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Twittering is quite exhausting
Now I’ve done it for a while
Watching followers and followed
Reading things often futile

Lots of selling, also products
Whom to shun and to allow
Fighting to keep within limits
With a deeply furrowed brow

Blogging now almost forgotten
Though it comes more naturally
So I’m back here for a breather
Be it temporarily

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A few tips I picked up from a vagabond economist

Buy gold and silver
As our money
Loses value
Not so funny

Bumptious bankers
Real time wankers
Keep them blind
Be unconfined

Plastic cards
Reveal your all
To the eyes
Behind the wall

Pay with coins
And banknotes too
Those to annoy
Who annoy you

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While bloggers mostly come and go,
some ramble on forever,
expressions of a private wish
to reach all with whatever.

Professionals there are as well
to sell or just be clever,
informing all who happen by
to further some endeavour.

A universe of noughts and ones
combining for whoever
applies their senses to some spot
that captivates, wherever.


Rampaging nightmares of the id
Excruciating benders
Of minds that seek eternal bliss
Free from those damned contenders.

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So, according to the latest news the solution to the financial problems caused by instability within the European Union (EU) is a further reduction of national sovereignty and the centralisation of economic power. As all member states have budget deficits, nearly 500 billion euro is being plucked out of thin air by their finance ministers to give the EU an economic boost. This is to satisfy international investors whose doubts concerning the future stability of the EU were causing the value of the euro to plummet. The fact that this move merely increases the total debt hasn’t escaped everyone 🙂 and one might suspect that clever investors would remain unconvinced unless they know something the rest don’t.


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Edited 9 May

Billion here = 1000 million.

Many of the European Union’s (EU) member governments are plunging deeper into debt to bail out the Greek government’s far larger one incurred by the incompetence and corrupt practices of its leaders. A group of lawyers in Germany is filing a suit against its state because these actions it says are illegal according to the EU’s constitution. I quote from an article, one of many on the subject:
“The complaint will argue that the rescue contains an illegal rate subsidy, threatens monetary stability as encoded in the Maastricht Treaty, and breaches the ‘no bail-out’ clause. Greece is clearly responsible for its own mess.”


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