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Psychological dependence sows only decaying seeds of progress

Disturbing developments
Deluge of thoughts
To formulate

Bedded in fear
And hope
Rear up

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Calendar day, last but one
Still chance to get those few things done
That can’t wait till a brand New Year
Comes strutting in to raucous cheer

Eve of New Year, now in sight
The partying into the night
Friends, family, all gathered round
With happy laughter, joyful sound

Fireworks galore, shooting high
Some splitting air with shrieking cry
Explosions meant to chase away
Bad spirits that would gladly stay

Quietness abounds, morning breaks
Behind us then the gives and takes
The Young One leads a thoughtful throng
Along that road, one year less long


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Image courtesy Simon Howden

To visitors, friends, far and wide

I wish you all at this Yuletide

Much joy, and happiness and peace

From warmth that loving hearts release

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First flurry

The festive time is nearing
And not a lot to say
The weather’s drab and drizzly still
On this last autumn day

The spirit seen in Christmas trees
And Santa’s everywhere
Excitement in the children’s eyes
And decorations’ glare

A warmth to keep the cold at bay
I would that all may share
Both in the heart and fingertips
Enough to calm despair

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Year’s end

Grey, nebulous clouds
Frozen by early winter’s breath
Move lazily through pale blue shivering skies
The shortest day approaches
Soon to pass
Before the days of Christmas
Fill the glass


“Peace on Earth!” I hear the cries.
“Good will to all!” And then the sighs
as hopes for better things to come
rise up inside each dad and mum,
and eyes of older generation
look inside in contemplation.
Small ones play as only they
can, conscious not of words that pray.

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My days unnumbered, light to dark
No hands of clock could set a mark
With eyes wide to the wonders there
No thoughts of time could me ensnare

Horizons still within mists lay
No future urged me to obey
My world was small and undefined
Without rigidity of mind

No love’s demands me to cement
But with the knowledge instinct lent
The care of a protecting arm
Unnoticed, kept me safe from harm

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I’m numbed by the scope of betrayal
The insidious patience of those
Who plan our lives to their advantage
With hearts that so long ago froze

If I could of myself avail
The hope that it might just be a dream
That I may awaken each moment
And find my fears flowing down stream

I feel if mankind now should fail
To at last conquer selfish ideals
The past might deliver a future
That really to no one appeals

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Life’s threads are tangled
in skeins of complexity.
What will come next
to increase my perplexity?


I’ve joined the information game
Communication is the name
My brain is working overtime
Sometimes it almost seems a crime

I’m ever shouting in a crowd
Some near me hear but words are drowned
Lost in the tumult’s deafening roar
Waves crashing on that inner shore

A bounded, finite universe
Within which minds and hearts converse
To spread emotions far and wide
And answer questions, most implied

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So here I sit to think what I’ll
deliver for the thousandth time.
Well, first my thanks to you who come
to visit and to comment on
my ramblings: subjects quite diverse
in prose and mostly rhyming verse.

I much enjoy your company
that bits and bytes make possible.
A social gathering designed
to air the thoughts that spring to mind;
share joy and sadness that pertain
to days exciting and mundane.

Although the Twitter sirens call
with powers to quip and mesmerize
a blog can offer broader charms:
while welcoming with open arms
it serves to share those pearls that rise
stirred by the muse in gentler guise.

A new millennium is near
just one more step and I’ll be there
advancing on time’s ladder tall
the past below always on call.
I hope you’ll join the climb with me.
Where will it lead? We’ll wait and see.

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Twittering is quite exhausting
Now I’ve done it for a while
Watching followers and followed
Reading things often futile

Lots of selling, also products
Whom to shun and to allow
Fighting to keep within limits
With a deeply furrowed brow

Blogging now almost forgotten
Though it comes more naturally
So I’m back here for a breather
Be it temporarily

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Viruses and malware
The scourge of Internet
With adverts, propaganda
A cocktail of regret

Let’s add those predatory
Who seek just to cause ill
A mix that’s most disturbing
No more the same old thrill

When once, inflamed, unbridled,
One reached out to explore
Beyond the old horizons
New worlds of good rapport

With power and greed usurping
One’s freedom to express
The hope is in raised voices
Against those who’d oppress

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It came out of the green, not blue
A message from the stars to them
That didn’t answer any cries
Of creatures strange to human eyes


Twitter, twatter, twhatter, twot
A social network now quite hot
Facebook’s worth a mention too
As worldwide, open, human zoo
That allows those near and far
To further who they think they are


Spacetime at large expands but not near me.
They say I’m just the same size more or less
As when I was full-grown, some time ago,
Though with local expansion I confess.
It seems that gravity’s the driving force
To keeps all close together as we sail
Upon that ocean, destiny unknown,
Some wishing as immortals to prevail.

