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Personal thoughts during a visit to a museum in Leiden, the Netherlands, primarily to view its Etruscan exhibition


Looking at pots, trinkets, wares left behind
By those lost in time but the same human kind
Living their lives in the way they knew how
Much still mysterious to us here now

Where did they come from? No one is quite sure
Perhaps from the north to that Italian shore
Ancient Greek influence, gods that abound
No written texts but one have yet been found

Much that we know of them comes from their tombs
That we have the right to rob now one assumes
Personal items fill halls of renown
Next to the statues whose eyes look not down


Romans next-door and Egyptians nearby
Both telling their stories whose bones are quite dry
To eyes and ears of those distant in years
Advanced in some ways but with much the same fears

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This Christmas came and then it went
With lots of money being spent
According to the tabloid press
That enjoys such things to express

Now down we go to a New Year
The days slide by in second gear
As hopes and fears form in the minds
Of all who wish to draw the blinds

Perhaps a Mayan light will shine
Upon some undiscovered shrine
And throw man to the wolves of kind
That then devour his feckless mind

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I’m numbed by the scope of betrayal
The insidious patience of those
Who plan our lives to their advantage
With hearts that so long ago froze

If I could of myself avail
The hope that it might just be a dream
That I may awaken each moment
And find my fears flowing down stream

I feel if mankind now should fail
To at last conquer selfish ideals
The past might deliver a future
That really to no one appeals

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One gets an education
To learn a thing or two
Some will become the clever clogs
‘I know it all, don’t you?’

Who gain a first or second
To research, teach, dictate
Upon the board behind the pawns
The moves meant to checkmate.

Spout as someone of letters
Or conjure with the mind
Something of scientific worth
That had lain undefined.

We aid thought in its conquest
Of Nature’s mysteries
And help build up the walls of fear
Protecting histories

By squeezing information
Beyond the membrane’s skin
Into the hearts of waiting cells
To nestle there within

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There once was a vain technocrat
Who thought he’d try on a new hat
But he found politics
Demands much different tricks
And quite soon on his face he fell flat

Wind turbines spring up everywhere
And into the wind they all stare
When it then starts to blow
They can turn fast or slow
Yielding energy peaks that should scare

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Bad company

A life of wrong decisions
Of strangers all around
Feet that once rose so long ago
And never came to ground

A life spent with illusions
Of dangers all around
Thoughts born of hope so long ago
A safe home never found

A life of work and searching
For answers all around
To questions forged so long ago
That when cast just rebound

A life spent chasing phantoms
Those prancers all around
Who mesmerized so long ago
But can no more astound

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Viruses and malware
The scourge of Internet
With adverts, propaganda
A cocktail of regret

Let’s add those predatory
Who seek just to cause ill
A mix that’s most disturbing
No more the same old thrill

When once, inflamed, unbridled,
One reached out to explore
Beyond the old horizons
New worlds of good rapport

With power and greed usurping
One’s freedom to express
The hope is in raised voices
Against those who’d oppress

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What to make of threats that glower
behind the masks of those in power.
Should enmity like autumn leaves
not fall when truth no more deceives?

What to make of freedoms ebb
within the walls of World Wide Web.
Should shrieks of fools slam tight the door
to honest query from the floor?

What to make of those who blind
the eyes of youth, so unconfined,
to aid the past limp on to be
a future of hypocrisy.

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It came out of the green, not blue
A message from the stars to them
That didn’t answer any cries
Of creatures strange to human eyes


Twitter, twatter, twhatter, twot
A social network now quite hot
Facebook’s worth a mention too
As worldwide, open, human zoo
That allows those near and far
To further who they think they are


Spacetime at large expands but not near me.
They say I’m just the same size more or less
As when I was full-grown, some time ago,
Though with local expansion I confess.
It seems that gravity’s the driving force
To keeps all close together as we sail
Upon that ocean, destiny unknown,
Some wishing as immortals to prevail.

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A failing president it seems
Is dangerous to great extremes
As those behind bewitched by power
Plot ways to sweeten what’s grown sour
They must create events, of course
That urge a rapid show of force
Attacks upon the native soil
That guarantee the blood will boil
In those unpleasantly impressed
Are rated highly if not best

A danger thwarted overseas
That could have brought all to their knees
Is with a media loyal and true
Sold as a worthwhile thing to do
And loss of life so far away
Can these days people hardly sway
Who educated by TV
See violence a necessity
To keep them safe from ill intent
Of those who hate through discontent

One world, one government, just one
To rule when power and greed have won
That will at last bring peace and rest
To those who then will be oppressed
While freedom’s champions must hide
As outcasts others will deride
And persecute if daring to
Express a wayward point of view
It sounds familiar – a cliché
That’s being born, now, here, today

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Whom and what to believe

Two towers and then a building fall
Events that shock and most appal
Ten years of doubts and thoughts that chill
The plaintive cries unanswered still

A world divided, faith revealed
As hatred deep no more concealed,
By those it seems with much to gain
From unrest, hardship, death and pain

An age of terror born of fear
Where freedom ebbs more year by year
The fight against the final foe
Unbeatable — most apropos

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They walk around me everywhere
With mobile telephones, to stare
Sometimes I turn and think that they
Are casting words perhaps my way

To be in reach of those who care
And many who an ear will snare
One’s privacy is up for sale
To silken voices that prevail

Of course, it is a wondrous thing
A thousand miles away to cling
To feel so close to loved ones dear
Reducing loneliness and fear

But then one’s almost duty bound
To keep in touch wherever found
All news of any worth to tell
Those waiting to hear all is well

