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Over 200 African leaders and intellectuals released a letter in Johannesburg, South Africa, stressing the “misuse of the United Nations Security Council to engage in militarized diplomacy to effect regime change in Libya”, as well as the “marginalization of the African Union”.
Quote from Asia Times – The Roving Eye

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.
Thomas Jefferson

Robbery with violence
No crime for some, I see
Lands raped and then exploited
To set their people free

Poverty and suffering
Necessities of war
To further the ambitions
Of those who know the score

Mass indoctrination
A cul-de-sac of hope
A playground for all ages
For each a length of rope

Hard times round the corner
Designed by misused power
A world of devastation
To crown man’s darkest hour

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The wars of scores to settle
Ten thousand years or more
Recurring themes amid the screams
Hearts rend and lives make poor

The misery of justice
With which both parties pay
When righting wrongs condemned as such
That rights appear some day

Peace always in a future
Where conflicts all subside
A situation never met
That countless words describe

Minds ever asking questions
Whose answers all are known
Concerning problems made to last
For each his very own

One war ever internal
Two sides where worlds collide
One sculpted by society
The other fools deride

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Slight headache burning on the right
disturbed the sleep, made long the night,
but as the paper’s headlines show,
my headache’s nought as headaches go.

And I can take a pill to ease
the pain and something for the sneeze,
but lots who ache from fear that chills
have only gods to cure their ills.

Those who desire to kill and fight
with nightmares born of wealth and might,
the lives of others to control
are part of sorrow, of the whole.

The hopes for lasting peace seem flown;
what now awaits is quite unknown.
Perhaps something is still concerned
enough to grant what’s hardly earned.

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The fog clears as I read the page
The Sun’s heat burns as rockets fall
Man’s troubles in this world of sin
Not only caused by Laden Bin

As radiation from the cores
That those condemned fight to suppress
Consumes the land of Rising Sun
One thinks back to how war was won

Cold hearts can freeze until wills break
And shatter on the blood soaked soil
Their minions pound at every door
Until unhinged they close no more

Now open to foul stench of lies
The houses filled with broken dreams
Give no more shelter from the storm
That rages on till all conform

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Soldiers in uniform, sights seeking those
Invisible heroes to some I suppose
Once friendly allies, now enemies sworn
Bullets are flying for causes forlorn

No more a battlefield, blood on the walls
Homes filled with death that now hardly appals
Happy the warlords for whom life is cheap
Those who huge profits from conflict still reap

Malevolence fills the hearts of some who pose
As saviours until hidden truths they expose
Phantoms of those who once played in the light
Minds warped by science seek prey in the night

Madness, insanity, words that appear
While thinking of so many dying in fear.
Victims of hearts frozen by endless greed
Searching, n’er finding what they really need

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Image thanks to Christian Meyn and Michelle Meiklejohn

Mixed messages:

Showers massing over sea today
could bring rain to the coast.
Precipitation from the sky
no military boast.

Fire that earth is scorching
burning those who run.
Faces filled with terror
staring at the sun.


Droplets urge the growing
quench a thirst denied.
Faces filled with wonder.
Rainbows greyness hide.


Down by the water’s edge
a lonely seagull wades
searching ever searching
as my mind parades.

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Never-ending war on terror
Costing lives while some get rich
Windmills need coal, miners dying
Madness reaching fever pitch

Climate change is only warming
Hands that rub from carbon tax
Lining pockets of the wealthy
Lies replace unpleasant facts.

Subterfuge, misinformation,
Chaos in their arsenal
Whispers dull the native senses
Apathy subliminal.

Enemies are good for business
Masses hear the bugle’s call
Fear the driving force that holds them
Finally to make them crawl.

Too few try to work together
For the good of humankind
Selfish motives overwhelming
Never will solutions find.

Nature watching in the shadows
Seeks perfection for the race
Those destructive will be vanquished
And impatience grows apace.

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Read this:
Statement of Congressman Ron Paul
United States House of Representatives

The other side of the story.

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I reproduce here an illuminating article (with the above title) on U.S. military presence in the world written by
Laurence M. Vance, Ph.D.
View all 6 articles by Laurence M. Vance
Published 02/15/10
with thanks also to lewrockwell.com

Just as Hadrian succeeded Trajan, Domitian succeeded Titus, Nero succeeded Claudius, and Caligula succeeded Tiberius, so Kennedy replaced Eisenhower, Nixon replaced Johnson, Reagan replaced Carter, and Obama replaced Bush.

Same empire, different emperor.


