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Cloudy outlook

“How cold it’s been,” the papers say,
“and it looks like the same for May.”
How wonderful the trends to know
machines churn out so apropos.

The summer could be cold or warm
as stray percents far from the norm
to change the future for those who
believe that science can come through.

The one is wet the other dry
and faces stare up to the sky
with smiles or grimaces no doubt
as Nature works within, without.

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Image courtesy kanshutters

Grey days politically so drab
Merge with weather inclement
Falling rain and moisture rising
See the share price, not surprising

Mood swings colour life’s intent
Rainbows form as showers pass by
Clouds break once upon a time
Clocks, remorseless, ever chime

Marching on with banners flying
Singing songs from days gone by
Onward to the known tomorrows
Built of memory’s joys and sorrows

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Silent rain


Photo courtesy John Walker

Thoughts after a day or two of rainy weather

Who can count the raindrops?
Somewhere a sum might be
Held in those icy regions
Up high within that sea
A formula of Nature
Not tuned to man’s desire
That at some prescribed moment
Directs what must transpire
Irrational, oft seeming,
But of some plan no doubt
There hidden in the silence
Thought must needs do without

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Capricious One

Another day that’s cold and grey,
the warmth of late a memory
and winter coats and scarves appeal
those parts then bared again to seal.

“Ne’er cast a clout till May be out”.
How true is still this proverb old
that warns how fickle is the spring
whose weather mirrors moods that swing.

A drizzle falls from thickening clouds
now drifting in on northwest winds
to sprinkle all that thirst for more
before revealing what’s in store.

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Ice sculpture

Air surges freezing from the east
Its chill enhanced by raging wind
Still powdered white these leaves, not those
And feeling pinched are fingers, toes
Bare branches wild thrash toe and fro
Of those that sleep but somehow know
That winter has us in its grip
Allowing not a drop to drip

‘Now wrap up warm,’ I hear her say
‘Before you go outside to play.’
In far off days of carefree joy
When Nature watched a little boy
While slipping, sliding, compressed white
Snow crystals from gloved hands took flight
And he of coal eyes, mouth and nose
Stood somewhere near in easy pose

I look into the cold blue sky
With sculpted smile of times gone by

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Temporary thaw


Photo courtesy John Walker 

The grey clouds, featureless and low
Bring moisture from the southern seas
As winter waits not far away
And other forces hold their sway

Rain falls where frost has lately lain
Across this land of leafless trees
A patchwork still of sleeping green
Adds colour to the wintry scene

The annuals are still alive
Within their pots upon the wall
Somewhat bedraggled now it’s true
But precious are their days so few

Flowers of the rose in frozen joy
It seems, dance still upon the breeze
As blackbirds dart in search of fare
Within that movement always there

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Face of winter

First frost arrives as powdered white
Upon those staring to the night
A tingle added to that drawn
The breath of life each moment born

Cold quietness lingers, settles down
Oblivious to smile or frown
Storms that so long have had their way
By winter’s hand are held at bay

Sun’s rays are warm that pierce the air
To fall upon those few parts bare
Between the ice clouds drifting by
Upon that frozen sea of sky

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It’s colder now as polar air
Sweeps down from northern latitudes
And over North Sea’s choppy brine
Are born showers that to snow incline

The annuals bid now farewell
To life and droop as leaves turn brown
Their flowers wilt to a memory
Extravaganza, Nature’s spree

As winter ever closer draws
And nights erode the light of day
The thoughts return of warmth to share
When gathered, free of mad affair

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Blowing wild

The sun shines somewhere else today
Above the clouds and far away
A dazzling greyness fills the air
And narrows eyes that upward stare

The rain falls somewhere else today
Off to the north not far away
And those that thirst with roots too small
Are waiting for the can to call

The wind seems nowhere else today
To blow, as leaves fly far away
And branches tossed a perch deny
For those to rest that needs must fly

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Last day of the warm summer weather
Encroaching on autumn’s domain
Tomorrow it’s back to a changeable type
With more wind, cloud, occasional rain

And temperatures once more near normal
For early October it seems
Which most find a pity, not sporting at all
After spoiling us with these extremes

I think of that tropical island
Where long ago I was employed
Days sunny not hot with a shower around six
And a sea breeze that never annoyed

I’ve been around all kinds of weather
From haboobs to tropical storms
At sea and on land, both in fear and in awe
Of the wonders that Nature performs

