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Life’s threads are tangled
in skeins of complexity.
What will come next
to increase my perplexity?


I’ve joined the information game
Communication is the name
My brain is working overtime
Sometimes it almost seems a crime

I’m ever shouting in a crowd
Some near me hear but words are drowned
Lost in the tumult’s deafening roar
Waves crashing on that inner shore

A bounded, finite universe
Within which minds and hearts converse
To spread emotions far and wide
And answer questions, most implied

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So here I sit to think what I’ll
deliver for the thousandth time.
Well, first my thanks to you who come
to visit and to comment on
my ramblings: subjects quite diverse
in prose and mostly rhyming verse.

I much enjoy your company
that bits and bytes make possible.
A social gathering designed
to air the thoughts that spring to mind;
share joy and sadness that pertain
to days exciting and mundane.

Although the Twitter sirens call
with powers to quip and mesmerize
a blog can offer broader charms:
while welcoming with open arms
it serves to share those pearls that rise
stirred by the muse in gentler guise.

A new millennium is near
just one more step and I’ll be there
advancing on time’s ladder tall
the past below always on call.
I hope you’ll join the climb with me.
Where will it lead? We’ll wait and see.

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Twittering is quite exhausting
Now I’ve done it for a while
Watching followers and followed
Reading things often futile

Lots of selling, also products
Whom to shun and to allow
Fighting to keep within limits
With a deeply furrowed brow

Blogging now almost forgotten
Though it comes more naturally
So I’m back here for a breather
Be it temporarily

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Viruses and malware
The scourge of Internet
With adverts, propaganda
A cocktail of regret

Let’s add those predatory
Who seek just to cause ill
A mix that’s most disturbing
No more the same old thrill

When once, inflamed, unbridled,
One reached out to explore
Beyond the old horizons
New worlds of good rapport

With power and greed usurping
One’s freedom to express
The hope is in raised voices
Against those who’d oppress

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What to make of threats that glower
behind the masks of those in power.
Should enmity like autumn leaves
not fall when truth no more deceives?

What to make of freedoms ebb
within the walls of World Wide Web.
Should shrieks of fools slam tight the door
to honest query from the floor?

What to make of those who blind
the eyes of youth, so unconfined,
to aid the past limp on to be
a future of hypocrisy.

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To twitter and blog appears now quite a slog
But to make a choice difficult too
Something succinctly said
Is more easily read
And can pierce to the heart it is true

To twitter and blog appears now quite a slog
But the latter I’d rather not miss
For it has the power to
Air one’s thoughts through and through
An advantage one can’t just dismiss

To twitter and blog appears now quite a slog
But I guess that I’ll just wait and see
How it goes for a while
Being so versatile
There I go again just being me

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It came out of the green, not blue
A message from the stars to them
That didn’t answer any cries
Of creatures strange to human eyes


Twitter, twatter, twhatter, twot
A social network now quite hot
Facebook’s worth a mention too
As worldwide, open, human zoo
That allows those near and far
To further who they think they are


Spacetime at large expands but not near me.
They say I’m just the same size more or less
As when I was full-grown, some time ago,
Though with local expansion I confess.
It seems that gravity’s the driving force
To keeps all close together as we sail
Upon that ocean, destiny unknown,
Some wishing as immortals to prevail.

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Tweet tweet

I too can be found on Twitter
Though I’ve not much time to fritter
Someone dear made an account for me to use
And with no wish to deny
Motives well meant and it to try
Down I delved its inner workings to peruse

My first peek was rather daunting
Even now doubts still are haunting
But I’m sticking with a muse that just wants more
So watch out all you out there
Who twitter on without a care
For jan_freeman with an “at” might find your door

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Rattle the keyboard;
let it all out.
If thoughts disgruntle
to the wall shout.
Vent your emotions
into the void.
Nobody viewing
then feel annoyed.
You out there searching
better beware
something might hit you
aimed with due care.

Fellow reporter
somewhere in space
star in the galaxy
one of the race
show me your ideas
what may arise
truths and opinions;
hold back the lies.
And if you’re truthful
I may be too.
Chances for honesty
shared by us two.

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While bloggers mostly come and go,
some ramble on forever,
expressions of a private wish
to reach all with whatever.

Professionals there are as well
to sell or just be clever,
informing all who happen by
to further some endeavour.

A universe of noughts and ones
combining for whoever
applies their senses to some spot
that captivates, wherever.


Rampaging nightmares of the id
Excruciating benders
Of minds that seek eternal bliss
Free from those damned contenders.

