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I’ve been busy with other “necessary” things lately, such as painting the house between bouts of inclement weather. Poetry still whistles through the mind but is blown away before I’m able to capture it, so you don’t know what you’ve missed and now neither do I.
I have found time occasionally to delve again into the book “The Ode Less Travelled” by Stephen Fry, a goldmine of information on writing rhyming poetry and a joy to read.
My wife and I are celebrating our joint 138th birthday today and I’m writing this in the waiting period before the guests arrive. Downstairs there are chairs everywhere and the scattered collection of things I like to have at hand are stored away where I hope I can find them again later.
The trees that I always can see from here on high through the window are continuously nodding back and forth and probably still wet from the last shower of yesterday. Some nearby have already given up on the summer and are shedding their leaves.
Internationally, the only solution to increasing debt still appears to be increasing debt by “printing” even more money. I heard a rumour that the banks have recently discovered that it might be a good idea to do business with the little people again and raise the interest rates on savings.
That might work.
Years ago I was somewhat hooked on adventure game software, but after having my PC destroyed by horrid unannounced anti-copying elements I rather lost interest. Recently I purchased for a small fee the title “A stitch in Time” from lassiegames.com. It’s a sequel to a freely available game also available from their site. I can heartily recommend these to those interested in the “point and click” genre. They are gems from two dedicated part time enthusiasts.

Have a good one!

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Quote from the International Forecaster

“It has been almost three years since the Federal Reserve took its interest rates to 1% and most recently to zero. This allows member banks to borrow money at no cost. The Fed lends to large banks with little or no control, so that these banks, some of which are owners of the Fed, can really do as they please. The Fed even lends at zero and re-borrows from these banks at a higher level, guaranteeing the banks a riskless profit. Those profits would have gone to the US Treasury and the American taxpayer. These profits for the most part are the result of the creation of money and credit by the Fed. The banks are so overjoyed regarding the results that the Fed has told them that it will keep the current policy for at least the next two years. The banks as a result are making big speculative profits to offset their gigantic losses, while at the same time the economy falls deeper into inflationary depression. This is the tyranny of our almost 100 year old privately owned banking system.”

Why are the elected representatives of the people allowing this to continue?
And don’t think the situation in Europe concerning the practices of the European Central Bank is any better.

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A miscellany of quatrains

I went into the bank today
To ask them for a loan
It seems the risks were much too small
To do business with me at all

Money once of silver, gold
Now others held of promised worth
Or noughts and ones in cyberspace
That rush around at lightning pace

Art works were standing, hanging round
So many forms meant to astound
I looked outside at flowers and trees
Whose splendour brought me to my knees

The air vibrates from music played
Its waveforms penetrate my ears
To waken sounds mixed here within
A symphony beneath the skin

No moment’s thought does Nature need
To urge creation on its way
With all perfection left behind
No preference does it betray

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Global warming, CO2
Climate change
Words seen anew
In the media owned by those
Who gladly lead us by the nose

Twisted facts and outright lies
Used to aid
Them in their fight
Not to serve the good of man
But rob us any way they can

Carbon credits, methods green
That must be clean
Politicians play their game
Designed to dull, exploit, and tame

Freedoms ebbing, rights for sale
Speak the truth
To no avail
Money rules in wonderland.
Where dreams are built upon quicksand

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A dry wind blowing tears new leaves
from trees and shakes till petals fall.
It raises moisture from the soil
and pollen clouds that cover all.

A cold wind blowing lifts our wealth
and spreads it out among the rich.
Their lust for power will be denied
when barren money crops have died.

The drought could last a hundred years:
hard times for slaves of greed and hate.
The rain of reason now must fall
to bring new growth and clean the slate

In his latest article, independent financial expert Bob Chapman sums up the world’s grim financial situation

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A few tips I picked up from a vagabond economist

Buy gold and silver
As our money
Loses value
Not so funny

Bumptious bankers
Real time wankers
Keep them blind
Be unconfined

Plastic cards
Reveal your all
To the eyes
Behind the wall

Pay with coins
And banknotes too
Those to annoy
Who annoy you

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I read today that the European Commission has agreed to inject ten billion euros into an Irish Bank that lost money through bad investments and has already received four billion. Will the Irish people benefit, or other Europeans and their offspring who must help pay the debt incurred?

