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So here I sit to think what I’ll
deliver for the thousandth time.
Well, first my thanks to you who come
to visit and to comment on
my ramblings: subjects quite diverse
in prose and mostly rhyming verse.

I much enjoy your company
that bits and bytes make possible.
A social gathering designed
to air the thoughts that spring to mind;
share joy and sadness that pertain
to days exciting and mundane.

Although the Twitter sirens call
with powers to quip and mesmerize
a blog can offer broader charms:
while welcoming with open arms
it serves to share those pearls that rise
stirred by the muse in gentler guise.

A new millennium is near
just one more step and I’ll be there
advancing on time’s ladder tall
the past below always on call.
I hope you’ll join the climb with me.
Where will it lead? We’ll wait and see.


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Twittering is quite exhausting
Now I’ve done it for a while
Watching followers and followed
Reading things often futile

Lots of selling, also products
Whom to shun and to allow
Fighting to keep within limits
With a deeply furrowed brow

Blogging now almost forgotten
Though it comes more naturally
So I’m back here for a breather
Be it temporarily

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To twitter and blog appears now quite a slog
But to make a choice difficult too
Something succinctly said
Is more easily read
And can pierce to the heart it is true

To twitter and blog appears now quite a slog
But the latter I’d rather not miss
For it has the power to
Air one’s thoughts through and through
An advantage one can’t just dismiss

To twitter and blog appears now quite a slog
But I guess that I’ll just wait and see
How it goes for a while
Being so versatile
There I go again just being me

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Tweet tweet

I too can be found on Twitter
Though I’ve not much time to fritter
Someone dear made an account for me to use
And with no wish to deny
Motives well meant and it to try
Down I delved its inner workings to peruse

My first peek was rather daunting
Even now doubts still are haunting
But I’m sticking with a muse that just wants more
So watch out all you out there
Who twitter on without a care
For jan_freeman with an “at” might find your door

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