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Strange things happen to old-timers – not the automobile variety but the human male one. Such as peeing in two directions at once, a renewed interest in attractive young women, and suddenly finding old tunes and other memories, that prove surprisingly resistant to aging, rising up from the cellar of youth to haunt again. I assume I’m not the only one afflicted by the latter. Well, I think not.
It’s as if the body is saying to the brain, ‘Look, I’ve got an awful lot of old memories stashed away down here and there’s hardly any room for anything new, so I’m throwing this one up there again for you to decide if it’s worth keeping.’ Read more, also World Political news

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So, Obama’s accepted his Nobel War Prize. Oh I know it’s not being called that specifically, but the word ‘war’ is a synonymous with the word ‘peace’ these days apparently.
If one is peaceful, Mr. President, then one doesn’t continue to find excuses to invade other countries to protect and further the interests of the military/industrial complex.
The war in Afghanistan is being fought against the local tribes whose members don’t appreciate American colonialism forcing democracy down their throats. What are the invading nations getting out of it? Well, there are the oil and heroin riches, of course, which one doesn’t hear much about, and the military commanders do get to test their weaponry on real human flesh and people’s homes for a change instead of replicas.
The only role for the military in a peaceful society is to protect one’s borders against external aggression, Mr. President.
The fact that waging expensive colonial wars abroad is not only killing many young soldiers and local innocents, but also bringing further hardship to those back home who are already suffering from the devastating effects of the continuing financial debacles, doesn’t seem to bother the politicians much.
Well, that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.
On the bright side, the sun keeps coming up every day even if it is often grayed out by wintry clouds and occasional drizzle. Even Nature seems to be holding her breath in expectation of the outcome if the Copenhagen Conference. Well, we’ll soon know whether the conspiracy theorists are right. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’ve probably just returned from a long holiday in the Himalayas. If you’re one of those self sufficient types then maybe I’ll be envying you before long.
I’ve been watching the monologues of Alan Bennet, an English writer of repute, that have been screened on the BBC TV this week. They fall under the general title of ‘Talking Heads’ and feature various lonely woman, in mediocre marriages, discussing their lives. Though it all sounds rather depressing the dialogs are brilliant, containing much dry humor, and the actresses involved were excellent.
I liked the observation of an English woman being forced by her husband’s circumstances to live in Marbella, Spain which she obviously doesn’t enjoy. It has come to her attention that there are a few people in the area who, for various reasons, are there to escape British justice. She remarks dryly that they are perhaps just sitting out their sentences there.
In personal readings from his works, Bennet tells at one point of a rather well proportioned woman who was having some difficulty getting on a bus. I cannot remember the exact words but it went something like this:
The driver says, ’Why don’t you try getting in sideways madam.’
She looks at him tiredly and says, ‘Young man, I don’t have a sideways.’

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Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.

Chief Seattle, 1854

We hear a lot about change. Man, as an entity of society, is constantly involved with change.
Should we seek change without full knowledge of the consequences of our actions or just let things take their natural course?
At first sight, it might seem foolish to release all control and choose for the latter but the facts do not support the former either. The Native Americans have a saying: ‘When a big wind comes, the trees must bend or break.’ Man’s history shows many examples of misplaced good intentions. Krishnamurti (UG) always said he had no desire to change anything. Well, he had no desire – period – so the question had no meaning for him.
I suppose that because the thought process is external to the flow of reality, it can only have a disruptive influence when operating outside its true survival role of delivering a reaction in response to external stimuli. As man’s history also shows, peace is but an interlude between wars, which kind of proves the point doesn’t it?
So, it would seem that we should not seek change but let it find us.

When you were born, you cried
and the world rejoiced.
Live your life
so that when you die,
the world cries and you rejoice.

White Elk

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I went to see the film “Moon” yesterday. If you haven’t yet I can heartily recommend it. It’s an intriguing story and as far as realism is concerned, well, it could easily have been shot while on location on the Moon. This is another film concerning unethical pursuits of big business.
I read that although Obama has called a national emergency due to the seriousness of the Swine Flu threat, he still refuses to let his children take the H1N1 vaccine.
Come on Obama, set an example! See this report by Congressman Ron Paul.
Of course even if they do I guess they’ll be taking the “safe” version without the dangerous additives such as mercury, squalene and thimerosal.
“Important” people are apparently getting this version dished out according to reports coming from Germany. Who’s kidding who?

A report has surfaced on prisonplanet.com concerning a US official’s resignation over the war in Afghanistan. His letter of resignation, which is included in the article, is certainly an eye-opener as to what’s really going on over there. The “enemy” appears to be no more than disgruntled local groups fighting against foreign meddling in their internal affairs and a corrupt local government. They fought off the Russians for the same reasons.

The mainstream media is also playing up the problem of Somali “pirates”, but what they don’t tell you about is the illegal fishing by European and Asian nations of Somali territorial waters and the dumping of nuclear waste there by European nations which is causing their people to die of radiation sickness, see here.

