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No plea for sympathy but the reason for absence of creative thought

Soon I shall on the table lie
Beneath a bright light’s staring eye
As those behind the masks peer down
At one who sinks but not to drown

‘It must come out,’ the doctor said
‘and maybe more if it has spread.’
What could I say? My tongue was tied
With thoughts of those who may have died

But now resigned to what must be
I try to see objectively
And face whatever may befall
With strength I muster to the call

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This is one of the more poisonous substances being added for commercial gain to the things we ingest. Amongst other harmful effects on the organs of the body, it destroys the neurons of the brain.

I praise the neurons of my brain
They let me feel the sun and rain
My thoughts would be unthinkable
My memories irretrievable
Without these wonders there would be
No intellect, an end of me
So any act designed to kill
By way of food or drink or pill
These jewels of Nature that I need
I class as murderous indeed
So you out there in some disguise
Who have no care for my demise
I trust one day you’ll suffer too
In punishment for things you do

For more information Google E621

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It’s vaccine time again I hear
Roll up your sleeve and never fear
Your government will guarantee
Those poisons that the prick delivers
Won’t bring more than certain shivers
Mostly, for in letters small
One reads what terrors can befall
The innocent who trust in those
With reasons not all to disclose

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“However, in the view of elites, population control is more about controlling the people than saving the environment.”

From: New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship
by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Scientists and industry
Working for the few
Thinning out our ranks to bring
World Order that is New

Poisons in the water
Poisons in the air
Poisons in the food we eat
Do you really care?

Poisons in the packaging
Poisons in vaccines
Poisons in the pills we take
Just some of their means

Ways to sterilize you
Ways to make you ill
Ways to bring you to your knees
For the final kill

Laugh and say it’s nonsense
Laugh and say I’m mad
Laugh until you see I’m right
When things get that bad.

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Inspired by a TV program revealing hideous truths behind the psychiatric drug industry. I hasten to add that there are many psychiatrists who rebel.

Too much energy? Too weak?
Tired? Listless? No more at your peak?
Sometimes angry? Sometimes sad?
How could you let it get this bad?

Can’t sleep so well? Then you are ill.
You’re feeling nervous? Take a pill.
We’ve got so many drugs these days
to serve you in so many ways.


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Update 25th January

1. UK parliamentary investigation into Climategate, see here

2. UN climate panel blunders again over Himalayan glaciers, see here

3. More “blunders” from the UN climate panel, see here


So, it is finally officially recognized that the Mexican Flu pandemic was a storm in a teacup. I read today in the newspaper that the Commission of the European Union (EU) is to hold a hearing to investigate the role played by the pharmaceutical companies involved. (more…)

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It’s really amazing. Well looking at it through my eyes it is and perhaps yours are showing you the same thing.
It’s getting to be a real effort to open the local newspaper. Even this regional source of local, often useful gossip is still whispering in people’s ears not to forget to take their second poisonous flu shot, and also that the planet is in danger from poisonous CO2 which plants love with all their hearts and which Nature allows us to breath out. What they still don’t admit outright is that the first may result in one’s untimely, possibly painful death, and the second via the Copenhagen Treaty is going to further financially cripple our generation and those to come through exorbitant carbon taxes.
Have you read about that interview with Tony Blair, one of the warlords involved in the invasion of Iraq? I quote from the MailOnline article.

“Mr Blair told Ms Britton (the interviewer) that it still would have been right to have invaded Iraq even if it was known then that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction.
The threat posed by Saddam to the wider region meant it was right to remove him from power, he added.”

So, if the western leaders don’t like what you’re doing or even thinking about doing then watch out!
Well, it’s freezing outside at last though the afternoon temperature is still managing to show a few degrees above zero. It’s been on the mild side until recently and the annuals in the garden are still managing to produce a few late flowers.
For the first time we’re going for an artificial Christmas tree this year to avoid the January cleanup. Whether it’s a positive move for the environment is difficult to say.

