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I’m numbed by the scope of betrayal
The insidious patience of those
Who plan our lives to their advantage
With hearts that so long ago froze

If I could of myself avail
The hope that it might just be a dream
That I may awaken each moment
And find my fears flowing down stream

I feel if mankind now should fail
To at last conquer selfish ideals
The past might deliver a future
That really to no one appeals

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There once was a vain technocrat
Who thought he’d try on a new hat
But he found politics
Demands much different tricks
And quite soon on his face he fell flat

Wind turbines spring up everywhere
And into the wind they all stare
When it then starts to blow
They can turn fast or slow
Yielding energy peaks that should scare

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What to make of threats that glower
behind the masks of those in power.
Should enmity like autumn leaves
not fall when truth no more deceives?

What to make of freedoms ebb
within the walls of World Wide Web.
Should shrieks of fools slam tight the door
to honest query from the floor?

What to make of those who blind
the eyes of youth, so unconfined,
to aid the past limp on to be
a future of hypocrisy.

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A failing president it seems
Is dangerous to great extremes
As those behind bewitched by power
Plot ways to sweeten what’s grown sour
They must create events, of course
That urge a rapid show of force
Attacks upon the native soil
That guarantee the blood will boil
In those unpleasantly impressed
Are rated highly if not best

A danger thwarted overseas
That could have brought all to their knees
Is with a media loyal and true
Sold as a worthwhile thing to do
And loss of life so far away
Can these days people hardly sway
Who educated by TV
See violence a necessity
To keep them safe from ill intent
Of those who hate through discontent

One world, one government, just one
To rule when power and greed have won
That will at last bring peace and rest
To those who then will be oppressed
While freedom’s champions must hide
As outcasts others will deride
And persecute if daring to
Express a wayward point of view
It sounds familiar – a cliché
That’s being born, now, here, today

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Whom and what to believe

Two towers and then a building fall
Events that shock and most appal
Ten years of doubts and thoughts that chill
The plaintive cries unanswered still

A world divided, faith revealed
As hatred deep no more concealed,
By those it seems with much to gain
From unrest, hardship, death and pain

An age of terror born of fear
Where freedom ebbs more year by year
The fight against the final foe
Unbeatable — most apropos

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They walk around me everywhere
With mobile telephones, to stare
Sometimes I turn and think that they
Are casting words perhaps my way

To be in reach of those who care
And many who an ear will snare
One’s privacy is up for sale
To silken voices that prevail

Of course, it is a wondrous thing
A thousand miles away to cling
To feel so close to loved ones dear
Reducing loneliness and fear

But then one’s almost duty bound
To keep in touch wherever found
All news of any worth to tell
Those waiting to hear all is well

The devil in me dares to say
Let’s all switch off, right now, today
Well yes, tomorrow would be fine
I hear a jingle now from mine

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Quote from the International Forecaster

“It has been almost three years since the Federal Reserve took its interest rates to 1% and most recently to zero. This allows member banks to borrow money at no cost. The Fed lends to large banks with little or no control, so that these banks, some of which are owners of the Fed, can really do as they please. The Fed even lends at zero and re-borrows from these banks at a higher level, guaranteeing the banks a riskless profit. Those profits would have gone to the US Treasury and the American taxpayer. These profits for the most part are the result of the creation of money and credit by the Fed. The banks are so overjoyed regarding the results that the Fed has told them that it will keep the current policy for at least the next two years. The banks as a result are making big speculative profits to offset their gigantic losses, while at the same time the economy falls deeper into inflationary depression. This is the tyranny of our almost 100 year old privately owned banking system.”

Why are the elected representatives of the people allowing this to continue?
And don’t think the situation in Europe concerning the practices of the European Central Bank is any better.