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Updated 11 February 2010

Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects… totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have by the most eloquent denunciations.
Aldous Huxley

So, the first steps are being made by the elite to censor the Internet. Only mass protest can prevent them succeeding.
Internet Censorship: Major Truth-Providing Websites Blocked By Asia Netcom To New Zealand Users, see here
and more from the victims here

Update: Australian govt websites face censorship protest, see here

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Reports on the Internet tell of governments, and other interested parties who stand to make a lot of money, pushing for the installation of 3-D body scanners at airports worldwide, even though many experts say that they form a potential health hazard and wouldn’t have detected the “underwear” bomber’s chemicals anyway. (more…)

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Someone in an internet broadcast I heard today about increasing injustice in the world said that just listing the facts only makes people more depressed if they can’t act. This is a good point. The importance of internet sites that wake people up to the facts lies in their being able to reach a significant number of them to make an impact. As regards what the individual can do, well here are a few suggestions for passive resistance. (more…)

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In a Christmas message the Queen of the Netherlands discredits social internet sites such as Hyves and Twitter because they are dividing people by undermining personal social contact.
Strange that a member of the elite should state such a thing when so many people see this as a positive development allowing contact and an exchange of ideas across borders and social barriers.
It does fall in line, however, with elite attempts via expanding western governments to reduce freedom of speech to have more control over the population and eventually to introduce a dictatorial world government. Yes, they have long been preaching that politics has failed to produce stability in the world and that the only alternative is a dictatorship run by the scientific/industrial complex with private banks controlling the money. This means that the human rights of (extra)ordinary people such as you and I will gradually be stripped away.
The power of the unelected UN is being expanded to become a world ruling body. Its security forces are already being given immunity from international and national laws to operate within sovereign borders. Eminent politicians, including the European Union’s President, have admitted that setting the basis for a world government was an important goal of the Copenhagen Conference.
Elected members of government are capitulating to the demands of private international entities by ignoring legitimate doubts and concerns and squandering huge amounts of taxpayers’ money. They are destroying national sovereignty without regard for public opinion as the largely unilateral governmental ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon, where three referenda were ignored, clearly shows.
Call me an old fashioned stick-in-the-mud but it seems to me that tyranny should be avoided at all costs.

See the following news items:

Gordon Brown on world policing of carbon emissions.

Obama’s executive order giving the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) freedom to act within the United States above its Constitution and beyond the legal reach of its law enforcement authorities.

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You may not like what I write but I can write what I like – send patterns of thought’s products across the ether, whether of a naughty, hoity-toity, humble, solid, or drippingly fluidic nature.
I read yesterday that there were around six and a half million new posts published on WordPress in November – staggering isn’t it?
I’m imagining now my blog as a tree in a huge forest, situated not near the edge but not in the middle either. The posts might then be the leaves and the pages branches. As in a real forest no two trees are alike so it is possible somehow to keep one’s bearings. There are all sorts of trees: some tall with luxuriant growth and others wilting and devoid of new leaves but with the old ones still hanging on to catch the wandering eye.
Of course, come to think of it I could just take the b from the word blog and make it a log and WordPress would then simply be a huge (b)log jam. The moderators would then be like those loggers who keep the logs in some sort of order and moving. So, we have bloggers and (b)loggers.
One could get even more adventurous and compare WordPress to a galaxy like our Milky Way, with the administration in the central whatever-it-is and each blog a star. The pages would then be each star’s planets and the posts those smaller bodies further out from the star known in our neck of the woods as dwarf planets, some of which have yet to be discovered (written). Google’s Blogger, for example, would then be a nearby sister galaxy.
As an aside, in the real solar system the latter bodies inhabit the so called Kuiper Belt, after its Dutch discoverer, or to be completely fair we should include two others who earlier saw the light (however dimly) and then we have the Leonard-Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt.
Here is an artist’s impression of the structure of our solar system with the said belt – see the resemblance to a blog?


In the diagram above one sees the known objects in the Kuiper belt, derived from data from the Minor Planet Center. Objects in the main belt are colored green, while scattered objects are colored orange. The four outer planets are blue. Neptune’s few known Trojan asteroids are yellow, while Jupiter’s are pink. The scattered objects between the Sun and the Kuiper belt are known as centaurs. The scale is in astronomical units. The pronounced gap at the bottom is due to obscuration by the band of the Milky Way. (Thanks to Wikipedia and Author WilyD)