From the site artificialchristmastreesonline we read of the advantages of artificial trees (with my hopefully helpful comments under each item):

1. When you buy an artificial tree it will last longer than a real tree.

True, hopefully about a hundred times as long to cover the costs.

2. Studies have shown that the artificial models for sale are usually thrown out after ten years

Well at least that agrees with our guarantee period.

3. You can feel safer when you purchase the artificial trees because they are not a fire hazard.

Well that’s an advantage.

4. Designer models such as Fraser Fir and Hamilton Spruce can be found online.

Handy, though we bought ours from a garden centre.

5. Unique pre-decorated and pre-lit models are available for the best price.

Ours was without, but I know people who would value this.

6. Artificial trees are generally inexpensive, because they are made of cheap materials, whereas many live trees are of poor quality and can deteriorate quickly.

Well ours cost nine times the price of a real tree and its quality cannot be directly ascertained either.

7. Decorative tinsel can be added to make your tree look special.


9. Artificial trees don’t litter the floor with pine needles like real trees do,

Now that’s one of the reasons we went to great cost.

10. If you don’t like the smell of pine artificial trees won’t bother you or cause allergies

Mixed feelings about this one.

11. If you do like the smell of pine you can buy a special pine spray for your tree.

Oh, well that’s eliminated the difficulties raised by 10 but at an extra cost.

12. Artificial trees can’t rot like real trees can.

That’s true, but they can break.

13. Artificial trees are easy to assemble and store away.

True. I wouldn’t like to dissemble and store away a real one 🙂

14. Artificial trees don’t weigh much to assemble and store away.

Not much difference in our case.

Well I wish you joy and success with your Christmas decorating.

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So, join our cheering up club. The headline in the local newspaper reads: “A Dutchman is a happy person”. Well, I’d like to meet him to ask why.
No seriously, we do have it pretty good in comparison to many. Yes, we are pretty much shackled to the grindstone of heavy taxation and massive government interference in our daily lives but hell, who’s complaining? Most have more than enough to eat, houses to live in, hot and cold running water, gas and electricity, central heating and television (not only for propaganda purposes). But see, people who have it so good have time to look critically at the shortcomings.
Freedom is an illusion. We in the enlightened west are so dependent on energy and food being supplied. In the event of social instability leading to a sudden lack of these amenities most would be running around like headless chickens – looting and burning in no time I should imagine.
Who can make fire without matches? Who knows how to skin a rabbit? Who dares to drink from a river or stream?
The government has now come up with a safety package for the population in the event of a calamity of some kind “which could happen”.  The basic version contains the following:

  • Battery Radio, tuned into a disaster centre, with extra batteries.
  • Torch, with extra batteries.
  • First-aid kit with instruction manual.
  • Safety matches in watertight bag.
  • Candles.
  • Warm blanket.
  • Toolkit(?).
  • Warning whistle.

Prices range from 35 to 85 euros
Then they reminder us to consider the following additional items as well:

  • Stock of prescribed medicines.
  • Cash and copies of identity and insurance documents.
  • Reserve keys for house and car.
  • Map of the surrounding area, a road map and a list of telephone numbers and addresses of possible places to stay.
  • Disinfectant hand cream.
  • Three liters of water per day per person, for at least three days.
  • Stock of food for at least three days (plus tin-opener).
  • Stock of hygiene articles: toilet-paper, moist tissues, soap, washing-powder, tampons, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.
  • Lightweight rain poncho per family member.
  • Something to put drinking-water in (bottle or jerry can).

