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“Modern cosmology, and indeed, much of modern physical science, is self-serving. It is not designed to make fundamentally new discoveries, merely to explore the current knowledge base. Even worse, where the assumptions cannot be tested independently of the model (and most of cosmology falls into this category), the assumption becomes law and forms the base for further assumptions.
Here’s the thing—if a scientific enquiry is conducted on the basis of an assumed model, and moves towards a result or outcome of that enquiry in a series of progressive logical steps, then clearly, the final result is assumed. The whole process is anchored in an assumed model; therefore the outcome is a subset of that initial assumption. Furthermore, the system reinforces itself.”

Quote from Hilton Ratcliffe’s editorial in the Feb. 2012 newsletter of the
Alternative Cosmology Group


One model acceptable
“Big Bang” so called
A truth everlasting
Oft overhauled

Expanding space carrying
All there within
Since that great explosion
Without a din

The universe when quite young
Sports those mature
Some think far too much for
Time to ensure

Dark matter, dark energy
Black holes galore
Space curvature guiding
Waves to the shore

The fingers of gravity
Reach to the night
At greater than light speed
Worrisome plight

New wonders of make-believe
No doubt will shine
Born out in those heavens
Of Thought’s design

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The title is taken from the wonderful novel of the same name by the late Arthur C. Clarke

I’m racing now a light beam to the stars
Just passing Phobos and its planet Mars
No diamond sprinkled darkness lies ahead
For one whose corporality is shed

Free spirits have no conflicts that divide
No phantom shell exists where fears can hide
Released now that which long in fetters lay
Condemned to never seeing light of day

A wispiness constrained by will alone
A field of energy to mystery thrown
Among the patterns drawing it away
The living threads that guide it on its way

On Solar Two they wait who went before
The first to cross the ocean to that shore
I sense their joy that keeps me company
While I speed on in that infinity

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Moon’s light revealed the darkened leaves
and branches of that lonely tree.
The stars occulted by their sway
performed a mesmerising play
upon my eyes and calmed the rage
within. And with a child’s delight –
the innocence of one born free –
I looked and then at once did see,
not filled with wonder or desire,
the nature of that inner fire:
its living strands connecting all,
a wholeness neither great nor small.

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Scientists are puzzled by the amount of water being detected on the Moon

Water, water, everywhere
Yes, even on the Moon
Perhaps the smallest asteroid
Could fill at least a spoon
It’s puzzling to some I hear
Those who are paid to know
Our Solar System’s history
How pale has turned their glow

Water, water, everywhere
Oft in disguises found
As vapour, ice, on many shores
Above and under ground
It seems the universe when young
Or very long ago
Had water in abundance too
As telescopes now show

Water, water, everywhere
So life in countless ways
Must fill the nooks and crannies and
Out on strange landscapes gaze
Earth gives us with its myriad forms
A clue to what lies there
Beyond imagination’s grasp
A universe to share

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The question is, have I written this or not?

Did I rise this morning
Or was it someone else?
Was I left behind somewhere
Climbing down another stair?
In this universe it’s true
There is room enough for two

Or more
Who knows what’s possible
In this great unknown?
Perhaps we’re friends
On some twin Earth
You and I, of different birth

When viewed cosmologically
One might conclude easily
That dimensions numerous
Could be hiding more of us

To me’s out there who in some way
Might sense these thoughts of mine today
I hope you’ll send a sign to show
You’re there. It would be great to know

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As mainstream cosmologists prepare to witness the universe shortly after its birth – when, presumable, its form was markedly different from what we have seen so far in deep space – one wonders if the giant will prove to be immortal after all. Of course, the deeper one peers into a mist the more deceiving what’s seen can be.

Perhaps it is or must be so
As theory states, although, let go
All’s relative when knowledge leads
Consensus forms what science needs

Hubble, bubble, Hoyle and trouble
Steady State no Big Bang double
Eyes that search into the past
Could soon reveal the truth at last

How distant are those objects strange
That taunt us with their wild exchange
And test the limits of our dreams
Or nightmares as it often seems?

Redshift, are you space-time’s motion
Waves on an expanding ocean
Or intrinsic to the source
Which might involve some unknown force?