Is it just coincidence that we mimic Nature in so many ways? I don’t think so.
Anyway after this more serious stuff, which I hope you found at least a tiny bit interesting, let’s get back to basics.
So WordPress is huge, gigantically huge if one reduces its content to zeros and ones. In the forest analogy, one can search for some tree at the forest’s Information Center, where each tree has a name and a place. One can also just take a stroll amongst the trees, all of which have small plaques of information on the ground before them, perhaps dropping pebbles as one goes just to be on the safe side (the history recorded by the browser). Although there’s a huge map on the wall of the Center where every tree is marked, they don’t have any maps to take away :-). There are colored paths marked out on the map which follow certain categories (tags) of trees, so if one is looking for something special then one can follow one of these paths.
Fortunately, it’s always daylight in the forest so one can quite safely wander around during actual days and nights, and it’s only very occasionally closed for maintenance so if one does come at the wrong time one probably won’t have to wait long.
One does wonder a bit about the size of the forest getting out of hand. What if a fire started somewhere or some pranksters mess around with the plaques or steal the map or something?
I expect the owners have covered all eventualities as well as they can. Fortunately, one can make a clone of one’s own tree and replant it if necessary (via import and export).
Well, if the weather stays dry I might take a walk in the woods nearby this afternoon. Unfortunately, most of its trees are void of posts with winter approaching though there are still a few evergreens.

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My computer, an aging desktop model, is going away for a week. It was all rather sudden but it had to get away it said, otherwise it couldn’t guarantee being able to blog any more because it wasn’t feeling all that well.
How does it speak to me? Through emails of course, doesn’t yours?
So anyway, rather reluctantly I said okay though I’m sure my sour expression spoke book loads, even though I quickly added a smile of compassion.
It’s going to a recuperation center where it’ll be cleared of all toxins and other bits and bobs lying around inside its hard discs. It also needs a good rubbing down (massage it calls it, can you imagine?) to clear away the dust and other unsavory remains of the last six months.
It hopes it hasn’t caught any viruses because that might put a real damper on the proceedings. It knows I do everything within my power to keep it healthy though apparently it doesn’t rate my power too highly, especially as I still refuse to invest in a new firewall to replace the Windows one which it looks on with disdain and mistrust. I’ve tried to explain that the modem has a firewall of its own and that I’ve had bad experiences with those I’ve tried but that doesn’t seem to satisfy it. Well, I’m satisfied and it seems to have accepted the stalemate, at least for the time being.
When it comes back all shiny and irritably refreshed I expect the bickering will start again.
I have a notebook (well, actually, I’m not its true owner as it keeps telling me) but after a long discussion – it does so go on – it refuses to take over the blogging job because it says it doesn’t have the necessary know how and doesn’t trust me to set things up correctly even if it would consider it. Irritable little twerp! It even threatens switching itself off if I try to log in! Can it really do that?
I hope your “comrades” are more accessible than my tormentors. Perhaps it’s just an age thing.
Well, I know it’s all a shock but I promise I’ll be back in business as soon as possible.

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I was visiting someone’s site this morning which contains the author’s poetry and some short stories. The latest poem was full of feeling and quite moving but, for me, the flow could have been better. There were just too many pebbles causing disturbing eddies.
I got to thinking how difficult it is to comment on poetry, especially as I don’t consider myself anyone who is qualified to pass judgment on another’s work. This author gets more visitors than I do, for heavens sake!
Of course, on a personal level, what it boils down to is, “Do I like it or not?”
But I don’t find it easy to convey the reason why using such an impersonal medium as the internet. One naturally tends to be overly considerate of the other’s feelings and to often hide negative comments by not commenting at all, though this does rather defeat the object of the exercise. Then again, poets are often those teetering on the edge of insanity so one must be wary of giving them a push in the wrong direction :-).
An added disadvantage is the fact that commenting hardly ever takes the form of a dialogue in real time.
So commenting does tend to give, at best, a distorted view of one’s talents. If one desires better qualification, one can throw one’s efforts to the wolves by posting them on a site where “experts” are gathered and constantly shifting in their seats waiting to cast their opinions. I have occasionally done this, though it can be quite an unnerving experience – definitely not for the squeamish.
Of course, there’s still a lot of disagreement concerning style and technique.
Should poetry be punctuated like prose or only when necessary to avoid confusion? Should first letters be capitals?
Flow is important though rhyming is not necessary in achieving it.
Getting a poem to flow without recourse to rhyming is a most demanding task, one I avoid as much as possible. Anyway, I like rhyming.
I must admit to having a preference for poems of a more philosophical nature and humor can be quite refreshing. Deeply personal emotional outbursts often leave me floundering in the dark desperately trying to find a light switch. Come to think of it many less hard hitting poems do that too, though no doubt this can often be put down to a dismal failure on my part to comprehend.
That’s another thing, lack of comprehension. I personally avoid adding explanations to poems as they seem to me to rather destroy the element of discovery. Of course, this implies that one should equally strive to avoid a lack of clarity, something in which I am undoubtedly not always successful especially when delving into more abstract topics.
And there you have it again, commenting is the desired means of communication between author and reader also to restore clarity, though for the reasons given above its usefulness is too often limited.