I mention this in detail because it might be useful to others.
Why this is suddenly being promoted is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they have something planned, or they know about some others who do, or maybe some civil servants didn’t have anything else to do. Anyway, one could at least say that it’s considerate of them. Hopefully, whatever it is will be over in three days. Perhaps there is an international agreement of some kind to this effect – also with terrorists. Perhaps after three days we’ll be rounded up and taken care of in some way. It would be a way to meet new people, at least.
Anyway, what is there further in the local rag?
Well, due to the financial crisis local government taxation will rise next year to compensate for reduced subsidies. Apparently, there are no plans to raise personal earnings to compensate for this compensation.
Our major airport is going to install security scans that can look through clothing without the need to be assaulted by a fellow human. Only a computer somewhere will be able to see all the various bodily curves – yeah right! There is some concern about these photos possibly arriving on the internet or worse.
Lots of very young children are getting a high fever after the swine-flu shots, which the authorities admit haven’t been tested on children. They hasten to add, however, that the information leaflet does state that a high fever is an often occurring side effect. Let’s hope that other side effects, such as autism, don’t occur too frequently.
From the European Medicines Agency’s site we read that:
“The company that makes Pandemrix (used in Holland – Jan) will collect information on the safety of the vaccine while it is being used. This will include information on its side effects and its safety in children, the elderly, pregnant women, patients with severe conditions and people who have problems with their immune systems.” Hmm.
It is reported that the tax authorities employ ordinary people as spies to snitch on their neighbors or others further afield who they discover committing tax fraud. These snitchers earn a percentage of the money confiscated. The government will try to avoid people becoming bounty hunters. Why does this make me shiver? 
In 2010 there will be free internet in the trains.
In Australia there is a plague of biblical proportions as wild dromedaries (with the hump) seek water near towns because of a drought. The inhabitants of Docker River are frightened to leave their houses as these ferocious beast trample around attacking water installations. Six thousand beasts are to be killed. The other nine hundred and forty thousand are to be spared.
Well, perhaps we can say that happiness is a relative concept.

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9th November 2009 – Speaking at a scientific conference entitled “Falling Walls”, Angela Merkel told reporters:
“The most important thing, when attempting to overcome barriers, is: Are the nation states ready and willing to give competencies over to multilateral organizations, no matter what it costs?”

So, as Germany celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago another sort of wall is going up between the elite and the rest of humanity as the science/industrial complex and its minions continue to expand and increase their influence over world affairs.
Of course, we all build walls between ourselves and others in the psychological sense, to protect our ego from disillusionment and attack. On other levels, groups of similar persuasion build walls for the same reason and countries guard their boundaries. The source of this segregation lies, therefore, in the heart of each of us even though we prefer to point the finger of guilt at others. The problems in man’s world are caused by selfishness and greed which result in an unequal distribution of natural and artificial resources and a continuing lack of real support to developing nations in raising economic and social standards.
If the proposed World Government of the elite does reach fruition, to be sustainable it will undoubtedly need to bring in more suppression of civil liberties and intervene even more in the daily lives of the population. Although the elite undoubtedly see such a world as a utopian dream, from the point of view of the lower echelons it is difficult to see such a system becoming anything other than an oppressive dictatorship and one that will be harder to correct than any other in history because this time there will be no outside assistance available. The ability of such a regime to control significant unrest would seem to be inversely proportional to the size of the world’s population, estimated at 9 billion by 2040. This is perhaps the reason why so much is heard from the elite concerning the necessity to reduce the world’s population – to save the planet of course.


The film 2012, which concerns the end of the world as forecast by the Mayans, has caused somewhat of a stir. So much, in fact, that the NASA has felt it necessary to reassure us by presenting us with the “facts” and telling us that the Mayans had just forgotten to extend their calendar past 2012, which is rather inconsiderate of them considering the possible repercussions. Perhaps they were really describing, symbolically, the turmoil resulting from the installation of a World Government. Time will tell.

Swine Flu update

During another part of the discussion on whether or not the vaccine should be made mandatory for health workers and school children, Lone Simonsen, Research Professor and Research Director at the Department of Global Health, George Washington University, suggests creating an artificial scarcity in order to ramp up demand for the vaccine.
“I think what would work better would be to say that there was a shortage and people tend to buy more of something that’s in demand. (Laughter.) We saw that — there was one season where, really, people lined up all night to get a flu shot.” Simonsen says, much to the amusement of the other attendees at the symposium.
See here for more official reactions

The authorities in Europe are really pushing the vaccine now and attacking those on the internet who are warning people of dangerous side effects and revealing the truths behind vaccination. If the same authorities had done this in the first place there wouldn’t be such a ruckus. The question still being unanswered is why the WHO took the flu epidemic to the pandemic level when there was no reason to do so and why there has been so much propaganda concerning this flu when it is no worse than any other flu outbreak. The people are waking up to possible explanations.