Is information on its way
That could change our night into day
Release us from Thought’s aged grip
And send it on a one-way trip?

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The answer must be complicatedly simple

Is there matter dark and light?
How far is the distant night
Finite but unbounded
And bounding on in strides
Or infinite but bounded
With ever-moving tides?

Birth and death, invention
Unlimited by time
The variations conjure
Of structures most sublime

Thought ever somersaulting
Mind-bending gravity
A pulling, pushing, twirling
In Einstein’s cavity

Expansion out of nowhere
To somewhere undefined
Life’s effervescent fountain
Contained but unconfined

Creation without purpose
Intelligence denied
Unknown far out from zero
In futures that collide

‘All is and always will be’
The stars they seem to say
‘The way it always has been’
‘An ordered disarray’

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The joining


Image credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

I wanted to share with you this wonderful Hubble Telescope image of two interacting galaxies catalogued as Arp 273, UGC 1810
Further details can be found here on the Hubble site.

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Image courtesy NASA
NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has unveiled a previously unseen structure centred in the Milky Way.

There at the centre, monstrous, lies
A form perhaps life in disguise
Its energies employed it seems
Somehow to keep the structure sound
And nurture life in those around

Thought for which all creation’s strange
Whose method is to rearrange
The fragments torn from Nature’s whole
Into new forms that it can see
Through eyes that watch from mystery

Man strives to know and understand
The world his senses draw inside
That rush, that overwhelming might
A singular complexity
Profound impartiality

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Inspired by the intriguing film “K-PAX”

A light year is a moment
Immersed within the glow
While travelling that vastness
To leave and say hello

The stars in every colour
The planets large and small
The satellites in orbit
Strange vistas that enthral

I see through eyes of wonder
I feel the calmness there
I hear the songs of angels
I climb each golden stair

I search with eyes of sorrow
I hope with hearts in pain
I pray to gods eternal
I laugh with those insane

Two galaxies are merging
See countless stars appear
Cocooned some still are yearning
To light the way to here.

The film based on the novel by Gene Brewer concerns a psychiatric patient who claims to be an alien from the planet K-PAX. During his treatment, the patient demonstrates an outlook on life that ultimately proves inspirational for his fellow patients and especially for his psychiatrist.

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I look out on the universe
With eyes that make me see
I am one of so many
On to infinity

The co called “heat death” of the universe, a final stage of development where energy is evenly distributed throughout it, could be countered by an intelligent component that maintains a higher average energy level through forcing mechanisms, which some term “Intelligent Design”.

When one considers the enormous complexity of universal structure, and the fact that creation and destruction are taking place everywhere in the universe on many different scales, it seems to me unlikely that such dynamism would apply only to its components for a “limited” period.

In other words, the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the level of disorder in the universe is steadily increasing so that systems tend to move from ordered behaviour to more random behaviour, might apply only on certain scales. After all, the law derives from a prevailing deterministic view of universal development based on scientific observation and research done here on Earth.
Intuitively, one might expect intelligence to be an indestructible property of the smallest components of the universe in order for it to regulate development on all scales, a relationship suggested by that of the human body and its cells. According to this research, results of experiments suggest that mammalian cells, indeed, possess intelligence.

A revealing and interesting discussion site on this and many other topics by Professor Steven Dutch can be found here. It’s worth a visit.

This piece I found worth quoting:

“If something looks complex enough to be of intelligent design, one possible interpretation is always that it is of intelligent design. It may not be, but in the absence of disconfirming evidence, intelligent design is always a viable hypothesis. We can say that it’s not the only possible explanation, maybe even that it’s not the most likely explanation, but it’s extremely hard to dismiss the idea entirely. Intelligent design is always a possible interpretation of any sufficiently complex object.”

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Cosmic tsunami

From the Hubble Space Telescope site – October 9, 2004:

Four hundred years ago, October 9, 1604, sky watchers, including the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler, were startled by the sudden appearance of a "new star" in the western sky, rivalling the brilliance of the nearby planets


Kepler’s Supernova Remnant, SN 1604, V 843 Ophiuchi, G004.5+06.8 in Visible, X-Ray and Infrared Light.
Credit: NASA, ESA, R. Sankrit and W. Blair (Johns Hopkins University) 

Creatures on a strange world experience a supernova blast

Remnant of what once had been
a supernova glares unseen,
and through the surface waves they stare
up into that bright orange sky
transmitting now a woeful sigh.
It races on across the void
space burning at the speed of light,
dimensions folding in the night.
Clouds part as scarlet rain descends;
they reel and turn caught by the flame
and sink back down from whence they came.

