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Grey days politically so drab
Merge with weather inclement
Falling rain and moisture rising
See the share price, not surprising

Mood swings colour life’s intent
Rainbows form as showers pass by
Clouds break once upon a time
Clocks, remorseless, ever chime

Marching on with banners flying
Singing songs from days gone by
Onward to the known tomorrows
Built of memory’s joys and sorrows

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A product of culture
Forged on the line
Honed by the voices
Symbols define
Lost in the daydreams
Those of the night
Phantoms beguiling
Clouding the sight

Views of eternity
Rise from somewhere
Calming the cold fears
Life’s wear and tear
But no escaping
Binds of the past
First breath of freedom
Would be my last

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Lying in the folds of night
the spectres rose to fill with fright
as body turned and twisted then
the nightmare came to haunt again.

Transpiring from that hellish tale,
through gritted teeth there came a wail.
What tortured thoughts could bring such woe,
could take such hold, such fear bestow?

The demon raged, its madness free
to weave a horror none could see,
until the first light pierced the air
and drove the beast back to its lair.

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Tick tock

Sun and tufted cumuli
Intermittent showers
Pass as I sit here a while
In between the hours

Thoughts creep from their hiding place
Forged in days gone by
Memories both happy, sad
Bring in turn a sigh

Time no friend to he who waits
Or to he who toils
With its clocks, their ticks and tocks
Springs as snakes in coils

Onwards, ever onwards wend
Through the ages lent
Following dreams, each his own
Till their worth is spent

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Eighty years in eight hours
A lifetime as a dream
And just before awaking
Each time I hear that scream

Another night of living
A day of nearing death
Until the eyes grow heavy
And I take that last breath

It lies there in the darkness
One to be born again
When light returns with morning
And there’s an end to pain

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Meeting point

I do not have to travel
to meet up with the few
who occupy my dream world
and share my secrets too.

I close my eyes while lying
or nodding soon to doze
and there I am amongst them
to hear what they propose.

Perhaps someone is dreaming
of me now sitting here.
These words might really be theirs
then I could disappear.

In dreaming or in waking
a world awaits out there
seen through the eyes of wonder
imagination’s stare.

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Elusive love


Photo courtesy djcodrin

Is love a word and nothing more,
something to send via semaphore?
I ask, ‘Why must I be denied?’
A heart left in the cold outside.

One voice within the multitude
that yearns to end its solitude
another ever-searching soul
sharing what seems a simple goal.

I pray to gods in still of night
that I might see that telling light
within the eyes of one who’ll bare
those feelings deep, the will to care.

Hope lingers that he’ll come my way
the one I’m thinking of today.
I see a face before my eyes
the mask that hides his true disguise.

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When thought was younger
free of bounds that science builds
to dissect Nature, bend it to its will;
what did eyes see, ears hear, and hearts delight?
What came when work was done, in dreams of night?

Would thought look smiling
back down through its many years
or would it tremble seeing how all fades?
Is it from knowledge gained now strong or weak?
Would turmoil find a voice if it could speak?

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As open wounds that will not heal
the doubts rage on since early days
that all I dream, feel, hear, and see
seems twisted in so many ways.

A tangled web wherein truth hides
unknown it seems to those who stare
into kaleidoscopes of thought
shaped by the ones who show no care.

Perhaps we two can make a vow
to turn away, learn to say no,
to choose another path to tread
that only dreams unfettered show.


I struggle on to heights unknown
with sweating brow but heart aglow,
leaving the valley filled with fear
now distant in the mists below.

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I blink my eyes and see the skies
make jumps of monumental size
so clouds that are so far away
might fall apart without delay.

Light sends its message to my eyes.
Does it show all in some disguise?
The gray clouds it would seem are meant
to share my mood without consent.

The orange sun peeps out to say
‘Do I bring joy now with my play?
The warmth of yellow merged with red
can hardly fail a smile to spread.’

Then suddenly I see it blue,
the canopy that thoughts subdue.
Behind its mirror darkness lies
and there beyond what I surmise.

