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There once was a vain technocrat
Who thought he’d try on a new hat
But he found politics
Demands much different tricks
And quite soon on his face he fell flat

Wind turbines spring up everywhere
And into the wind they all stare
When it then starts to blow
They can turn fast or slow
Yielding energy peaks that should scare

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Story time

A fellow was telling a tale
How he once caught a whale by the tail
“That’s a whale of a tale!”
Yelled Ahab looking pale
In a failed Melville tale not for sale

A fictional hero called Potter
In a magical world fought a rotter
Tom became Voldemort
A tyrannical sort
Whom they couldn’t pick up with a blotter

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A woman at work on a case
Of a butler who’d left in disgrace
Saw at once in her brief
He could not be the thief
Now he’s found in her service a place

Those who say CO2 one must fear
And who threaten with measures austere
Should an example show
For the cause strike a blow
And stop breathing for one day each year

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All my own work I hasten to add

There was a famed tenor named Ford
Who wished to sing praise to the Lord
In a monastery grey
He decided to stay
But soon left when no one would applaud

In a house on a hill lives Aunt Jane
After climbing there, often she’s drained
But when once more below
Her cheeks are all aglow
From potential energy that she’s gained

There once was a bright statistician
Whose wife left him for a physician
Though the chances seemed high
That she’d one day come by
Now he’s just a plain mathematician

A cosmology student named Cole
Thought he’d found somewhere near a black hole
He was sent into space
To take shots of its face
It smiled briefly then swallowed him whole

Of books used by clerical brothers
The scriptures are read more than others
But for most it’s the case
That here in the rat race
Their old wisdom stays between the covers

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Fellow travelers

Limerick style


When it’s time to go forth it just knows.
When the day comes around it just goes.
It needs not to ponder
before it flies yonder
or wait till it’s too late and snows.

Bird call

The blackbird flies searching for food
never uttering words that are rude.
When it rains it’s alright
for the worms come in sight;
in lean times it seems never subdued.

Animal magic

They feel pain but never know sorrow
no need things to lend or to borrow.
They mate and survive
as long they are alive
and have never a thought of tomorrow.

Space race

The planets turn flying in space
with the Sun’s light somewhere on their face.
What lies deep down inside
knowledge still is denied
though it holds us within its embrace

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Just for fun 3

There once was a choirboy from Bow
Who could sing oh so high as solo
Though his high C was nicely
Two octaves from low C
None heard just how high he could go

There once was a priest of Beaufort
Whose sermons were just such a bore
That someone in a pew
Yes there still were a few
Fell asleep and drowned him with a snore

There once was a tailor from Split
Who couldn’t make anything fit
In his coats two could hide
His pants were four legs wide
And his hats had for each eye a slit

In a village not far from Minehead
Lives a baker who bakes only bread
Though he’s tried to make cakes
He’s learned from his mistakes
And now sells them as doorstops instead

If I could tread as lightly
As the early morning dew
Descending on each leaf and flower
Then maybe I’d see you
The one who’s always hiding
Round the corner out of sight
Awaiting daydream’s ending
To step forth into the light.

***All my own work again so no one else is to blame***

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Just for fun 2

There once was a actor called Bryce
Who always played those who were nice
Till one day while on stage
He flew into a rage
And now he plays those with a vice

There once was a fireman called Fred
Had to rescue a dame from her bed
But as there was no fire
He removed her attire
And just lighted one himself instead

There once was a monk from Tyrol
Who prayed every hour for his soul
Till the Devil one day
Made him finally stray
And now he just prays for Nicole

There was a young lady of Cheam
For whom hockey remained but a dream
Till one day she met May
Who taught her how to play
And now she’s a part of the team

**** No one to blame but me again ****

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Just for fun

Now something light for this last day
To disperse any clouds of gray
I’ll dig where humor has its source
Where jokes arise to make one hoarse
And try to bring some joy and cheer
To all you good folks gathered here.

There once was a punter called Morse
Who put all he had on a horse
The horse said, ‘Oh please,’
As it sagged to its knees
‘A betting shop’s better of course.’

There once was a lady from Kent
Who giggled wherever she went
Till one day a man
With a serious plan
Turned her smile to a look of intent.

There once was a priest of St Paul
Who had cassocks, some large and some small
To come to his knees
When there wasn’t a breeze
But extend to his toes in a squall.

There once was a pilot from Stone
Who flew up into the unknown
The air was so thin
That his plane took a spin
And now he has wings of his own.

There once was a Buddhist from France
Who tried to ascend in a trance
But what rose on high
As he let out a sigh
Was still caused by his thoughts of romance.

**** All my own work, so no one else is to blame ****

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