Latest news from America:

‘Miscarriage reports from pregnant women who have taken the H1N1 swine flu vaccine are starting to pour in from all over the nation. Vaccines and pregnancy simply do not mix safely. In fact, the package inserts for the swine flu vaccines actually say that the safety of these vaccines for pregnant women has not been established’
Full report can be found here

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The nurse is waiting with syringe
while frightened eyes can only cringe
as in its mother’s arms it lies,
hanging between what lives and dies.

Cold hearts are bought and sold these days
as warm compassion rarely pays.
Sickness and health now up for sale.
Profits rise from the fallen pale

Those who still care, those one can trust,
I hope you find them if you must.
Be sure before you take the pill
that its not there to make you ill.

This may wake anger in those who
see this a threat to what they do,
but I am not the only one
awakened by the smoking gun.

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“The money power preys on the nation in times of peace, and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.” – Abraham Lincoln

Those interested in the future of our race must view the latest video of Alex Jones entitled “Fall of The Republic” available here. It is also already circulating on YouTube – now freely viewable in its entirety here

Latest on the H1N1 vaccine hysteria

What your doctor and the government might not tell you about the H1N1 virus and vaccine – see herehere and here

I stand here in this vacant space
A member of the human race
And just like you or her or him
Born with free will to sink or swim

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So, after reading Bill Bryson for an hour in which he refers to the manners of the British, I got to thinking about the natural sounds that the human body produces as by products of its daily functioning. In western society, most of these must be concealed by whatever means in the name of good manners, or at least brought back to a level where only one nearby head might turn or its eyebrows rise.
Following personal research conducted over many years in many places, it would seem that the ability to avoid noisy embarrassment is roughly proportional to age. A healthy (including un-intoxicated) twenty year old would probably have a safety factor of 95% whereas someone over ninety (intoxicated or not) might not achieve more than 10% – I hasten to add that these are just statistical norms, before you go on about how exceptional your abilities obviously are for your age.
I should imagine that people who take part in international diplomacy have some sort of protection to avoid precipitating wars or debilitating sanctions through bad manners. Active royalty, for example, are almost certainly kitted out with royal corks, not large enough to cause discomfort but large enough to avoid popping out due to the after effects of a curry lunch. Imagine the king or queen of some dwindling western nation getting up to reply to the condescending though rewarding deliberations of some deliriously rich potentate who has just agreed to buy up a few of their country’s cities to save them from an otherwise inevitable fall into further ruin and decay – it could be Britain:
‘Your Highness, on behalf of myself, my government and my people, I wish to thank you most heartily for your overwhelming generosity. Although I find it difficult to put into words what I know my many suffering subjects will feel when they hear the good news, I think I can sum it up with one word.’
And then it happens, his or her majesty pops their cork, making wine glasses tremble and chandeliers and window drapes move perceptibly albeit in a courteous manner.
It can’t happen so it probably won’t, but I’d really love to be witness to it if it does, wouldn’t you?
Boris Yeltsin would have been on my most likely list of possible culprits. After too much vodka and beans he might have forgotten to adjust his cork while bending over some seated unsuspecting dishy female diplomat in an attempt to squeeze a breast.
Anyway, it seems I’ve reached the age of about 75% controllability so occasionally one of those rascals does succeed in slipping out without warning. If I am lucky enough to receive prior knowledge that a fart is unavoidably on the way, I can often reduce its potentially embarrassing repercussions by applying a certain muscular dexterity to reduce its acoustic level while emitting a suitably timed heavy cough to hopefully take care of the remaining unwelcome decibels. Of course, it’s important to realize that when using a cough in such a manner one has to take into account that its noise level is less to a bystander than it is to the emitter, so you’ve been warned.
In yet another TV discussion on the H1N1 virus, a well known biologist dared to suggest that government advice to the afflicted to blow their noses into a tissue or sneeze into their arm wouldn’t stop any virus worth its salt from escaping into the surrounding air and attacking bystanders. Even the small holes of a tissue are apparently as large to a virus as the Grand Canyon is to a fly. His advice was to clear one’s nose by sniffing up, thus keeping the viruses to oneself. Although this is considered bad manners in most western nations he suggested that the “seriousness” of the issue should perhaps make governments think twice.
So should one sniff with disgust or sniff to disgust?