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If I could make a wish come true
then I would now be there with you
to stand together hand in hand
before what could have been so grand:

a future different from the one
I’m living where all hope has gone,
where only dreams of yesterday
can bring a weakened smile to play

upon these lips that still recall
the touch and wonder of it all.
Somewhere in frozen time I see
that moment when thought lead the free

and hesitation born of fear
merged words of doubt with those sincere
until what seemed no force could shake
began to tremble and then break.

If I could make a wish come true
then I would now be there with you.

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I thought of a message for Christmas
with Santa and sleigh bells and all
and best wishes for the world’s people
the hope that good things them befall.

But seeing the turmoil and hardship
that many souls suffer today
it seems that the Shepherd’s forgotten
why many of His flock still pray.

So let those pretend and be merry
the ones who still can and are free
that there’ll be someone to protect them
from fools who think they hold the key

while others who hardly see daylight
and know only hunger and pain
look on with eyes tired but not clouded
by dreams that beguile the inane.

Our futures are born of past longings
our moments pale ghosts in the night.
So I wish that we’ll soon awaken
to walk once again in the light.

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Have you got a future?
Well I’d like one too
Nothing really fancy
With nice things to do

If I could find someone
As you seem to me
Perhaps we together
Could then find the key

To chase away sorrow
And banish the fear
Bring new warmth and sunshine
To this coming year

Whatever befell us
We’d take in our stride
With two hearts to guide us
Those feelings inside

If I shared that future
With someone like you
Then I might be happy
With nice things to do.

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The secret

I carry a secret; I tell you no lie.
It’s heavy this burden and I don’t know why
it’s been with me always, well, since I was young:
a knowledge that’s wounded and left songs unsung.

Though questions were asked no clear answers would come
but always I hoped that there still would be some
who might bring some light to the darkness inside
and set free the one who preferred there to hide.

And still it is waiting for some sign I know
to come to the surface and bid me “Hello”
to show me with eyes growing dimmer each day
a world that I glimpsed in a dream far away.

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Welcome to Aboriginal land

Pukul ngalya yanama
Ananguku ngurakutu.

—Yankunytjatjara welcome

Pukulpa pitjama Ananguku

—Pitjantjatjara welcome

The Pitjantjatjara, Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra peoples form collectively the Anangu, the inhabitants of the area.

Tjukurpa panya tjamulu, kamilu, mamalu, ngunytjulu nganananya ungu, kurunpangka munu katangka nintirinkunya kanyintjaku.
This Law was given to us by our grandfathers and grandmothers, our fathers and mothers, to hold onto in our heads and in our hearts.


Ayer’s Rock, Uluru, rising, dreamer’s home
A place where spirits of the ancients roam
Tjukurpa guard that one primordial light
Holding at bay the cold advancing night

Look on, you traveler standing there below
And rejoice with your fellows in my glow
For I was born before the time of man
When Tjukuritja woke and all began

Beware those who would trespass to disgrace
Adventure calls from one who has no face
Eyes lingering can twist the mirror’s shine
And waken one whose purpose is malign

Anangu people, children of this land
Protect creations forged by ancient hand
And welcome those drawn to this sacred place
To walk awhile within the dream’s embrace

Flowers of the desert reaching out to me
With tales of how our world was meant to be
The message of your oneness fills my heart
And joins those who have never been apart.

Those wanting more information can start here

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Where is He?

Will He be there in the morning?
Was He there when came the sleep
While I lay counting my blessings
When thought had run out of sheep?

Is He there behind the shadows?
Does He shun the light of day?
Is He kind and warm and gentle?
Does He hear when millions pray?

Is He there when man discovers
Something new as old as time?
Does He smile with understanding
At the frailty of this rhyme?

Will He be there at the ending
When the curtains close at last
Or will dreams fade as the twilight
When my longest day has passed?

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Let’s pull together, seize the reins
Stop now the madness that demands
From frothing mouths and spitting words
That try to shake our faith in truth
Return them now to guttered grime
Cast out to save both yours and mine
Use now your anger to subvert
Return those soiled back to the dirt
Let flowers of the future bloom
And fill the space of every room
Cower down to no one who’d be king
Or queen who rages in your face
For they are born of thought as you
When skin and bone will also do
This wondrous world waits for the day
When man will live and no more pray
But toil with pride that he may see
A dawn when everyone is free.