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They walk around me everywhere
With mobile telephones, to stare
Sometimes I turn and think that they
Are casting words perhaps my way

To be in reach of those who care
And many who an ear will snare
One’s privacy is up for sale
To silken voices that prevail

Of course, it is a wondrous thing
A thousand miles away to cling
To feel so close to loved ones dear
Reducing loneliness and fear

But then one’s almost duty bound
To keep in touch wherever found
All news of any worth to tell
Those waiting to hear all is well

The devil in me dares to say
Let’s all switch off, right now, today
Well yes, tomorrow would be fine
I hear a jingle now from mine

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Options in paradise
To win or lose
Conquer or be a slave
Some get to choose

Living in harmony
With Nature too
Seems to be something that
Humans can’t do

Where does the problem lie?
What rules our lives?
That born of raging fear
Ever survives

Thought is the enemy
Unseen by most
Unthankful host

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Everything that goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that’s down can come up.
George Burns

Jumping on my trampoline
Higher than I’ve ever been
When I rise, I see you fall
Motion relative for all

Jumping too far to the side
Now towards the ground I glide
Nothing there to break my fall
Just a leg or two that’s all

Romping in the grass with Jean
Crushed and bruised those blades of green
As she rises, I must fall
Or there’ll be no joy at all

Waiting as that rising tide
Lifts again what then had died
Wishful those who in love fall
That there’ll be no quick withdrawal

Movement is the key, you see
To explore what there might be
Waiting where the eyes next fall
To repel or to enthral

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The wars of scores to settle
Ten thousand years or more
Recurring themes amid the screams
Hearts rend and lives make poor

The misery of justice
With which both parties pay
When righting wrongs condemned as such
That rights appear some day

Peace always in a future
Where conflicts all subside
A situation never met
That countless words describe

Minds ever asking questions
Whose answers all are known
Concerning problems made to last
For each his very own

One war ever internal
Two sides where worlds collide
One sculpted by society
The other fools deride

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The invisible prison walls are materialising

Safe in that prison behind locks and bars
Enjoying the freedom, no more threats or scars
The warder protects me from life’s so cruel ways
As long as I’m willing to do as he says

Grey walls and windows high let in pale light
Dreams of the sun and moon come in the night
Memories of yesterdays hope no more bring
Feelings that filled my heart no more do cling

Happy to be alive though now alone
No use to dwell on doubts, no use to moan
“Things could be worse” is the thought that provides
Some peace of mind to the one who still hides

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Impressions during a visit to a Dutch country fair

No carousels or rides for thrills
but stalls in rows curved round the home
Stately still, now void of laughter
Of the rich, its stables bare
Now history’s lair

Tented shops draw eyes to peer
Miscellanies of hopeful want
Smiles and boredom radiate
From the faces of those who
Wish to outdo

Leather boots, clothes green and brown
Hats to match, no city types
Country folk one hardly sees
Strolling in their Sunday best
Not neatly pressed

Sheepdogs herding worried geese
Hearts go out to flapping wings
Horses small make ponies large
Dashing, leaping, pulling cart
A world apart

Beehive live with blue daubed queen
Bobbing heads of copper cats
Fudge, and nougat “S’il vous plaît”
Sausages with “Guten tag”
In the bag

Three hours to shake the cobwebs free
And roam in someone else’s yard
Relaxed under but strangers’ gazes
Midst the trees that circling stare
At this affair

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Sea Search

A girl hopes the sea will reveal her truelove’s name

Inspired by the Dutch comic strip “S1ngle” by Hanco Kolk and Peter de Wit (the number one in the title is not a misprint)

She wrote her name there in the sand
by water’s edge and sat close by
to guard her message for the sea
she hoped would understand her plea.

A large wave washed her name away.
She waited as tears filled her eyes.
The letters sank into the deep
and woke the one there from its sleep.

The hours passed but no answer came
and as the sun began to set
she rose with sadness hard to bear,
that space still captured by her stare.

Then with a sigh, she turned away
and glancing back with every step
she left the one she’d prayed might know
her truelove’s name and it would show.

A wave crashed on that lonely beach,
one glowing in the dark of night,
and as it slid back to the sea
his name in gold was there to see.

It faded in the light of dawn
but then as he came into view
the letters brightened and became ….
His heart leaped as he read her name.

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Too many mouths to feed, they say
The ones who see the future clear
Utopia, but for the few
Built on the graves of millions who

Have fought their wars and paid their bills
Who made them rich and gave them power
They use not for the good of all
But for what more and more appal

To rule the Earth and all within
Force Nature to perform their will
And gods to bow down at their feet
Reveal immortal secrets sweet

The world of man, a state of mind,
When breaks the one – the great divide –
The fragments fall where e’er they may
No more to blossom Nature’s way

Unfortunate it is to say
That those who seek to cast the blame
By giving in to greed and fear
Have paved the way for those who sneer

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