Quick I need a billion –
no, why not make it three,
or ten, it’s only bits and bytes
in databanks, you see.

Money manufactured
to fill that great balloon
inflated by the bankers
for some most opportune.

When those who hold the purse strings
wield power, the world to rule,
then freedom will be bought and sold
or taken from the fool.

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So, according to the latest news the solution to the financial problems caused by instability within the European Union (EU) is a further reduction of national sovereignty and the centralisation of economic power. As all member states have budget deficits, nearly 500 billion euro is being plucked out of thin air by their finance ministers to give the EU an economic boost. This is to satisfy international investors whose doubts concerning the future stability of the EU were causing the value of the euro to plummet. The fact that this move merely increases the total debt hasn’t escaped everyone 🙂 and one might suspect that clever investors would remain unconvinced unless they know something the rest don’t.


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Edited 9 May

Billion here = 1000 million.

Many of the European Union’s (EU) member governments are plunging deeper into debt to bail out the Greek government’s far larger one incurred by the incompetence and corrupt practices of its leaders. A group of lawyers in Germany is filing a suit against its state because these actions it says are illegal according to the EU’s constitution. I quote from an article, one of many on the subject:
“The complaint will argue that the rescue contains an illegal rate subsidy, threatens monetary stability as encoded in the Maastricht Treaty, and breaches the ‘no bail-out’ clause. Greece is clearly responsible for its own mess.”


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Congressman Ron Paul discusses the growing world financial crisis and expanding government control in this speech, which everyone interested in freedom should read or hear.

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PhD blues

Your brain is mine;
I bought it true
and you will work
until you’re blue
to make us wealthy,
powerful too,
so I can join
with others who
will shape the future
for the few:
the privileged
and maybe you.

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"The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society."
Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours, 1816. ME 14:490

Who wants more government meddling in their daily lives? Haven’t we got more than enough already? In many (if not all) countries the pressures of government are bordering on tyranny.

It’s something that has been going on a long time, even before 9/11 and its aftermath provided a huge stimulus to the process.

Civil liberties are rapidly disappearing into the bottomless pit of national security. Fear of the invisible enemy has always been the tool of those who seek power to further their own ends.

In a time when one might assume that reduced spending should be the primary task of government to protect the welfare of its people, here in Europe but also in America and many other countries, huge amounts of money are being printed or borrowed to finance projects which will only cause more debt and hardship. There is the plundering of economies by governments and private central banks to further finance the military/industrial and the climate/industrial complexes. The bill the people will eventually have to pay is mounting rapidly. Only if there is a total economic collapse worldwide would any debts to a creditor be neutralized. Of course, this might not stop him from arriving with his troops at our borders to claim what he can.
Is it any wonder that people are suspicious of government motives and actions?

All this will inevitably, one way or another, lead to further decreasing living standards and loss of liberty. Even the elite, many of whom think they will come out unscathed by the repercussions of runaway government control, may be in for a surprise if social unrest is allowed to reach boiling point.

Those who say that the authorities can be relied upon to prevent the situation getting out of hand haven’t read their history books.

Everywhere the free market is under attack as the cause of the present financial debacle worldwide, while governments and the private central banks must carry most of the blame. Oh yes, we who have taken advantage of being able to live beyond our means using borrowed money must take some responsibility, but this has always been stimulated by governments, has it not?

Those in power are largely ignoring critique of their policies and demonizing anyone who dares to stand up and question their decisions. Truth has given way to intrigue and subterfuge.

Democracy and socialism really lead to the same thing – someone else telling us how to live.

The founding fathers in America had, in the opinion of many, the right idea – freedom for the individual and a government whose only task was to arbitrate in conflict situations.

The dragon of power has once again taken flight to breath fire on the doings of free men.

