ll bare
those feelings deep, the will to care.

Hope lingers that he’ll come my way
the one I’m thinking of today.
I see a face before my eyes
the mask that hides his true disguise.

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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Though a long-time single
my nerves begin to jingle
when I see reflected She:
the one with whom we two make three.

Is it love that’s standing
So pure but so demanding
between us when it comes to choose
the reason why I always lose?

Lust and sex prevailing
scents strong but unavailing
cloud the odour of assent
that rises only to torment.

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Toes are curling, flowers unfolding
Reaching heights unknown before.
Breath withholding, senses moulding
Now it rises from the core.

Thoughts dissolving, logic flounders
Nature peers through half closed eyes
Tantalizing effervescence
Timelessness of wordless cries.

Rivers meet while rushing seaward
To those depths where lie our dreams
Freed from ever raging sadness
Realms of silence hide our screams.

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In a cold empty room
lives a mouse called Jerome
at the top of the stairs
in a place he calls home.

And he often feels sad
when he’s nothing to do
sitting thinking of her
of the one who’d be true.

Still he hopes, eyes alert
while he’s seeking for food
lower down where the smells
help him out of his mood.

He has searched everywhere
that was safe to explore
but no scent has he caught
of Miss Mousy Galore.

She might suddenly come
through the crack in the wall
the gap under the door.
He might just hear her call.

How his little heart beats
when he sees in his dreams
those bright eyes full of love
and her soft coat that gleams.

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Picture courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti

The birth of the first

If you haven’t been born then I suppose you can’t die.
One brought into this world it seems to laugh or cry;

bursting out from the bubble into reality,
dreams still far, far away across an endless sea.

It’s a sad situation with eternity’s child,
eyes that open and see a glimpse of Nature wild.

Catch the breath of creation; gulp it deep down inside.
Feel it surge through your being as you slip and slide.

Look up into the future shining there high above.
Will it be full of promise or just words of love?



Picture courtesy of Kenneth Cratty

Lost journey

I’ll take a train to Who Knows Where

and on alighting I’ll be there:

a place where I at last may find

one who will care and not remind.

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If I could make a wish come true
then I would now be there with you
to stand together hand in hand
before what could have been so grand:

a future different from the one
I’m living where all hope has gone,
where only dreams of yesterday
can bring a weakened smile to play

upon these lips that still recall
the touch and wonder of it all.
Somewhere in frozen time I see
that moment when thought lead the free

and hesitation born of fear
merged words of doubt with those sincere
until what seemed no force could shake
began to tremble and then break.

If I could make a wish come true
then I would now be there with you.

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Photo courtesy Luigi Diamanti

While you’re reading this
someone’s getting a kiss
under the mistletoe.
Lips pursed and eyes closed
if it’s but a friend,
but with more affection
if there’s a connection.

There’s a tree
with a fetish for earrings,
glistening in the candles’
warm light,
and a star
pointing up to the ceiling
as a crown
makes the whole
feel just right.

Mysterious parcels
waiting for the ones
for whom their contents are meant:
some large, others small,
some sit squat, some stand tall,
some are hard, others soft,
perhaps bent.
All designed to bring joy
whether or not a toy,
wrapped in love
of the giving
well spent.

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I’m just a fool; I know that now
but I must go on anyhow.
There are those who might giggle, sneer,
pity the one who’s sitting here.
It seems so very long ago
that we bathed in sweet young love’s glow.
When smiles and laughter filled our days
and tenderness knew many ways:
a touch, a kiss, a warm embrace,
such joy that sadness had no place.
Yes, I remember oh so well
when all at once the curtain fell
almost transparent but too strong,
each wondering just what went wrong.
Was what we had something so blind
that doubts could rise to plague the mind,
thoughts that in Nature have no place,
the curse of that which has no face
that weaves the nightmares from our dreams
and holds at bay true love it seems?

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The Sun shines brightly in the sky
Warming the face, blinding the eye.
A cold wind blows but here inside
It could be summer I decide
As memories of yesterday,
Of those we love who came to stay,
Flood back to fan the inner flame
That burns so in the hearts they claim.
Life bringer staring down at me
Can it be so that this you see?

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Are you the one to fill my day
chase loneliness at last away
to stay cruel dreams that urge to wake
and passion’s warmth from cold thoughts make?

Are those the lips that I must kiss
to find at last what most must miss
the oneness that no words can teach
that poets twist and turn to reach?

I touch your hand and feel a thrill;
could this be what longings fulfill?
Will this small spark become the fire
that rages on beyond desire?

I hear your voice that comes so clear
a sweetness that brings now a tear
of joy not sadness known so long
that rises now to Nature’s song.

Lost in the raptures that caress
I soar as you my soul possess
and see the world with eyes anew
reborn as happens to but few.

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The crush

She came second to none though occasionally third
Uncertainly bright though by no means a nerd
Her first name was Barbara or Betty or Pat
On her Garland coiffure sat a pert little hat

She only saw Tony and Michael and Sam
And flirted with all three, I’m still now, I am
I picture her skirt as she lifted her knee
To give a small glimpse of what dreams let me see

Sometimes at a distance she’d look in my eyes
And something stirred deeply behind the disguise
She’d laugh with her head high then give me a smile
And I would be happy, at least for a while

Her first name began with a ‘B’ or a ‘P’
Of that I’m most certain, her face I can see
Just thinking of Barbara or Betty or Pat
Where is she right now? Does she still wear a hat?

If you see the one, better ask straight away
And get it behind you, so short is a day
Don’t stay with your dreams but pursue what is real
Never be afraid to reveal what you feel.

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Dying again

Let those be free who are not born of fear
Who laugh and never shed a lonely tear
Whose innocence can make kings kneel in shame
Whose eyes no love or enmity proclaim

Let those be free who are not born of hope
Who have no need to climb the mountain slope
Who linger in the valleys fresh and green
And find there what to others goes unseen

Let those be free who are not born of pride
Whose rewards blossom where no hurt can hide
Who toil until it’s time to die once more
To be reborn upon some different shore.

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Love waits

Could love be something hidden, rare
Or looking back from eyes that stare?
Does it grow like the roses wild
Or spring as laughter from a child?
Is it a madness chasing dreams
A fever that knows no extremes?
Is it a relative of sin
A tide that’s waiting to come in
A sickness that no herb can cure 
A mountain stream so fresh and pure
A carousel of strange delight
That sets the hearts of those alight
Who free of what has gone before
Stand naked there before the door?
If Nature now should turn the key
Will you then be the one I see?

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The parting

Why did you leave when I needed you most?
Has love left the track to no more pass the post?
I’m still here, the one whom you thought you had lost
Just having a hard time and counting the cost.

Where is the shoulder that I leaned upon?
Where are the arms that with mine held as one?
Where is the kiss that chased troubles away?
Where is the warmth that turned night into day?

Why is the door to your heart closed so tight?
Why is there darkness where once there was light?
Why must I now in the shadows remain
Since you stole the sunlight and turned on the rain?

Here I am calling to you from afar
One who was my sun but now is but a star
Still shining so bright in the sky of my dreams
Hope of your return is all I have it seems.

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Four days he lived upon this Earth
Knew not of sadness or of mirth
He breathed its air and with his eyes
Perhaps saw stars in moonlit skies.

The light that through his window came
Brought him the face without a name
A finger clutched by his small hand
And look that he could understand.

What is a life of eighty years
Consumed by wishes, hopes and fears
Compared to one so short it’s true
But free of ill that thought can do?

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