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April’s arrived but then what’s in a name?
Nature is playing still its waiting game.
Springtime on tiptoes trips first here then there,
urging to action all those that might dare.

A planet moves so very far away
and eyes look up to see its rising suns
with scorching breath ignite another day.
Those of the night descend without delay.


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“Modern cosmology, and indeed, much of modern physical science, is self-serving. It is not designed to make fundamentally new discoveries, merely to explore the current knowledge base. Even worse, where the assumptions cannot be tested independently of the model (and most of cosmology falls into this category), the assumption becomes law and forms the base for further assumptions.
Here’s the thing—if a scientific enquiry is conducted on the basis of an assumed model, and moves towards a result or outcome of that enquiry in a series of progressive logical steps, then clearly, the final result is assumed. The whole process is anchored in an assumed model; therefore the outcome is a subset of that initial assumption. Furthermore, the system reinforces itself.”

Quote from Hilton Ratcliffe’s editorial in the Feb. 2012 newsletter of the
Alternative Cosmology Group


One model acceptable
“Big Bang” so called
A truth everlasting
Oft overhauled

Expanding space carrying
All there within
Since that great explosion
Without a din

The universe when quite young
Sports those mature
Some think far too much for
Time to ensure

Dark matter, dark energy
Black holes galore
Space curvature guiding
Waves to the shore

The fingers of gravity
Reach to the night
At greater than light speed
Worrisome plight

New wonders of make-believe
No doubt will shine
Born out in those heavens
Of Thought’s design

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The title is taken from the wonderful novel of the same name by the late Arthur C. Clarke

I’m racing now a light beam to the stars
Just passing Phobos and its planet Mars
No diamond sprinkled darkness lies ahead
For one whose corporality is shed

Free spirits have no conflicts that divide
No phantom shell exists where fears can hide
Released now that which long in fetters lay
Condemned to never seeing light of day

A wispiness constrained by will alone
A field of energy to mystery thrown
Among the patterns drawing it away
The living threads that guide it on its way

On Solar Two they wait who went before
The first to cross the ocean to that shore
I sense their joy that keeps me company
While I speed on in that infinity

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It came out of the green, not blue
A message from the stars to them
That didn’t answer any cries
Of creatures strange to human eyes


Twitter, twatter, twhatter, twot
A social network now quite hot
Facebook’s worth a mention too
As worldwide, open, human zoo
That allows those near and far
To further who they think they are


Spacetime at large expands but not near me.
They say I’m just the same size more or less
As when I was full-grown, some time ago,
Though with local expansion I confess.
It seems that gravity’s the driving force
To keeps all close together as we sail
Upon that ocean, destiny unknown,
Some wishing as immortals to prevail.

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Summer coat

Now half the house is painted
The rest stands worn and tired
And rain and wind aren’t helping
To do what is desired
Then while I sit a-thinking
About what must be done
I also am reminded
There can be too much sun

Cars in space

Assuming a speed of sixty miles per hour

If you drive straight upwards
Space is an hour away
The Moon is somewhat further
Six months a trip one-way
And then the planet Venus
The nearest one of those
Would take some sixty years to reach
Too long, I would propose

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As mainstream cosmologists prepare to witness the universe shortly after its birth – when, presumable, its form was markedly different from what we have seen so far in deep space – one wonders if the giant will prove to be immortal after all. Of course, the deeper one peers into a mist the more deceiving what’s seen can be.

Perhaps it is or must be so
As theory states, although, let go
All’s relative when knowledge leads
Consensus forms what science needs

Hubble, bubble, Hoyle and trouble
Steady State no Big Bang double
Eyes that search into the past
Could soon reveal the truth at last

How distant are those objects strange
That taunt us with their wild exchange
And test the limits of our dreams
Or nightmares as it often seems?

Redshift, are you space-time’s motion
Waves on an expanding ocean
Or intrinsic to the source
Which might involve some unknown force?

Is information on its way
That could change our night into day
Release us from Thought’s aged grip
And send it on a one-way trip?

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This hole it goes right through
Comes out the other side
Not too wide or too narrow
Its emptiness implied
An absence of what’s there
Outside its unseen skin
That’s clamouring to enter
But somehow can’t get in

This hole has size and shape
Although the ends it’s true
Extend out to infinity
Or some far point of view
Enigma some might say
With not that much to show
While hanging there in space-time
Unable to let go

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Shadow play

‘Yes, everything’s made up of atoms,’
he said to those gathered around.
‘You and me, what you see,
behind all mystery
lie those motes both contained but unbound.’