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I read now that the American bailout money could potentially reach the 24 trillion dollar.

How much of this money have you seen? Yes you, who have lost your job or can’t pay your mortgage or both, or whose successful business has gone down the drain due to lack of investment.

Then there’s the general taxpayer who sees his debt to the Federal Reserve ever increasing that he, his children and their children will be paying back to their cost.

Ron Paul’s bill HR1027 and the Senate variety S604 to audit the FED is the only way to ever bring a change to the present robbery of the people to make the rich even richer, in the name of “saving the economy”. The government and the FED are the ones who allowed the inflationary bubble to spiral out of control in the first place, resulting in the present financial collapse.

The apparent unwillingness of the government and the FED to stimulate the economy by the normal means of encouraging savings and investment through reduced taxation and reduced government spending is inexcusable.

What are we to think, that the interests of the people are no longer the task of government and that the constitution has effectively been destroyed? Your civil liberties are being reduced in ever increasing tempo by laws being passed that are not even properly debated before passage.

Time to act.

Time to make your elected representatives aware of your discontent.

Time to re-enforce the constitution by calling to order those in public office who would place themselves above the people and whose only concern is for their own wellbeing.

It is not yet too late, but the hands of the clock are approaching midnight and once the clock strikes twelve there may be no going back.

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“Many and sharp the num’rous ills
Inwoven with our frame!
More pointed still we make ourselves
Regret, remorse, and shame!
And Man, whose heav’n-erected face
The smiles of love adorn, –
Man’s inhumanity to man
Makes countless thousands mourn!”

From Man was made to Mourn: A Dirge, 1785 by Robert Burns


Why don’t you all just fade away
You bastards who will have your way
And rule us with contempt it seems
We who do not share your false dreams?

Yes money, power is all you see
Through eyes blind to that mystery:
To live free in this wondrous place
As equal members of the race.

Why don’t you all just take a hike
And disappear where you damn like?
Plague those who cower if that you must
Before you turn back into dust.

We do not recognize your right
To make us servants of your might
And if you force us to comply
We’ll fight back even if we die.

Dictators come and then they go
Their riches, pleasures all they know
Illusions born of greed and fear
Whose pettiness can draw a tear.

Pathetic is the path of those
Who human decency oppose
Whose mirror shows distortions wild
Of one who once was just a child.

“Man’s inhumanity to man”
I’m sorry to open the can
Of clichés that rise from inside
But truths once spoken cannot hide.

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Updated due to a slight misunderstanding of procedures.

Something vitally important is happening in the US. A bill HR 1027 to “audit the FED” now has majority support in congress.  The next step is hearings and a vote in the House Financial Services Committee. This has not been scheduled yet. After that the House can consider the bill.
The FED apparently doesn’t want this to happen and the only reason can be that they have things to hide. To this end they have hired a veteran lobbyist Linda Robertson to try to persuade remaining members of congress not to support the bill.
Americans, this is your chance to right a lot of wrongs and possibly stop the increasing power of private central banks aimed at total financial control of your lives, not only at a national level but also eventually at global level.
Trillions of dollars of taxpayer’s money have already been dubiously spent by the FED without oversight in supporting failing financial institutions and businesses, while the American people suffer from rapidly increasing inflation and its repercussions for their wellbeing.
The FED must be made accountable.
Get your congressman to support the bill if he or she hasn’t already done so.
One might rightly ask, “Who would vote against such a bill and why?”
A list of those who have is available on the internet here

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Satan is the one to love
Not the one up there above.
He feeds all my lust and greed
Gives me all the things I need.

Stick your kindness and respect
Striving just to be perfect.
Money, riches give one power
That alone will win the hour.

With three sixes on my side
There is no place you can hide.
You who struggle to be free
From the bastards just like me.

Millions gather to our cause
Sell their souls while they applause
Thinking that our well made plan
Is to help our fellow man.

To the ones who see our game
I’ll just say this in his name
Losers you will always be
We’re the ones who hold the key.

