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Image courtesy Simon Howden

To visitors, friends, far and wide

I wish you all at this Yuletide

Much joy, and happiness and peace

From warmth that loving hearts release


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First flurry

The festive time is nearing
And not a lot to say
The weather’s drab and drizzly still
On this last autumn day

The spirit seen in Christmas trees
And Santa’s everywhere
Excitement in the children’s eyes
And decorations’ glare

A warmth to keep the cold at bay
I would that all may share
Both in the heart and fingertips
Enough to calm despair

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Year’s end

Grey, nebulous clouds
Frozen by early winter’s breath
Move lazily through pale blue shivering skies
The shortest day approaches
Soon to pass
Before the days of Christmas
Fill the glass


“Peace on Earth!” I hear the cries.
“Good will to all!” And then the sighs
as hopes for better things to come
rise up inside each dad and mum,
and eyes of older generation
look inside in contemplation.
Small ones play as only they
can, conscious not of words that pray.

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Season’s Greetings


Image “Merry Christmas” courtesy Idea go

Once more, the season has arrived
And so I say to you
May Christmas be for you a time
Of merriment most due
And if for you it can’t be so
Then I just wish you well
And better days to come, my friend
When tolls the New Year’s bell
Yes, “Peace on Earth” prayed for each year
Is still so far away
But goodwill can bring sunshine on
The very darkest day

I regret due to illness not having been able to respond to the work of others lately

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Christmas Spirits

Flavours of Christmas, past and present

A wassail, a wassail, let’s drink a wassail
Sweet ale with roast apples
And spices, all hail!
Come ye lads and lassies
Now gather around
It’s joy for the making
Whose is the next round?

A Christmas pud with brandy flame
appears to shouts of rude acclaim.
The wine flows down to where there’s sin,
and see, the Vicar’s joining in.
Red faces, burps, sharp nudges, winks,
eyes searching for revealing chinks;
the raucous laughter, titters, grins,
it’s Christmas for the double chins.

So raise a glass, let hearts be light
Set now your troubles out of sight
And for those wishing on a star
May your dreams take you just as far.

Christmas, Christmas, what are you
A feast of pleasure, nothing more?
With presents opened, all consumed
Must normal business be resumed?

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Christmas comes but once a year
for which some give thanks most sincere
while others long its warmth and mirth
its message clear for peace on Earth.
A time to laugh, a time to cry,
search memories of those gone by,
of tearing paper, singing choirs,
imbibing, stuffing, logs on fires;
of oneness with those gathered near,
of loneliness oft shared with fear,
of hope born of austerity,
of wishes for how things could be.
Old Santa’s once more on his way
and some he’ll miss though many pray.

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Card Game

It happened on my way to the mailbox

A road of careful footsteps
Upon the trodden snow
A slipping, sliding danger
Now frozen in the glow

The winter sun is leaning
Upon the rooftops there
Ahead where thought is leading
Eyes water from the glare

A shuffling, a sidestepping
Hand flat against the wall
The distance seems increasing
While moving at a crawl

Clutched tight beneath my jacket
The Christmas greetings hide
Waiting to fall and mingle
With others of the tide

At last, I turn the corner
It sees me drawing near
And says, ‘Hurry up slowcoach’
‘Soon it will be next year.’

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Photo courtesy Luigi Diamanti

While you’re reading this
someone’s getting a kiss
under the mistletoe.
Lips pursed and eyes closed
if it’s but a friend,
but with more affection
if there’s a connection.

There’s a tree
with a fetish for earrings,
glistening in the candles’
warm light,
and a star
pointing up to the ceiling
as a crown
makes the whole
feel just right.

Mysterious parcels
waiting for the ones
for whom their contents are meant:
some large, others small,
some sit squat, some stand tall,
some are hard, others soft,
perhaps bent.
All designed to bring joy
whether or not a toy,
wrapped in love
of the giving
well spent.

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It’s really amazing. Well looking at it through my eyes it is and perhaps yours are showing you the same thing.
It’s getting to be a real effort to open the local newspaper. Even this regional source of local, often useful gossip is still whispering in people’s ears not to forget to take their second poisonous flu shot, and also that the planet is in danger from poisonous CO2 which plants love with all their hearts and which Nature allows us to breath out. What they still don’t admit outright is that the first may result in one’s untimely, possibly painful death, and the second via the Copenhagen Treaty is going to further financially cripple our generation and those to come through exorbitant carbon taxes.
Have you read about that interview with Tony Blair, one of the warlords involved in the invasion of Iraq? I quote from the MailOnline article.

“Mr Blair told Ms Britton (the interviewer) that it still would have been right to have invaded Iraq even if it was known then that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction.
The threat posed by Saddam to the wider region meant it was right to remove him from power, he added.”

So, if the western leaders don’t like what you’re doing or even thinking about doing then watch out!
Well, it’s freezing outside at last though the afternoon temperature is still managing to show a few degrees above zero. It’s been on the mild side until recently and the annuals in the garden are still managing to produce a few late flowers.
For the first time we’re going for an artificial Christmas tree this year to avoid the January cleanup. Whether it’s a positive move for the environment is difficult to say.

From the site artificialchristmastreesonline we read of the advantages of artificial trees (with my hopefully helpful comments under each item):

1. When you buy an artificial tree it will last longer than a real tree.

True, hopefully about a hundred times as long to cover the costs.

2. Studies have shown that the artificial models for sale are usually thrown out after ten years

Well at least that agrees with our guarantee period.

3. You can feel safer when you purchase the artificial trees because they are not a fire hazard.

Well that’s an advantage.

4. Designer models such as Fraser Fir and Hamilton Spruce can be found online.

Handy, though we bought ours from a garden centre.

5. Unique pre-decorated and pre-lit models are available for the best price.

Ours was without, but I know people who would value this.

6. Artificial trees are generally inexpensive, because they are made of cheap materials, whereas many live trees are of poor quality and can deteriorate quickly.

Well ours cost nine times the price of a real tree and its quality cannot be directly ascertained either.

7. Decorative tinsel can be added to make your tree look special.


9. Artificial trees don’t litter the floor with pine needles like real trees do,

Now that’s one of the reasons we went to great cost.

10. If you don’t like the smell of pine artificial trees won’t bother you or cause allergies

Mixed feelings about this one.

11. If you do like the smell of pine you can buy a special pine spray for your tree.

Oh, well that’s eliminated the difficulties raised by 10 but at an extra cost.

12. Artificial trees can’t rot like real trees can.

That’s true, but they can break.

13. Artificial trees are easy to assemble and store away.

True. I wouldn’t like to dissemble and store away a real one 🙂

14. Artificial trees don’t weigh much to assemble and store away.

Not much difference in our case.

Well I wish you joy and success with your Christmas decorating.

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Timeless wishes

Old Santa’s polishing his sleigh
And elves are working night and day
To finish toys for girls and boys
Their tapping makes a dreadful noise
The reindeer soon will have to fly
As this old year has just flown by
So now they’re munching extra hay
To give them strength to pull away
When Santa says it’s time to go
And off they rise above the snow
To seek the homes where children lie
Some peeping with expectant eye
But whether hungry or well fed
I hope that when they leave their bed
They’ll find something to bring a smile
Perhaps to warm their hearts a while
And drive away all hurt and fear
That others may have brought this year
For those now older who still know
The magic of the Christmas Show
I wish them also happy days
And hope the warmth of friendship stays.

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