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Over 200 African leaders and intellectuals released a letter in Johannesburg, South Africa, stressing the “misuse of the United Nations Security Council to engage in militarized diplomacy to effect regime change in Libya”, as well as the “marginalization of the African Union”.
Quote from Asia Times – The Roving Eye

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
Thomas Jefferson

Robbery with violence
No crime for some, I see
Lands raped and then exploited
To set their people free

Poverty and suffering
Necessities of war
To further the ambitions
Of those who know the score

Mass indoctrination
A cul-de-sac of hope
A playground for all ages
For each a length of rope

Hard times round the corner
Designed by misused power
A world of devastation
To crown man’s darkest hour

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The wars of scores to settle
Ten thousand years or more
Recurring themes amid the screams
Hearts rend and lives make poor

The misery of justice
With which both parties pay
When righting wrongs condemned as such
That rights appear some day

Peace always in a future
Where conflicts all subside
A situation never met
That countless words describe

Minds ever asking questions
Whose answers all are known
Concerning problems made to last
For each his very own

One war ever internal
Two sides where worlds collide
One sculpted by society
The other fools deride

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The pace and vigour of increasing political corruption leaves little room for social optimism

Relentlessly they forge ahead
with plans to rule the world or bust,
big bankers, and their cronies all
ensnared to satisfy their lust.

Big money talks and silence pays;
obedience assured through power.
The madness there for all to see
is growing with each passing hour.

With history written long before
events unfold that tell the tale,
the piper plays to listening ears
of those not deemed “too big to fail”.

Scare tactics are their favourite ploy
with terror threats as number one,
then war and economic strife
and climate change without the sun.

What must be done to turn the tide?
Awareness brings the truth to light.
More voices raised can tip the scales,
make freedom’s flame again burn bright.

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The invisible prison walls are materialising

Safe in that prison behind locks and bars
Enjoying the freedom, no more threats or scars
The warder protects me from life’s so cruel ways
As long as I’m willing to do as he says

Grey walls and windows high let in pale light
Dreams of the sun and moon come in the night
Memories of yesterdays hope no more bring
Feelings that filled my heart no more do cling

Happy to be alive though now alone
No use to dwell on doubts, no use to moan
“Things could be worse” is the thought that provides
Some peace of mind to the one who still hides

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More and more people in Europe are catching on to the truth about the financial hardships and the role of politicians and big business

Once again they must pay, the downtrodden of Greece,
while the rich just get richer
as all that is worthy is sold off to those
greedy banks, corporations, unless protest grows.

All within the EU, do you see what’s afoot,
as most leaders kowtow to
the “Too big to fall” while indifferent to those
who are losing on all fronts and taking the blows?

Wakey-wakey, it’s time to show them how you feel,
that there’s no more protection
from their long transgressions of laws made for those
who resort still to crime before some they’ll expose.

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Global warming, CO2
Climate change
Words seen anew
In the media owned by those
Who gladly lead us by the nose

Twisted facts and outright lies
Used to aid
Them in their fight
Not to serve the good of man
But rob us any way they can

Carbon credits, methods green
That must be clean
Politicians play their game
Designed to dull, exploit, and tame

Freedoms ebbing, rights for sale
Speak the truth
To no avail
Money rules in wonderland.
Where dreams are built upon quicksand

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The yearly meeting of the Bilderberg elite group is taking place now in Switzerland. If you think it’s just an innocent get-together then think again.

They’re meeting again those elite few
The state of the world to debate
St. Moritz in Switzerland hosts them
These who with their power would dictate

Behind closed doors they will be plotting
And wining and dining in style
We people are pawns on their chessboard
A game they’ve been playing a while

Discussions informal and secret
Are held to decide what to do
To maintain their grip on a future
Not bright for the likes of we two

You think they might have good intentions
Well, look at the world we live in
If these people loved peace and freedom
Why are there now wars none can win?

Read Charlie Skelton’s blog for background information and happenings in Switzerland

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Is there a connection?