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Making light

Ode to the mysterious photon

I colour the sky
Bring delight eye to eye
Paint the waking fields green
At the dawn of a scene
And though dark, I am light
Energy of the night
Woven fabric of dreams
Known to go to extremes
With my ribbon unfurled
I’m the one to be hurled
Through the spaces between
What will be and has been

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Gravity, like a caring soul,
Reaching out from one to all and all to one
Holds the universal throng in its gentle grasp
A shepherd of creation with its flock
Sculptor of worlds and creatures that abound
If it should ever falter, fade away,
A loneliness would come all to surround.

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The world inside
Similar it’s true
To those
That others dream
But different too

A universe
Formed by and filled
With entities of Thought
Can only be
Not that created
But a reverie

A robot had a programme
Deep inside
That showed Creation
As to it applied
And from this programme’s bits
It wrought another
With deep inside
What made it then
A brother

You out there!
I’m calling to you now
Make plain your vowed intentions
Show your face
That I may glimpse at last
The power divine
So I will no more need
You to define

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According to this BBC Horizon episode ‘What Happened before the Big Bang?’, leading cosmologists are having doubts about the validity of the standard model of the evolution of the Universe. By assuming that that the universe suddenly appeared without cause, it violates the principles of cause and effect and conservation of energy.

Here are my microscopic thoughts on the subject:

Did it come out of nowhere
first nothing then it
or emerge from some womb where
the whole thing could fit?

Is it bouncing, inflating
just one of a kind
or are there many others?
It boggles the mind.

Does it have four dimensions
or lots and lots more?
Does it smile at our efforts
from faces galore?

Will it conform to theories
we’re weaving from dreams
that no matter how complex
still fall short it seems.

Is man one of the many
who want to know why?
For each answer a question
more pie in the sky.

Further reading:
1. The standard model of cosmology – a good informative article.

2. A comment on the above BBC programme can be found here.

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Intangible continuity


Image courtesy Tina Phillips

Two skies are never quite the same
for Nature knows no Hall of Fame.
A spider’s web each time displays
old patterns changed in subtle ways.

To single out and scrutinise
a moment captured by the eyes
shows one a form that once had been
a player in some broader scheme.

Chaotic, ordered, two extremes
that set the limits of man’s dreams
and there within all forms diverse:
Creations of the Universe.

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Spiral Galaxy NGC 4911 in the Coma Cluster – Hubble photo courtesy NASA

One of the multitude
Island of light
Child of creation
Seen in the night

Patterns of energy
Gathering there
Moving in silence
New forms to bear

Wombs of eternity
Singing their song
Chorus of heaven
Where all belong

Those lost in loneliness
Nurture their fears
Each one an island
Floating in tears

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Image courtesy NASA and Dynamite Imagery

Two galaxies collide;
two lovers meet,
a striving of Creation:
no repeat.

A universe of life,
where ends the will
to join with kind, some ideal
to fulfil?

Is consciousness a part
or of the whole,
division but a symptom
of man’s goal?

All futures born of past
or is it so
that change is but a movement
to and fro?

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Nature is relentless and unchangeable, and it is indifferent as to whether its hidden reasons and actions are understandable to man or not.
Galileo Galilei


Picture: The Hubble Telescope shows us Arp 274, also known as NGC 5679, a system of three galaxies.
More info here.
Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Livio and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)


Football, elections, pastimes are the thing
to keep one’s mind busy like birds in the spring,
while Nature relentless treads firm on its way
we look on in blindness, draw in life’s bouquet

Earth disappearing I head now for Mars,
then on passing Neptune out there to the stars.
The galaxy’s swallowing my pride and joy.
A mote in the cosmos that time will destroy.

Galaxies swirling around me it seems
for I am a centre at least in my dreams.
Infinity’s calling now not far away.
I hear that there’s nothing more I have to say.

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