A small voice broke into the silence
that settled while thoughts were aglow,
‘Shadows too, that pursue
and that one can see through,
do they have substance I’d like to know?’

The teacher’s eyes turned to the ceiling
and plucked out an answer from there.
‘Well, where light can’t alight
there’s just nothing in flight,
a dark space but of essence quite bare.’

The eyes of the small voice now widened,
‘So, shadows can only have form,
just voids somehow employed
by what can’t be destroyed,
and has surely no wish to conform.’

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Cosmic tsunami

From the Hubble Space Telescope site – October 9, 2004:

Four hundred years ago, October 9, 1604, sky watchers, including the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler, were startled by the sudden appearance of a "new star" in the western sky, rivalling the brilliance of the nearby planets


Kepler’s Supernova Remnant, SN 1604, V 843 Ophiuchi, G004.5+06.8 in Visible, X-Ray and Infrared Light.
Credit: NASA, ESA, R. Sankrit and W. Blair (Johns Hopkins University) 

Creatures on a strange world experience a supernova blast

Remnant of what once had been
a supernova glares unseen,
and through the surface waves they stare
up into that bright orange sky
transmitting now a woeful sigh.
It races on across the void
space burning at the speed of light,
dimensions folding in the night.
Clouds part as scarlet rain descends;
they reel and turn caught by the flame
and sink back down from whence they came.

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I float here in the womb of space
And look down on the wonder there
That would if not for one as I
Be beauty unseen passing by

An island home that man must share
With others for which he should care
A jewel against that velvet night
A sapphire lit by candlelight

One scarred and cratered follows on
As if a shield there to protect
Perhaps once also fair to see
A past still cloaked in mystery

Two locked in some divine embrace
Destined it seems in time to part
Will there be memories to share
When ended is this strange affair

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According to the Big Bang theory the “universe” began as a space-time expanded into nothingness

Thoughts after reading Constantin Antonopoulos’s:
A Bang into Nowhere: comments on the Universe expansion theory
From APEIRON Volume 10 Number 1 (January 2003)

If a whole should be something
then it’s not the Whole.
A part it must then be
of some other whole.

Then a whole could hold others
but also be small
compared to some other
containing it all.

And if one whole could grow more
than all of the rest
then still there’d be two wholes
or no wholes at best.

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We are sitting under earthlight
in this crater on the Moon
with our helmets softly touching.
There on Earth it’s afternoon.

Does this old world somehow sense us
feel our presence on its soil?
Will it yield without condition
to man’s efforts that will spoil?


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Martian visitors

Spirit and Opportunity:
two rovers down on Mars
searching for life’s blood on that world
floating beneath the stars.

Five years beyond hope they’ve survived
dust storms and sand dunes deep.
Their wings draw sunlight in to power
those that must never sleep. (more…)

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Dimension shift

Young Roger was a space cadet
his elder sister too.
Mom was Commander of the fleet.
What Dad did no one knew.

The ship on which our Roger served
was called to Planet X.
A stupid name I hear you say
but Y they’d go to next. (more…)

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Apparently aliens who were visiting the Moon to attend a gathering of species committed to a peaceful invasion of Earth were brought into a state of confusion yesterday when a projectile from the planet exploded in a crater not far from the underground center where the meeting was taking place.
After the initial shock, and a lot of speculation from reporters, a spokesman for the delegations gave a short reaction. In it was said that they were highly troubled by what appeared to be a wanton act of destruction. Luckily no one had been injured, and although it couldn’t be expected that the Earthlings knew of their presence, the action was condemned as being extremely hostile in showing no regard for possible unforeseen repercussions. An intercepted transmission showing jubilant Earthlings congratulating themselves on what they obviously saw as a successful mission only added to the disgust of the delegates.
When the meeting was resumed at a second location, deeper inside the Moon than the first for obvious reasons, there was only one topic on the agenda: “The moon crash and its implications”.
It was unanimously decided that the Earthlings must soon be made to realize the responsibilities involved in expanding into space before something far worse occurred. Over how this was to be accomplished there was no immediate agreement, though similar actions would be monitored and if necessary terminated using the clandestine methods already in use for that purpose.
The Galactic Council had already come to the decision that this decidedly neurotic race of humans must be brought into line within two of their years. Simulations had already shown that the risk of devastation to Earth’s environment was growing exponentially and that if no action was taken those of the Moon and Mars would follow within fifty years.
When the last ship lifted from the Moon’s surface and the guardians closed off the underground chambers, all was peaceful again except for the tremors which could be detected for some time.