So once again, don’t believe everything the mainstream media’s seductive mouthpieces tell you – shop around.

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Hands up all those who thought the last post was a bit over the top.
Oh, so many! (Still relatively few, of course)
Well, all I can say is that you should really look deeper than the mainstream media to discover the facts these days. Prisonplanet.com is a good jumping off point to restore the balance, though, as always, any truths are probably bobbing around somewhere in between.
In man’s turbulent world, any truth worth its salt will probably prove to be stranger than fiction, as I’m sure you’ll agree after due consideration.
After the farce of the second Iraq invasion and its motivations, one could draw the conclusion that anything’s possible when big business gets into bed with politicians.
I’m sure that Sadam’s still managing to laugh hysterically even while being tormented by experts. I can hear him screaming, “And you all thought I was bad – idiots!”
China is tightening its grip on the scrotum of America and its allies (considering them figuratively and wholly as an aging and rather decrepit male giant – sorry ladies), and would gladly see a shift in world power, as would Russia and the Iran, to name but a few.
One might then ask who’s behind all this and what is their motivation? It’s obviously not politicians who sign bills without reading them and bend over willingly when randy big business or Big Daddy approaches.
Divide and conquer is the first rule of anyone with dictatorial ambitions and the second has something to do with keeping the military and big business happy, which is not an easy task unless one owns big business and can continue to satisfy the slavering jaws of those military commanders who revel in mass murder whatever the cost.
Hopefully I have, by now, managed to point you in the right direction to discover what’s really going on in our world and how little we, the hard working people (potentially at least), count for in our roll as mere pawns on the chessboard of the mighty.
“Serve well and die conveniently” might be the dictate of the latter when the time comes and the fist finally hits the table.
If what’s suggested above proves to be a load of hogwash then I’ll be the first to bend over.

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Darkening clouds are looming on the far horizon
just one more foul war might really do the trick
as our walls come crashing down
and in turmoil we all drown
waiting cell doors bring the silence with a click.

Do you really care what happens to your neighbor?
Do you really care what happens to a friend?
When your life is on the line
won’t you wriggle there and whine
praying to someone to spare your own rear end?

When with tears you must say goodbye to your loved ones
and your children disappear into the dust
will you fall and lose your mind
or stand tall and try to find
a way forward in a world that’s so unjust?

Are you one of those who’ll turn and be a hero
offering yourself to save your fellow man?
When the troopers come to call
who don’t care who dies at all
will you fight or run away while you still can?

When the odds against you are nearing the hundred
when the chance that you’ll survive dwindles away
will you beg and sign your name
and join in their insane game
or be one who’ll hide and plot to make them pay?

Let us rage for that is all we have on our side
waken those who purport to realize our dreams
make them turn the tide of lust
and do everything they must
to silence for good the madmen and their screams.

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Isn’t it amazing that although there is so much information available on the internet concerning the poisonous and destructive affects of vaccines on the human body that are potentially far worse than the diseases they are purported to cure, governments are going ahead with plans to instigate mass vaccinations? Why are the deleterious effects of these drugs not being given any serious publicity? Why is there no mention of safer alternatives? Isn’t this tantamount to genocide?

Of course, the answer is to be found in the dominating influence that powerful pharmaceutical companies have on government and medical policies. Even most general practitioners fall under their spell and “tow the line”.

It’s just another example of how commercial interests dominate human society through companies whose primary responsibility is to their shareholders. Although moral issues do undoubtedly play a roll in cooperate decision making the dominating issue is financial profit.

Lately it seems almost as if someone has opened Pandora’s Box, what with the financial crisis, disease, terrorists, wars and pollution, to mention a few curses that come to mind – no prizes for guessing who would benefit from opening it, at least in the short term.

As mentioned in another post the issue as to whether 9/11 was an inside job has again been raised, this time through the efforts of a well known celebrity. The aftermath of this tragedy has inflicted many ills on the world and its peoples. If this was deliberately caused then the perpetrators should be swiftly brought to justice and the facts be made known so that further devastating world wide effects can perhaps be avoided and those that have already occurred can, at least to some extent, be rectified.

More and more people are waking up to the idiocy of many government decisions and the social chaos they are causing or going to cause. Hopefully it is not too late.

My 500th post!

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Considering the devastating influence this event has had on world affairs and people’s lives everywhere and the unanswered questions and inconsistencies prevalent in the original investigation, the continuing refusal of governments to re-investigate this event and the lack of main media coverage concerning the facts can only brand their members as traitors to the cause of freedom. Charlie Sheen has now valiantly taken up the baton.