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Moving on

Lots of hot air emerging in the Netherlands over the “failing” summer weather

Summer is too cold and wet?
Don’t make a problem
Better yet
Just enjoy all that Nature brings
The storms and calms
And all that sings
The energy of growth and seed
That satisfies survival’s need
Let grumbling thoughts just ramble on
Soon they too will be spent and gone

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Heaven’s portal opens wide
Gods of old now staring
Down upon the world of man
For his good once caring

Breathless, then a rushing wind
Tangled, mangled swirling
Closeness in a moment shed
By the downdraught hurling

Wild eyes roaming to and fro
Thor appears loud roaring
Creatures cower before his might
Pleas he is ignoring

Flashing, crashing, thunderstorm
Rumbles fit to crumble
Slashing, dashing rain drops fall
Light fades to a grumble

Moments caught by ancient fears
Inner thoughts now hiding
Till the seeming rage subsides
Of two worlds colliding

Distant now the tremors heard
Misty moisture clinging
Thor departs in joyous mood
With his hammer swinging

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Storm breaks


Image of a Cumulonimbus storm cloud over White Canyon, Utah, U.S. – courtesy Rafikimambo, Wikipedia


Cumulus tremendous,
the nimbus anvil breaks through tropospheric bounds,
its frozen vapours streaking, up, out,
spraying white the blue torn sky.
Seething darkness below, roll clouds churning,
mamatus summons the coming deluge
behind the clinging silence.
A blinding, jagged lightning stabs to earth.
A crackling, roaring thunder flees from its path.
Crescendo stupendous,
all hold their breath,
then spitted hail plunges, beating and bouncing.

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It’s raining cats and dogs
or cows and horses one could say.
Soaked, all that stands or lies beneath.
Drops bounce and splatter,
run and merge,
gush, seep, and creep
to satiate a thirst that’s deep.


All children of a child are we
but one, the first, or maybe two
who must have come from somewhere too.

Is there a mould for human form
or are we victims of some law?
What next does Nature have in store?


A strange phenomenon
is “eyes that crystals see”.
A secret hidden in the brain:
that galaxy none can restrain.

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I look up at the clouds
and imagine the silence of their realm.
A bird circles high — knowing.
All noise is earthbound
but the whoosh of passing flight,
and the rattle and strain of a balloon’s trappings,
the roar of its fire now in my ears.
The breath of Earth, moving, twisting,
vortices of heaven not far away;
physical, chemical, woven by mathematical whispers.
Tangled movement, haphazard, random,
or moulded by the reality
of some external dream.

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Growing thirst

The wind blows hard across the land.
Low pressure gets to play its hand
and darkening clouds appear to say
the rain you need is on its way.

So blustery now, hair all awry,
the first drops fall from ragged sky
as many eyes to heaven turn
with prayers to whom it may concern.

Small shoots peer out above the soil,
the freshness of the ploughman’s toil,
awaiting that which growth must stir;
more than a shower he would prefer.

No thoughts can fathom Nature’s ways
that shun it seems critique or praise
from those who dream that they might be
advantaged in this potpourri.

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April powers

Summer in April as temperatures rise
It’s Easter weekend, oh how swiftly time flies
With blossoms erupting, profusions of green
And rainbows of colour as flourishes seen

Nature is moving, raised early from sleep
Its creatures have springtime appointments to keep
A season of birth and of growth from the land
As Sun stirs all life with a touch of its hand

Summer in April, with showers far away
In gardens and fields one sees sprinklers at play
To nurture the thirsty, some fragile and small
The answering echoes of creation’s call

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Summer comes today to peep
and wake those who would rather sleep
with promised warmth that opens doors
and windows closed to springtime chill.
The cold sea, heavy, looks on with a sigh
as blue skies form a parasol of hope;
the terraces will fill and beaches churn
while sunshine, shadows, share the thanks in turn.

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Cold snap

The sudden chill caught many out
who foolishly had “Cast a clout”
at end of March when warmth of May
came suddenly but not to stay.

Now sneezes, coughs, and sniffs abound
as scarves, too late, again are wound
around the necks of those who dared
to flout what left them unprepared.

The Sun’s heat tempered by cold air:
old winter’s breath that left its lair
in northern climes to once more flow
and thwart the hopeful undertow.

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Hampered vision

It’s hazy from particles blown from the east
by the buffeting wind that prevails
as it pokes into crevices, nooks, crannies all
with a chorus of moans, whistles, wails.

What are these motes made of that thicken the air
and coat everything inside and out,
no doubt things quite outrageous, contagious perhaps,
mixed with others men argue about?

Apart from what’s natural, ground down to dust
and the effluence of life around,
there are those emanations created by man:
the remains of ideas not too sound.

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