Nothing more can stop us now
You’ll just get what we allow.
Lords and slaves alone there’ll be
When we claim his victory.

Fear we had more would awake
And from us our power would take
But as fools most sit and wait
Moaning till it is too late.

While we grant your final fling
Hail the one, your future king
Rising now from fires of hell
Soon your light of hope to quell.

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Does it feel
Like you’re getting
Smaller, smaller every day?
More oppression, more surveillance
All you do is pay and pay

Is taking over
Governments are staking claims
More control their only answer
As they carry out the aims

Of the rich
Who thirst more power
Absolute, to rule us all
We as workers here to serve them
To their will must bend and crawl

Money they
Will ban forever
Digital your wealth is theirs
They are rubbing hands and watching
Regulating your affairs

Beware of
Save your culture and protect
Freedom that should be one’s birthright
Live in mutual respect

The only answer
Borders there should never be
But then all must live as equals
Not commanded by decree.

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Best wishes

Just be careful what you wish for
It might be enslaving you know
Something you might learn
Later can make you squirm
Once a habit it’s hard to say no

There are those who make a living
By fooling the others with pride
They’ll convince you it’s true
That the rest but not you
Are enjoying what they can provide

They’ll delude you with their weapons
Subliminal tricks that subvert
Feed your senses and brain
So that they can maintain
Their control over those they pervert

They’re just playing with your feelings
And earn while they look on with scorn
As Barnum once said
In words still far from dead
“Every minute a sucker is born”.

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I’m receiving a lot of negative vibes concerning the increased meddling of governments in our daily lives and their squandering of enormous amounts of tax payer’s money on institutions that don’t really give a damn about the ones having to pay, now or in the future.
The politicians with their smiles and supercilious looks telling us they have our best interests at heart as they thrust us further into debt and destitution.
Money, money, money; power, power, power.
For heaven’s sake, we’re all crawling on this lump of rock whizzing through space at an incredible pace, vulnerable to all kinds of natural influences, with lifetimes that are over in the wink of a galaxy. We should be working together, shoulder to shoulder, to ensure our survival and that of the generations to come.
Technology should benefit all and not just the few.
I think that those in power see world government as the only way out of the present malaise: more control means more stability. But haven’t they studied history which shows that oppressive totalitarian regimes only lead to the explosive social elements of persecution, misery and paranoia. Leaders enjoying their temporary powerful status are not exempt, at least not in the long run. Ultimately there is revolution – the circle is again complete.
Nature doesn’t allow the few to dominate the race. Its only interest is improvement of the latter and this must arise through natural selection, not through man’s vain attempts at playing God. Only destruction lies down that path.
There are obvious signs of the misuse of power.
The ones who hold the purse strings rule the world, as someone said.
The powerful always get richer from wars and turmoil.
Nothing revolutionary can be expected of the majority of politicians who take their orders from above. Only those with little or no power can afford to tell the truth. Exceptions are rare and these brave souls run the risk of being demonized, ruined or liquidated, possibly all three.
The powerful can seemingly revise, interpret or ignore the law as it suits them.
Information stored in computers can and is being manipulated for unscrupulous ends. Promises of privacy seem empty in this complex age of computers when eager trained fingers hover over keyboards.
The power the people have left should be used wisely.

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Food for thought

Today we’re off to buy again
With a list to aid the brain
Look for bargains, things we need
Stacked up neat enough indeed

Mondays are the days with less
Due to weekend’s busyness
When the buying public pours
Inside guzzling superstores

So with laden trolley wheel
Following the treading heel
Off to where we now must pay
Scanning eye that sees no day

Products pass before its gaze
Bottles roll as music plays
Packets, tubes and plastic bags
Fill the one that swells and sags

Time to pay with plastic card
Press the keys with hand to guard
Numbers that release the cash
Transferred to them in a flash

Off with trolley to the door
Join the flow that buys no more
Outside to the one that stands
Boot that creaks to opening hands

Then when all is stashed away
Off we go without delay
Provisions for the days ahead
Churning still inside my head.

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