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“Modern cosmology, and indeed, much of modern physical science, is self-serving. It is not designed to make fundamentally new discoveries, merely to explore the current knowledge base. Even worse, where the assumptions cannot be tested independently of the model (and most of cosmology falls into this category), the assumption becomes law and forms the base for further assumptions.
Here’s the thing—if a scientific enquiry is conducted on the basis of an assumed model, and moves towards a result or outcome of that enquiry in a series of progressive logical steps, then clearly, the final result is assumed. The whole process is anchored in an assumed model; therefore the outcome is a subset of that initial assumption. Furthermore, the system reinforces itself.”

Quote from Hilton Ratcliffe’s editorial in the Feb. 2012 newsletter of the
Alternative Cosmology Group


One model acceptable
“Big Bang” so called
A truth everlasting
Oft overhauled

Expanding space carrying
All there within
Since that great explosion
Without a din

The universe when quite young
Sports those mature
Some think far too much for
Time to ensure

Dark matter, dark energy
Black holes galore
Space curvature guiding
Waves to the shore

The fingers of gravity
Reach to the night
At greater than light speed
Worrisome plight

New wonders of make-believe
No doubt will shine
Born out in those heavens
Of Thought’s design


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A woman at work on a case
Of a butler who’d left in disgrace
Saw at once in her brief
He could not be the thief
Now he’s found in her service a place

Those who say CO2 one must fear
And who threaten with measures austere
Should an example show
For the cause strike a blow
And stop breathing for one day each year

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Whale watchers

Thoughts after watching a documentary on blue whales

Giant birds fly in the ocean
Floating free with voices strange
Echoing across that vastness
Unknown urges to exchange

Sifting krill, their diet waiting
There below in murky deep
Heads rise up above the wave crests
Frequent dates with air to keep

Brains still half awake in slumber
When sleep beckons on their way
One eye open for the danger
Man as hunter searching prey

Science roams in troubled waters
To observe and understand
Answers needed to its questions
Knowledge grains of desert sand

We who drown in complications
Weighed down by their gravity
Ever wondrous of these creatures
And their simple majesty

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As mainstream cosmologists prepare to witness the universe shortly after its birth – when, presumable, its form was markedly different from what we have seen so far in deep space – one wonders if the giant will prove to be immortal after all. Of course, the deeper one peers into a mist the more deceiving what’s seen can be.

Perhaps it is or must be so
As theory states, although, let go
All’s relative when knowledge leads
Consensus forms what science needs

Hubble, bubble, Hoyle and trouble
Steady State no Big Bang double
Eyes that search into the past
Could soon reveal the truth at last

How distant are those objects strange
That taunt us with their wild exchange
And test the limits of our dreams
Or nightmares as it often seems?

Redshift, are you space-time’s motion
Waves on an expanding ocean
Or intrinsic to the source
Which might involve some unknown force?

Is information on its way
That could change our night into day
Release us from Thought’s aged grip
And send it on a one-way trip?

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This is one of the more poisonous substances being added for commercial gain to the things we ingest. Amongst other harmful effects on the organs of the body, it destroys the neurons of the brain.

I praise the neurons of my brain
They let me feel the sun and rain
My thoughts would be unthinkable
My memories irretrievable
Without these wonders there would be
No intellect, an end of me
So any act designed to kill
By way of food or drink or pill
These jewels of Nature that I need
I class as murderous indeed
So you out there in some disguise
Who have no care for my demise
I trust one day you’ll suffer too
In punishment for things you do

For more information Google E621

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More wind turbines means more power stations
when they’re coupled to the grid,
to guarantee a steady flow;
it’s plain to see when once you know
that energy from wind though free
depends upon its speed power three.
Great fluctuations, random too,
is thus a fact none can eschew.

Both inefficient and a danger
to the large-scale power supply
one wonders who then stand to gain
from chopping air, birds, slicing rain.
Those who find them attractive may
stand with but few, I dare to say,
and subsidised it seems they’ll stay –
no prizes to guess who must pay.

I refer you to this very readable article by an expert who will let you in on secrets concerning wind turbines others don’t want you to know:

Wind turbines: the whole truth – author: Ing. J. A. Halkema (sadly deceased)

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A bumblebee came flying by.
I asked, ‘Where are the others bees?
It seems they’ve lost their appetite;
I fear that something is not right.’