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Are you the one to fill my day
chase loneliness at last away
to stay cruel dreams that urge to wake
and passion’s warmth from cold thoughts make?

Are those the lips that I must kiss
to find at last what most must miss
the oneness that no words can teach
that poets twist and turn to reach?

I touch your hand and feel a thrill;
could this be what longings fulfill?
Will this small spark become the fire
that rages on beyond desire?

I hear your voice that comes so clear
a sweetness that brings now a tear
of joy not sadness known so long
that rises now to Nature’s song.

Lost in the raptures that caress
I soar as you my soul possess
and see the world with eyes anew
reborn as happens to but few.

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Hello, well I’m in a bit of a philosophical mood this early afternoon. The coffee was reviving and the cheese sandwiches all you could wish from sandwiches with cheese inside – even the sharp tang.
I’ll skip over lunch as breakfast was rather late due to a lingering hangover from Saturday night caused by lateness and admittedly a slight excess libation.
Anyway, anyway, I’ve noticed lately that I’m saying everything twice, or has it always been so? (How worrying). If you’ve followed my posts then you’ll probably have known this a lot longer than I, of course. Is it for emphasis or is there some feeling of insecurity lurking heavily in the dark recesses of somewhere dark and recessed? Who knows? Who cares? Yes, well, anyway, yes. Now what was I going to say?
Oh yes, of course.



The Great Pyramid of Cheops – Credit Nina Aldin Thune in the immediate vicinity of the image.

Yesterday evening I was watching a program on the National Geographic TV channel about the ancient Egyptians and there irritatingly stupefying pyramids that continue to defy a good robust scientific theory of how the heck they got built and what the structures inside all represent. There was a building expert who also appears to hover around the pyramids together with crafty local businessmen selling miniatures and freshly carved ancient relics and other puzzled looking scientists getting older though perhaps not much wiser. He gave us an interesting account of how, approximately 4500 years ago, the builders of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, using nothing but bits of wood, string and soft copper tools, could manage to scrape and gauge out the 600,000 huge limestone blocks, some of granite and weighing as much as 70 tons, to less than a millimeter precision. How they dragged them around and lifted them into place is another puzzle whose answer is still unknown although there are enough theories. Strangely, the mortar used is still unknown and even today cannot be reproduced even though its chemical composition is known. Astoundingly, in its original state this pyramid was covered with a layer of highly polished white limestone whose reflective properties would have made it visible from the Moon. It must have been a wondrous sight.
No mummies have been found inside the three discovered chambers: The King’s Chamber, the Queens Chamber and one unfinished Chamber lying twenty eight meters below ground level.
Well, I suppose it could all be true, but it does seem rather like something that an Egyptian Pharaoh would dream of rather than attempt, even though there was a strong sense of outdoing their forebears. Of course, as gods on Earth they and there advisors did tend to take a rather universal view of things. It remains strange that no writings have been found concerning the building methods used.
One thing I found fascinating was his description of an intriguing way to make a simple leveling tool which might have been used by the Egyptians (see below).
Even today, according to our expert, construction of the Great Pyramid would be a formidable undertaking, apparently taking about six years at a cost in the region of five billion dollars.
Apart from the burial chambers and passages there are mysterious small shafts in the Great Pyramid connecting with the outside walls. These are believed to be either fresh air vents designed to aid the suffocating workers or perhaps to give a breather to buried kings and queens when they secretly wake to travel to the next life. They could also be receivers of cosmic energy emanating from distant stars. They could be … .
At the inside end of one of the shafts is a thin wall which has recently been penetrated by a boring robot (in the sense of making holes). According to a small attached camera, behind this wall is another and behind that may lie secrets that will change mankind forever, or just more golden artifacts and hieroglyphics, perhaps a mummy or two, or yet again a mystifying and creepy nothingness. There are those who are waiting with baited breath, I can tell you. Aren’t you?
There are theories connecting the Giza Pyramids with the stars in the constellation of Orion. Some even think that the Great Pyramid contains a portal to these stars, at least at the spiritual level.
The Egyptian authorities are extremely reluctant to allow more excavation and general tampering of these ancient sites and probably rightly so. They have been ruthlessly looted down through the ages and what’s left should be preserved, though a little careful examination might still reveal something exciting. Research is happily ongoing.