If you’re reading this, then the world still hasn’t ended. I understand Mr Camping won’t be available for comment for some time due to unforeseen circumstances.
This week the local supermarket has reduced the price of 100 products to 1 euro — perhaps to celebrate the above.
Another eruption has taken place in Iceland, with the wind luckily blowing its excreta in the direction of Greenland according to relieved aviation sources in Europe.
A prominent member of the elite has been arrested for groping a hotel maid. They think they can get their hands on anything these days.
Carbon dioxide is still public enemy number one, which those in power are going to save us from for a large fee — don’t hold your breath.
Big bankers and their loyal politicians are still actively engaged in destroying national economies, even to the extent of putting their own wealth and reputations at risk, with the suffering people no doubt viewed as collateral damage. Even Keynes might be turning in his grave.
Obama’s still having a rough time getting his speeches right.
Lady Gaga has dethroned Oprah, which seems to me a good move.
The US and its allies continue on the path to bankruptcy in order to maintain, protect, and expand their empire abroad in the name of fighting terror, causing the number of terrorists to increase, which requires expanding even further their empire abroad …. Of course, this is an ideal situation for the industrial/military complex, at least in the short term.
I may have got it wrong, but it seems the British Queen has been banned from visiting Northern Ireland in the future for refusing a pint of Guinness.
According to the alternative media, 2012 promises to be an exceptionally eventful year even if the Maya’s predictions prove to be a bit out.

I feel the answer to my first question must be yes if at some level we still function as a race, though the equations governing human society would appear to have reached a complexity that even Mother Nature has difficulty working with.
I admit to feeling the chill of a Mayan seer looking over my shoulder and smiling.

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Cracks are appearing in the defensive walls hiding those who would use tyranny to rule the world

Their house of cards is falling
Prepare for breaking news
Their web of lies unravels
Soon they will pay their dues

The gun barrels are turning
Fear sown they now must reap
The light of truth is blinding
To those who wake from sleep

A bloodless revolution
A turning of the wheel
The stillborn child awakens
Its power they soon will feel

A new age now is dawning
The wind of change will blow
And bring fresh rains of wisdom
From which new life may grow

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More wind turbines means more power stations
when they’re coupled to the grid,
to guarantee a steady flow;
it’s plain to see when once you know
that energy from wind though free
depends upon its speed power three.
Great fluctuations, random too,
is thus a fact none can eschew.

Both inefficient and a danger
to the large-scale power supply
one wonders who then stand to gain
from chopping air, birds, slicing rain.
Those who find them attractive may
stand with but few, I dare to say,
and subsidised it seems they’ll stay –
no prizes to guess who must pay.

I refer you to this very readable article by an expert who will let you in on secrets concerning wind turbines others don’t want you to know:

Wind turbines: the whole truth – author: Ing. J. A. Halkema (sadly deceased)

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A dry wind blowing tears new leaves
from trees and shakes till petals fall.
It raises moisture from the soil
and pollen clouds that cover all.

A cold wind blowing lifts our wealth
and spreads it out among the rich.
Their lust for power will be denied
when barren money crops have died.

The drought could last a hundred years:
hard times for slaves of greed and hate.
The rain of reason now must fall
to bring new growth and clean the slate

In his latest article, independent financial expert Bob Chapman sums up the world’s grim financial situation

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Slight headache burning on the right
disturbed the sleep, made long the night,
but as the paper’s headlines show,
my headache’s nought as headaches go.

And I can take a pill to ease
the pain and something for the sneeze,
but lots who ache from fear that chills
have only gods to cure their ills.

Those who desire to kill and fight
with nightmares born of wealth and might,
the lives of others to control
are part of sorrow, of the whole.

The hopes for lasting peace seem flown;
what now awaits is quite unknown.
Perhaps something is still concerned
enough to grant what’s hardly earned.

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Tell me that it isn’t true
that there are those who plot and scheme
to rule the world with iron fist
and have no wish to coexist;
who look down from their crumbling towers
upon their armies tired and worn
from battles won and battles lost
and never care to count the cost.

Tell me that it isn’t true
that there are those who hate and fear
with tears that burn, but never weep
when they’re alone and cannot sleep.
Must peace be always short though sweet?
Will there be truths to end the lies?
When will the masks that hide each face
be shattered to reveal the race.

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