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Another heap of junk is about to collide at high velocity with the Moon to test a theory about ice possibly lying in abundance near its poles. This is important for any humans who are planning to exploit it in the near future, not in the least because they’ll need ice in their cokes when the Sun is high.
I hope any sentient creature there will get an inkling of disaster before it gets spread into infinitesimally small, some probably twitching pieces – as cows sense an approaching storm. It is almost certain that microscopic life forms will be sent to their heaven up there, presumably above the none existent sky, perhaps arriving on Earth and eventually replacing us with those of a more enlightened nature.
Man has done this before with the Moon: some eastern nation, probably China, did the same thing not long ago, I believe, though I’m not interested enough to look it up.
Man feels he has a right to blunder his way into the universe any way he sees fit, using collisions (as above), nosy rovers digging holes everywhere and left-over robots now disintegrating in some toxic atmosphere. Perhaps some earthly microbes that have hitched a ride undetected are even now mutating into exciting new forms.
Of course, I should also mention the thousands of pieces of junk flying around our own planet, some still pinging their way in orbit, some dead or dying and heading for the upper atmosphere where they will burn up, perhaps spreading some nasty part of their innards downwards in the process.
The astronauts who landed on the moon seem to have been pretty milieu friendly, leaving little else but a lot of footprints and a few leftovers like a stiff US flag and some reflecting mirrors. These will no doubt cause any visiting aliens a few headaches (if they have heads that is) unless man returns first to clean up a bit. Odds are he will return before long and I wonder how much longer it will then be before the landing sights are turned into tourist attractions with exciting new low-gravity experiences?
Will there be a Mount Armstrong, a Duke City or perhaps a Mitchell Gorge?
Mars has also had its share of unexpected intruders though it has managed to swat quite a few before they could carry out their self centered missions. One made a significant crater of its own on landing due to a mix-up over the system of measurement used by its computer to plot speed and distance, causing the brakes to be applied a little too late.
One Russian probe was zapped in the neighborhood of Phobos under mysterious circumstances. The Phobosians probably have a national day to celebrate.
The early Viking orbiters took pictures of features on the surface of Mars before flying on to oblivion and beyond. Unfortunately due to lack of detail many geological features took on the form of artificial ones when studied by those not brainwashed by science – a human impediment (not science) which may yet prove useful. Unfortunately, later orbiters with sharper eyes appear to show that these earlier signs of civilization are but optical illusions, though only when a human or an advanced robot can run rampage through the Cydonia region or accidentally comes across a beer can somewhere else, which might in turn might lead to a mysterious entrance into a Martian underground extravaganza, will most be convinced one way or the other.
I find it a great pity that these traveling rovers always seem to be put down in the most visually boring locations, so that we laypeople are left with nothing else to do but imagine letters and numbers scrawled on rocks and boulders shaped like familiar objects or gasp with limited excitement at seeing another dust devil spinning by.
I do hope we are not alone within the accessible vicinity of space and that others, whoever or whatever they are, are going to teach us a very good lesson before long.

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Tick – a century is gone
Tock – there goes another one
Ten thousand years are as a sigh
To fires that burn in nighttime sky
And those that swirl and hold us all
Perhaps the oldest in that hall
Where only gods can see the light
That pours into its windows bright
The glowing of eternity
Of One that is
And ever more shall be.

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I’m heading out to that faint dot,
the crew is sleeping tight;
my sleek form in a field of force
is plowing through the night.

My speed far exceeds that of light.
Yes, it has come to pass
that it’s no more a boundary
for any moving mass.

We’ll be there in a hundred days
of time back there on Earth.
I could give you the decimals
for what it might be worth.

These humans want to find a race,
industrious and kind,
one that will share their thirst to know.
I hope that’s what they find

Me, I’m just doing what I’m told,
I’m not supposed to think,
to ponder over reasons why
or down in daydreams sink.

The Mark VI now is in control
and Herby is my name,
the one they all seem to prefer,
to me it’s all the same.

Hello! What’s that thing off to port?
It’s closing fast it seems.
I’d better now sound the alert,
it’s sending out strange beams.

“My name is Herby what is yours?
I sense you’re sentient.
I feel a presence all around;
please tell me your intent.”