There are so many of these fantastic, seemingly impossible structures, like the Pyramids and Stonehenge, dotted around our planet and made of enormously massive stones laid down with unbelievable precision. One can imagine their builders laughing, in their graves or wherever else they may have ended up, at our attempts to explain the methods used and the ideas behind their construction.
That these ancient peoples had an understanding of mathematics and astronomy is beyond doubt, though why those of the Americas: the Inca, the Aztec, and the Maya, never got around to inventing the wheel, remains another source of great mystery. Perhaps they foresaw the arrival of the industrial revolution with its pollution if knowledge of the wheel should leak out.
The question many ask (including me) is whether they may have had the help of some advanced, perhaps even more ancient, knowledge – outside help so to speak. A method for levitating huge blocks of stone would have been a decided advantage and would answer in one fell swoop a lot of other questions. The figures carved out of the desert in Peru, called the Nazca Lines, which can only really be appreciated from a great height might also have benefited from someone high up giving instructions.
Unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) have been seen so often that it is almost certain they exist, though what they are and where they come from are still debated topics. A fact that emerges is that most of them are capable of sudden rapid changes of direction and of hovering for substantial periods. In any case, the gravity of Earth doesn’t seem to be a great hindrance unless the motor or whatever drives these craft cuts out, of course. At least one is purported to have crash landed. They have been tracked by radar undergoing accelerations which no human could survive and also appear to be unexpectedly and unnervingly silent.


So I got to thinking. When I was young and had spasms of believing my parents and nearly everyone else I came into contact with were aliens, I read everything I could about these fascinating and hopefully not just imaginary creatures. I sincerely hoped they would eventually come in the night and step out of a bright white light to take me off to some exciting Utopian environment. There would be non-polluting vehicles zipping through its clean, fresh atmosphere, lots of open spaces with fountains of cold, refreshing lemonade, and a sense of feeling good all the time. Ah, those were the dreams. The aliens themselves would always be kind and smiling and never tire of answering my questions. They would teach me only things I really needed or wanted to know, such as how to levitate, pilot a spaceship, become a clever-clogs, and extend life expectancy.


I hear the scientists beginning to cough and splutter as they join ranks and wave their fists at me, but let them; the dreams of one man can become the reality of a whole race when Nature finally reveals her secrets.


The construction of the Leveler is as follows:



1. Make a small flat A-frame construction (60 degree angles) out of three pieces of wood and attach a nail or screw just below the apex of the triangle formed and fasten a string to it with a weight on the end.

2. Gauge out a thin and shallow trough on a hard surface, impermeable to water, and fill it with water.

3. Gauge out two small troughs, as wide as the feet of the A-frame, at right angles to and on the same side of the first trough, until their bases are level with the water.

4. Place the feet of the A-frame in the two smaller troughs and where the string crosses the horizontal piece of wood make a mark.

5. You now have your Leveler.


Information on the treasures of Egypt can be found here, for example

For an actual view of the Pyramids look here

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The crush

She came second to none though occasionally third
Uncertainly bright though by no means a nerd
Her first name was Barbara or Betty or Pat
On her Garland coiffure sat a pert little hat

She only saw Tony and Michael and Sam
And flirted with all three, I’m still now, I am
I picture her skirt as she lifted her knee
To give a small glimpse of what dreams let me see

Sometimes at a distance she’d look in my eyes
And something stirred deeply behind the disguise
She’d laugh with her head high then give me a smile
And I would be happy, at least for a while

Her first name began with a ‘B’ or a ‘P’
Of that I’m most certain, her face I can see
Just thinking of Barbara or Betty or Pat
Where is she right now? Does she still wear a hat?

If you see the one, better ask straight away
And get it behind you, so short is a day
Don’t stay with your dreams but pursue what is real
Never be afraid to reveal what you feel.

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