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I went to see the film “Moon” yesterday. If you haven’t yet I can heartily recommend it. It’s an intriguing story and as far as realism is concerned, well, it could easily have been shot while on location on the Moon. This is another film concerning unethical pursuits of big business.
I read that although Obama has called a national emergency due to the seriousness of the Swine Flu threat, he still refuses to let his children take the H1N1 vaccine.
Come on Obama, set an example! See this report by Congressman Ron Paul.
Of course even if they do I guess they’ll be taking the “safe” version without the dangerous additives such as mercury, squalene and thimerosal.
“Important” people are apparently getting this version dished out according to reports coming from Germany. Who’s kidding who?

A report has surfaced on prisonplanet.com concerning a US official’s resignation over the war in Afghanistan. His letter of resignation, which is included in the article, is certainly an eye-opener as to what’s really going on over there. The “enemy” appears to be no more than disgruntled local groups fighting against foreign meddling in their internal affairs and a corrupt local government. They fought off the Russians for the same reasons.

The mainstream media is also playing up the problem of Somali “pirates”, but what they don’t tell you about is the illegal fishing by European and Asian nations of Somali territorial waters and the dumping of nuclear waste there by European nations which is causing their people to die of radiation sickness, see here.

So once again, don’t believe everything the mainstream media’s seductive mouthpieces tell you – shop around.

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Are you fed up with all the fear mongering and badgering of the media and politicians? Well, I am as well.
Never a day goes by without a news story about one or other of the following subjects: climate change, vaccines, banks, money, and of course violence in all its forms.
I’m not saying that these subjects should not be reported, but there does seem to be an extraordinary overkill these days that appears to be increasing.
There is the propaganda telling us that the Earth is warming due to man’s output of carbon dioxide while other important issues of pollution get little attention, especially those where only the future of large industries is involved. There are all the violent series on TV, whether actual or fictional, that follow the activities of law enforcement agents in whatever disguises, and the violent and addictive computer games where one must kill to excess or be killed. These undoubtedly can and do have a disturbing influence on the mind, and the young and those already leaning towards violent behavior would seem to be particularly vulnerable.
Perhaps you can add a few more to the list?
If one looks for patterns, one might come to the conclusion that transmitted violence could be a way of softening us up for real violence, so that even morally and legally questionable policing actions are seen by the majority to be justified.
One might see behind the climate change nausea big business cracking its knuckles as another opportunity to drag money from our pockets looms attractively on the horizon.
Flu Vaccines are being promoted as never before, even though the circumstances surrounding the disease are unsupportive of the official hysteria involved. Considering the certain and serious dangers to public health that these concoctions themselves contain, one wonders why they are being thrust on the public in such a deliberate and seemingly inhuman fashion. Are they trying to kill or maim us?
The mainstream media and the politicians are seen to be effectively squashing open debate on the validity or otherwise of facts deciding public issues and anyone who dares to question them is certainly at risk of personal abuse.
In a free society people have the right to be acquainted with all the facts pertaining to important issues affecting the group or society as a whole and to have the last word via duly elected investigative committees. This is the basic assumption of any trial by jury. Unfortunately, to coin an old cliché which seems to be even more appropriate today, “Everyone has their price”.