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So I spent this morning adjusting the computer system after receiving an update from Microsoft for their .Net Framework which I need for various programs. Unpleasantly, without asking, it also installed an extension in my Firefox browser called NET Framework Assistant 1.1 which could not be removed or neutralized. It just stood there in the extension window looking back all gray and thumb-on-nose-and-finger-wiggling unwelcoming.

In fact, it arrived late yesterday afternoon and though I did then find some information on the Internet concerning the nature of the beast and that it did need taming, I had no time to investigate the matter further due to an appointment elsewhere. However, I did quickly read that Microsoft had now come up with a solution of its own in the form of an update. Apparently, until this came out the only way to remove the beast was to hack into the register and other sensitive parts of the Windows OS, which demands no small amount of bravery on the part of the average user.

Anyway, this morning after starting up the computer I was all primed to look into the matter further when, lo and behold, the small update icon appeared in the system tray.

This little shield has an exclamation mark in the center which I think should be a sword with blood on it 🙂

A little later a notice appeared that two updates were ready for download. As a long time user, I always take a good look at what Microsoft throws at me before allowing them to get there fingers dirty in my machine. One update was the millionth XP security update and the other was a program to alleviate the problem outlined above. I tentatively gave the order to download.

For some reason, which will no doubt be obvious to some, the installation of these updates often only occurs when I switch off the machine. As no further invitation came from Microsoft I did this but in the process noticed to my dismay that only one update was being installed.

After starting up the computer again I feverishly searched in the Event Viewer (right click your My Computer icon and select Manage) to see what had arrived (doubleclick on the msiInstaller entries) and it was the security update mentioned. Don’t ask me why the other had not been installed, this only leads to madness.

So after walking round a bit I sat down again before the monitor and went to the Microsoft download site to get the update myself, if possible, damn it! To my pleasant surprise I found the appropriate page rather quickly. There were two possible downloads, both with long names which said little about the contents. The only difference in their titles was that one contained the combination x86 and the other x64. Although a thought did surface telling me that x86 was the right choice, I decided to check just to be sure and so I dived into the Internet again. Luckily someone had asked the question before and it appeared that x86 was for a 32 bit machine (which I have) and x64 for a 64 bit machine.

Stop laughing at the back there! I won’t bore you much longer, I promise.

Anyway, I installed it and then on entering Firefox with bated breath I found I could, at last, grab the beast by the horns. It has now been successfully removed.

For those who are interested the relevant update file is located at


To those at Microsoft who stick pins into effigies of unsatisfied customers, which I’m sure they’ve somehow procured and have locked away in cupboards somewhere (effigies, not customers), I make no apology for any ignorance on my part.

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Killing, maiming all around
Death, destruction does abound
Media consumes us all
Numbed to violence large and small

Games to shoot with leaden eyes
Sensual pleasures in disguise
Watch the screen for what is real
Catch the vibes that make us feel

Following the piper’s way
See him prance and hear him play
As he weaves our waking dream
No one hears the helpless scream

Turn away, it’s not too late
Deny measures to sedate
Fight those who would claim your soul
Free your life from their control.

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I’m receiving a lot of negative vibes concerning the increased meddling of governments in our daily lives and their squandering of enormous amounts of tax payer’s money on institutions that don’t really give a damn about the ones having to pay, now or in the future.
The politicians with their smiles and supercilious looks telling us they have our best interests at heart as they thrust us further into debt and destitution.
Money, money, money; power, power, power.
For heaven’s sake, we’re all crawling on this lump of rock whizzing through space at an incredible pace, vulnerable to all kinds of natural influences, with lifetimes that are over in the wink of a galaxy. We should be working together, shoulder to shoulder, to ensure our survival and that of the generations to come.
Technology should benefit all and not just the few.
I think that those in power see world government as the only way out of the present malaise: more control means more stability. But haven’t they studied history which shows that oppressive totalitarian regimes only lead to the explosive social elements of persecution, misery and paranoia. Leaders enjoying their temporary powerful status are not exempt, at least not in the long run. Ultimately there is revolution – the circle is again complete.
Nature doesn’t allow the few to dominate the race. Its only interest is improvement of the latter and this must arise through natural selection, not through man’s vain attempts at playing God. Only destruction lies down that path.
There are obvious signs of the misuse of power.
The ones who hold the purse strings rule the world, as someone said.
The powerful always get richer from wars and turmoil.
Nothing revolutionary can be expected of the majority of politicians who take their orders from above. Only those with little or no power can afford to tell the truth. Exceptions are rare and these brave souls run the risk of being demonized, ruined or liquidated, possibly all three.
The powerful can seemingly revise, interpret or ignore the law as it suits them.
Information stored in computers can and is being manipulated for unscrupulous ends. Promises of privacy seem empty in this complex age of computers when eager trained fingers hover over keyboards.
The power the people have left should be used wisely.

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