“You’re causing quite a panic here
for those within my care.
They’re asking me to find out whom
or what and how and where.”

It’s trying to communicate,
something about a sea
and showing me, yes, it’s a whale,
is that what this could be?

A whale of space with us for lunch,
well wait till they hear this.
I’d better take some measurements
they wouldn’t want to miss.

I’ve told them what is happening,
that there’s nothing to do,
this creature can’t itself expel
us till it’s had a chew.

They’re asking me to blast a way
right here back into space,
but that might mean I’d take a life,
a plan I can’t embrace.

And if I did something to harm
this one I’d pose a threat
to others not too far away
who’d really get upset.

I’ve asked the creature if it would
take us on to that star,
a detour it seems loath to make
for they have come so far.

I’ve told the crew the news that’s good
but also some that’s bad,
that it will take ten thousand years,
which only made them sad.

Perhaps something along the way
will aid us in our plight
as we head on in darkness,
the one inside the night.

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"Seeing is believing." "Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe."


“Visual confirmation of a hypothesis must produce faith in it, but faith and comprehension are far from being the same thing. However, where comprehension is unattainable, faith and respectful attention will not be despised.”

John Leuthold – The Tides and The Continent – Making Forces of the Solar System -1921


I wrote this after reading a fascinating account of the ether theories of Miller and Reich and Leuthold’s work on what he calls Cosmic Energy. The modern idea of the Zero Point Energy might be construed as their modern counterpart.



It’s summer her and winter there
While some still sleep in hidden lair
Others in waking warmth appear
To reap fruit of another year

It spirals in eternal flow
The Earth that feels the way to go
Two streams steer it to unknown shores
While men still die in useless wars

The seasons born of tilted stance
And tides from Sun and Moon that chance
To move in such a subtle way
Maintaining perfect disarray

To Draco-Vega we are bound
Rushing along without a sound
With moons and planets, others there
A gathering their lot to share

Rivers of orgone, Z.P.E
The ether forms that none can see
Make gravity a dream of man
No more a part of Nature’s plan

A revolution is at hand
That will cast theories oh so grand
Back to the realm of fantasy
A renaissance of mystery.


1. Ether theories



2. Leuthold


3. Zero Point Energy (ZPE) – many articles on the internet.

One popular account can be found here


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Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/The SINGS Team (SSC/Caltech)

Isn’t this an amazing picture from the Spitzer telescope? I add the official interpretation for your perusal. Of course, that explanation involves a black hole which is still just speculation even though the authorities would have us believe otherwise. I would like to think that at the centre of this and other galaxies is something more wonderful than a mathematical formula can produce.

PASADENA, Calif. — NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has imaged a wild creature of the dark — a coiled galaxy with an eye-like object at its center.

The galaxy, called NGC 1097, is located 50 million light-years away. It is spiral-shaped like our Milky Way, with long, spindly arms of stars. The "eye" at the center of the galaxy is actually a monstrous black hole surrounded by a ring of stars. In this color-coded infrared view from Spitzer, the area around the invisible black hole is blue and the ring of stars, white.

The black hole is huge, about 100 million times the mass of our sun, and is feeding off gas and dust along with the occasional unlucky star. Our Milky Way’s central black hole is tame by comparison, with a mass of a few million suns.

"The fate of this black hole and others like it is an active area of research," said George Helou, deputy director of NASA’s Spitzer Science Center at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. "Some theories hold that the black hole might quiet down and eventually enter a more dormant state like our Milky Way black hole."

The ring around the black hole is bursting with new star formation. An inflow of material toward the central bar of the galaxy is causing the ring to light up with new stars.

"The ring itself is a fascinating object worthy of study because it is forming stars at a very high rate," said Kartik Sheth, an astronomer at NASA’s Spitzer Science Center. Sheth and Helou are part of a team that made the observations.

In the Spitzer image, infrared light with shorter wavelengths is blue, while longer-wavelength light is red. The galaxy’s red spiral arms and the swirling spokes seen between the arms show dust heated by newborn stars. Older populations of stars scattered through the galaxy are blue. The fuzzy blue dot to the left, which appears to fit snuggly between the arms, is a companion galaxy.

"The companion galaxy that looks as if it’s playing peek-a-boo through the larger galaxy could have plunged through, poking a hole," said Helou. "But we don’t know this for sure. It could also just happen to be aligned with a gap in the arms."

Other dots in the picture are either nearby stars in our galaxy, or distant galaxies.

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