The devil in me dares to say
Let’s all switch off, right now, today
Well yes, tomorrow would be fine
I hear a jingle now from mine

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Quote from the International Forecaster

“It has been almost three years since the Federal Reserve took its interest rates to 1% and most recently to zero. This allows member banks to borrow money at no cost. The Fed lends to large banks with little or no control, so that these banks, some of which are owners of the Fed, can really do as they please. The Fed even lends at zero and re-borrows from these banks at a higher level, guaranteeing the banks a riskless profit. Those profits would have gone to the US Treasury and the American taxpayer. These profits for the most part are the result of the creation of money and credit by the Fed. The banks are so overjoyed regarding the results that the Fed has told them that it will keep the current policy for at least the next two years. The banks as a result are making big speculative profits to offset their gigantic losses, while at the same time the economy falls deeper into inflationary depression. This is the tyranny of our almost 100 year old privately owned banking system.”

Why are the elected representatives of the people allowing this to continue?
And don’t think the situation in Europe concerning the practices of the European Central Bank is any better.

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Over 200 African leaders and intellectuals released a letter in Johannesburg, South Africa, stressing the “misuse of the United Nations Security Council to engage in militarized diplomacy to effect regime change in Libya”, as well as the “marginalization of the African Union”.
Quote from Asia Times – The Roving Eye

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
Thomas Jefferson

Robbery with violence
No crime for some, I see
Lands raped and then exploited
To set their people free

Poverty and suffering
Necessities of war
To further the ambitions
Of those who know the score

Mass indoctrination
A cul-de-sac of hope
A playground for all ages
For each a length of rope

Hard times round the corner
Designed by misused power
A world of devastation
To crown man’s darkest hour

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A miscellany of quatrains

I went into the bank today
To ask them for a loan
It seems the risks were much too small
To do business with me at all

Money once of silver, gold
Now others held of promised worth
Or noughts and ones in cyberspace
That rush around at lightning pace

Art works were standing, hanging round
So many forms meant to astound
I looked outside at flowers and trees
Whose splendour brought me to my knees

The air vibrates from music played
Its waveforms penetrate my ears
To waken sounds mixed here within
A symphony beneath the skin

No moment’s thought does Nature need
To urge creation on its way
With all perfection left behind
No preference does it betray

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The pace and vigour of increasing political corruption leaves little room for social optimism

Relentlessly they forge ahead
with plans to rule the world or bust,
big bankers, and their cronies all
ensnared to satisfy their lust.

Big money talks and silence pays;
obedience assured through power.
The madness there for all to see
is growing with each passing hour.

With history written long before
events unfold that tell the tale,
the piper plays to listening ears
of those not deemed “too big to fail”.

Scare tactics are their favourite ploy
with terror threats as number one,
then war and economic strife
and climate change without the sun.

What must be done to turn the tide?
Awareness brings the truth to light.
More voices raised can tip the scales,
make freedom’s flame again burn bright.

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Saturday, shopping day
Spaces on shelves
Lots nearly empty
A list growing long
So much we’ve swallowed
Our lives to prolong

Saturday, pushing day
Richly filled shelves
Lots almost topped up
A list growing short
So much we’re buying
Our cravings to thwart

Saturday, busy day
End of a week
Time to replenish
The energy lost
Earning a living
To now pay the cost

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In town

The heavy sunlight presses down
As we walk through that busy town
Where some wear scanty summer clothes
Though still a chilly north wind blows

Wide streets with shops in buildings old
Facades imposing to behold
But many modernised below
With trends that rather spoil the show

As bicycles weave through the crowd
And children with ice cream shout loud
An organ grinds not far away
With rattling tin to make it pay

A dog looks up with eyes that say
I’d much prefer a place to play
Where trees and welcome scents prevail
And nothing there is up for sale

We sit to rest from the parade
Within a parasol’s cool shade
And with a plastic spoon partake
Of that which best Italians make

A towered carillon rings a tune
Its singing bells join to commune
With Nature’s beings all around
And fill the air with joyful sound

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More and more people in Europe are catching on to the truth about the financial hardships and the role of politicians and big business

Once again they must pay, the downtrodden of Greece,
while the rich just get richer
as all that is worthy is sold off to those
greedy banks, corporations, unless protest grows.

All within the EU, do you see what’s afoot,
as most leaders kowtow to
the “Too big to fall” while indifferent to those
who are losing on all fronts and taking the blows?

Wakey-wakey, it’s time to show them how you feel,
that there’s no more protection
from their long transgressions of laws made for those
who resort still to crime before some they’ll expose.

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No place to go and no place to stay

I don’t think we’re supposed
To leave this planet Earth
Which is bad news for her I must say
Look around at the others
That hurl round the sun
And admit that it does seem that way

Atmospheres are too thin
Or too thick, or not right
Being poisonous for us to inhale
And with temperatures showing
Too hot or too cold
They would make us quite soon look so pale

Trying to live as on Earth
In domes built to protect
Going out in suits with air supply
The prolonged isolation
From all that is home
Might pose dangers that none can deny

Far away there could be
A world round some faint star
That resembles the Earth to a tee
But with so many light-years
To travel across
Generations would pass just to see

Some would engineer worlds
Change their structures at will
Sure that things would not get out of hand
I’d stand really far back when
That weapon they fire
Never mind how well tested and planned

So it’s sad news for Earth
It seems we’re here to stay
To pollute and destroy as we like
Until Nature decides that
She has had enough
And we humans can then take a hike

Of course, this can never be the whole story. Man might conquer other worlds, somehow, someday. He might even learn and change his ways. Pigs might fly.

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