Ok, so we’ve seen and heard all the evidence: the videos, the testaments of eyewitnesses, the official report, the views of experts outside government influence (yes, there still are many – thankfully). If YOU haven’t yet and want to, then start with above piece by Charlie Sheen on prisonplanet.com and go on from there, or go to the links below. You will soon come to realize why it is vitally important that there should be a reinvestigation of the events of 9/11.

In short, there is overwhelming evidence that points to this attack on America being engineered by forces inside the country, which included government officials. If this is so and considering the available evidence it seems that there can be only one conclusion.

1. The buildings involved were attacked by planes somehow under external and/or autopilot control, or in the case of the Pentagon by a missile or small drone aircraft.

2. The event was staged as a “false flag” operation to obtain public support for the “war on terror” which was a pretence for not only the colonial type expansion into the Middle East but also for the subsequent expansion of government control at home in the name of increased security, both ongoing.

3. The three buildings were deliberately caused to collapse to cover up evidence of the above. The pulverized debris of the towers was quickly removed before it could be investigated. No black boxes have ever materialized.

Who would benefit from such an unbelievably callous act? The finger must point in the direction of the military/industrial complex and its financial backers. Only within these organizations is there enough power and influence to implement such an event.

Weigh the above scenario against the official story that the whole thing was engineered by a small group of fanatical Muslims acting under dubious circumstances and with equally dubious skills to carry out such an attack, whose leader has never been proved guilty of complicity. Note that I am not saying that such an organization couldn’t have been involved in some way with the attack, only that it is improbable that it could have carried it out without help.

But don’t just accept or deny the above, investigate the evidence for yourself and draw your own conclusions. The truth is out there.

More info can be found at, among others:




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Killing, maiming all around
Death, destruction does abound
Media consumes us all
Numbed to violence large and small

Games to shoot with leaden eyes
Sensual pleasures in disguise
Watch the screen for what is real
Catch the vibes that make us feel

Following the piper’s way
See him prance and hear him play
As he weaves our waking dream
No one hears the helpless scream

Turn away, it’s not too late
Deny measures to sedate
Fight those who would claim your soul
Free your life from their control.

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I can’t wait for the first recorded high level conversation that’s going to reveal what’s really been going on lately in some higher circles of government and business to cut the cake in their favor.
Surveillance techniques are so advanced these days, as the media readily informs us, and what we hear and see is presumably just the tip of the iceberg. Wire-tapping and recording at a distance have long been officially used by security agencies.
Of course this can work both ways.
I should imagine the same techniques are also available to anyone with an “interest” and the necessary backing. Then there are those informers who will anonymously spread information for whatever reason as happened with Watergate. Secret and confidential documents are often cropping up in the public arena due to carelessness.
We would seem to be overdue for interesting revelations even if those in power are doing their best, as I’m sure they are, to prevent embarrassing disclosures.
Today one such confidential document has surfaced concerning a meeting between Bush and Blair before the invasion of Iraq war which could be embarrassing, to say the least, for these two old leaders, see here.

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Why doesn’t Osama give interviews to known western correspondents to convince us of his continued involvement in terrorism? We see him only in occasional poorly made videos that convince no one of their authenticity. It is completely unbelievable that he has managed to avoid capture for so long unless those who say they are looking for him aren’t, perhaps because they know he’s dead already. You must admit it’s strange.

It is also noteworthy that even after what the terrorists involved would call “the success of 9/11”, no further acts of terrorism have been carried out in the US. Even so, the “War on Terror” proceeds with ever increasing determination and is now also directed against its own population. Perhaps one could now also speak of a “War on Freedom”.

The violence in the Middle East and Southern Asia seems to only get worse. Al-Qaida sympathizers are no doubt active there but so are many other terrorist groups that have sprung up in recent years, as well as fanatical individuals and those who see no other solution to their problems or aspirations. Even the western forces that reeked havoc in the first place are still having a field day out there killing, often indiscriminately, in their fight for freedom. It must be obvious to anyone that the west’s involvement in what can now only be seen as empire building in lands where they have no right to be, only feeds enmity leading to increased “terrorism”. I often wonder if life under Sadam and the Taliban was worse than it is now under the present self serving puppet governments and the unending anarchic situations which they seem unable to master, even with the help of unwelcome occupying forces.

The world of the warmongering is just one big hornets nest of deception and deceit that through the use of controlled media only seems to profit the banks, the military-industrial complex and corrupt politicians. The ordinary people, who just want to be left in peace to get on with their lives, pay for it all in the end, often fatally.

If Osama is still able to smile, he is undoubtedly doing so as he sees the western capitalist states collapsing under the rapidly increasing financial debt of their own making, fighting an enemy that can never be defeated using force.

They are doing his work for him.

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