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I thought of a plan to call the governments bluff concerning vaccines. I would take a shot if the chief executive of the pharmaceutical company involved did it with me. Someone would place two syringes on the table and I would be the first to choose. Of course, a top member of the Royal Family or a high ranking minister might seem better candidates but they might just be stupid enough to trust the company.

I thought of another plan. I’d go and fight in Afghanistan – even with just a stick – in the area where the risk of dying within a month is the greatest, if the Minister for War accompanied me of his own free will – both suitably disguised, of course. But then I got to thinking that someone might somehow be able to “point a finger” at me anyway, while leaving the other unscathed, so I must think some more about this.

Then there’s food, water and air. How does one ensure that what I take in is no better or worse than what the elite take in? I haven’t found a way around this uncertainty yet, which is quite worrying. Perhaps it could be arranged for one of the public figures mentioned above to live with one of us for a while – in secret of course – without being allowed to take any medication other than those normally available. This would also help to reunite the classes in a unique way.

But you get the idea, I suppose: let those who make the rules live by them. It’s the only way to be treated equally and fairly and have a real chance of good health and dying peacefully in ones sleep at a respectful age.

Perhaps I’m just being a paranoiac.

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Isn’t it amazing that although there is so much information available on the internet concerning the poisonous and destructive affects of vaccines on the human body that are potentially far worse than the diseases they are purported to cure, governments are going ahead with plans to instigate mass vaccinations? Why are the deleterious effects of these drugs not being given any serious publicity? Why is there no mention of safer alternatives? Isn’t this tantamount to genocide?

Of course, the answer is to be found in the dominating influence that powerful pharmaceutical companies have on government and medical policies. Even most general practitioners fall under their spell and “tow the line”.

It’s just another example of how commercial interests dominate human society through companies whose primary responsibility is to their shareholders. Although moral issues do undoubtedly play a roll in cooperate decision making the dominating issue is financial profit.

Lately it seems almost as if someone has opened Pandora’s Box, what with the financial crisis, disease, terrorists, wars and pollution, to mention a few curses that come to mind – no prizes for guessing who would benefit from opening it, at least in the short term.

As mentioned in another post the issue as to whether 9/11 was an inside job has again been raised, this time through the efforts of a well known celebrity. The aftermath of this tragedy has inflicted many ills on the world and its peoples. If this was deliberately caused then the perpetrators should be swiftly brought to justice and the facts be made known so that further devastating world wide effects can perhaps be avoided and those that have already occurred can, at least to some extent, be rectified.

More and more people are waking up to the idiocy of many government decisions and the social chaos they are causing or going to cause. Hopefully it is not too late.

My 500th post!

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Say no to forced shots – the vaccine is far worse then than the flu itself!!

News September 14th

A French doctor airs his views on the swine flu vaccine here

Sept 7th

WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via ‘Mock-Up’ Vaccines

“Also in Europe, some manufacturers have conducted advance studies using a so-called “mock-up” vaccine. Mock-up vaccines contain an active ingredient for an influenza virus that has not circulated recently in human populations and thus mimics the novelty of a pandemic virus. Such advance studies can greatly expedite regulatory approval.”

More here and here


Last month the press in England reported that the British government’s Health Protection Agency said in a letter to neurologists that they needed to look out for increases in Guillain-Barré syndrome in people subjected to the so-called immunization program. “The vaccines used to combat an expected swine influenza pandemic in 1976 were shown to be associated with GBS and were withdrawn from use,” Prof. Elizabeth Miller, head of the HPA’s immunization department, wrote in the letter sent last month to neurologists.


More fear mongering from the WHO advocating the rapid spread of vaccines with no mention of dangerous side effects. However they are concerned about the price! See here



There is much hysteria in the media concerning the Swine Flu virus which according to the World Health Organization has now reached Pandemic proportions. The seriousness of the outbreak and the motives behind the measures being taken to combat the disease are being questioned by some.

Hugely expensive moves are being made by governments to stockpile potentially dangerous drugs to combat the disease, which will at least provide the producing pharmaceutical companies with enormous profits. The standard media doesn’t have much to say about the possible side effects of the drugs in question which, it seems, could be far more devastating than the effects of the virus itself.

Perhaps we should indeed be wary of the apparent overreaction of the authorities to a flu virus that up to now appears no more dangerous than others occurring every year around the world. Even compulsory vaccination is being discussed in America.

The following articles shed more light on the whole affair.








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There are lots of mad things happening in the world.

Western governments are still spending huge amounts of borrowed or printed money carrying out extreme and expensive socialist (some say communist) policies involving expanding government control at the expense of the open market. Except for the more important banks, of course, which are continually being favored whatever they do not to deserve it. This is all happening in a time of world financial depression caused by the same governments and their central banks.

Governments are also introducing increasingly extreme measures to reduce civil liberties in the name of “The war on terror” now being fought everywhere at home and abroad. The definition of a terrorist is becoming increasingly complex, and includes now anyone who is foolish enough to think they have any freedom of speech, no matter how innocent, and viruses.

The hysteria over the swine flu is mounting each day, it seems without cause. Up to now the pandemic’s effects appear to be no worse than any other flu epidemic that descends on the world every year and kills thousands, but maybe those in power know something the people don’t. There are reports from reliable sources that the virus may be a manufactured variety which can mutate predictively once it infects enough people. In light of this, it’s not so strange that the US government is apparently preparing for martial law in case this virus gets “out of hand”. There are some who are mad enough to see this as just a deck mantle for further oppressive measures.

Up to now most European governments are taking a somewhat less hysterical approach to present circumstances including the dreaded virus though their propaganda machines are undoubtedly working overtime to raise the level of fear in the population to some end.

The companies making vaccines have received huge orders from governments, so they at least can soon enjoy fat profits. That the vaccines have not been sufficiently tested on humans and have many side effects which can deliver far worse ailments than flu, is being played down by the main media. In the US and the UK health authorities suggest that vaccination may be made mandatory! Heaven forbid!

What is so suspicious is that there has been a steady accumulation of unpleasantness in the world over the years, since GW arrived on the throne. It seems to many as if some Orwellian scenario is being played out.

Now there’s Obama, who seems devoutly intent on doing exactly the opposite of what he promised during the election campaign. The millions of the underprivileged who saw him as their savior haven’t had much if anything to smile about since. Then there’s Brown in the UK, who seems devoutly intent on turning the country into a police state at all costs.

Any intelligent person can’t avoid searching for his own reasons for what seems to be a complete takeover of society by government, favoring only the wealthy. No wonder that an increasing number of people suspect a hidden agenda, especially as those who do so and dare to speak out are just ridiculed with no attempt at argument.

There seems to be no will on the side of the rulers to enter into any discussion to justify their methods. It’s as if they’re saying, ‘Look, we know things are looking weird, illogical and suicidal but you’ll just have to trust us, won’t you?’ Of course, such a reaction just spurs more and more people to lose whatever little trust they still have.

It would seem prudent to remind our elected representatives of their obligation to the people who voted for them and might not again.

Oh and I haven’t said anything about increased taxation to combat “man-made” global warming, even if it is caused by the sun after all. Well, I have now.

Have a good one!

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The other side of the coin:


A post not tagged is effectively gagged 🙂

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So you think you’ve got the flu
Well, here’s what you all should do
Take the shot that we’ve devised
As your leaders have advised

Yes, it might bring illness too
Something else from us to you
Don’t you call us if you fall
Down with anything at all

We admit it is untested
But we have so much invested
Those who die could thank us too
Cutting down on CO2

Eugenics a hateful word
Threats that we find most absurd
So inhuman we are not.
Why not take another shot?

We’ve got lots more things in store
Just in case there come some more
Pandemics that scourge the race
That we have sworn to erase

Not the race I mean, or course
Viruses what e’r the source
Escaped or born in the wild
Whether serious or mild

Don’t waste time, take action now
Trust the ones who took the vow
To protect the rights of all
But who also must play ball.

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