‘You people just don’t understand,’
It said while hovering close by,
‘that sometimes what is rightly planned
‘can suffer from a selfish hand.’

It flew away more work to do
Its words still ringing in my ear
Man critical of Nature’s ways
Acts at a price another pays

When caught between his birth and death
Within a world that he creates
Filled with the thoughts that knowledge brings
Man views life’s stage but from the wings

Calamity, ungracious time
A measure of man’s hunger for
The sweetness of that lost embrace
From one that no more shows its face

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I look out on the universe
With eyes that make me see
I am one of so many
On to infinity

The co called “heat death” of the universe, a final stage of development where energy is evenly distributed throughout it, could be countered by an intelligent component that maintains a higher average energy level through forcing mechanisms, which some term “Intelligent Design”.

When one considers the enormous complexity of universal structure, and the fact that creation and destruction are taking place everywhere in the universe on many different scales, it seems to me unlikely that such dynamism would apply only to its components for a “limited” period.

In other words, the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the level of disorder in the universe is steadily increasing so that systems tend to move from ordered behaviour to more random behaviour, might apply only on certain scales. After all, the law derives from a prevailing deterministic view of universal development based on scientific observation and research done here on Earth.
Intuitively, one might expect intelligence to be an indestructible property of the smallest components of the universe in order for it to regulate development on all scales, a relationship suggested by that of the human body and its cells. According to this research, results of experiments suggest that mammalian cells, indeed, possess intelligence.

A revealing and interesting discussion site on this and many other topics by Professor Steven Dutch can be found here. It’s worth a visit.

This piece I found worth quoting:

“If something looks complex enough to be of intelligent design, one possible interpretation is always that it is of intelligent design. It may not be, but in the absence of disconfirming evidence, intelligent design is always a viable hypothesis. We can say that it’s not the only possible explanation, maybe even that it’s not the most likely explanation, but it’s extremely hard to dismiss the idea entirely. Intelligent design is always a possible interpretation of any sufficiently complex object.”

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Hole in one

As far as I know, no holes were created or destroyed in the making of this poem.

If a black hole met a white hole
Would they dance around a bit
While the white one fed the black one
Into which it self might fit

With the black hole then expanding
Gorging on its paler friend
Would the white hole be ingested?
Its creating at an end

Or would it engulf the black hole
That could not contain its might
And would fill up much too quickly
To then blaze into the night

Perhaps forces would get tangled
And dimensions twist and turn
Till a strange new greyish something
Formed that might cause some concern

Not destructive or creative
Just another mystery
More equations mathematic
Mixed with science on the spree

From Wikipedia:

A white hole, in general relativity, is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, but from which matter and light may escape. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole, which can be entered from the outside, but from which nothing, including light, may escape.

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Shadow play

‘Yes, everything’s made up of atoms,’
he said to those gathered around.
‘You and me, what you see,
behind all mystery
lie those motes both contained but unbound.’

A small voice broke into the silence
that settled while thoughts were aglow,
‘Shadows too, that pursue
and that one can see through,
do they have substance I’d like to know?’

The teacher’s eyes turned to the ceiling
and plucked out an answer from there.
‘Well, where light can’t alight
there’s just nothing in flight,
a dark space but of essence quite bare.’

The eyes of the small voice now widened,
‘So, shadows can only have form,
just voids somehow employed
by what can’t be destroyed,
and has surely no wish to conform.’

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“They defend the old theories by complicating things to the point of incomprehensibility.”
Fred Hoyle

Bend the facts or tweak THE THEORY
No room for those who dissent
Threats of loss of income, status,
Serve to quell all discontent

Safety in the wide consensus
To conform the easy way
Those who dare ideas to question (falsely)
Learn that critique does not pay

Knowledge gained finds application
Within bounds that others draw
Data never quite conclusive, binding,
May needs break another law

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The world’s not made of atoms
Complete with sticky bits
They’re just a mask for others
That I call Little Wits

A Little Wit does wonders
It sees through you and me
And views the world around it
With calculated glee

It conjures plain to lavish
It creates, hates renewal
And gladly joins with others
To break most every rule

When those who worship science
Discover Little Wit
It might bring some surprises
And cheer us up a bit


Strangely, after writing this I came across the following play written in the sixteenth century by John Redford, a vicar-choral at St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1534, entitled:
The play of Wit and Science
It concerns a marriage between Wit and Science.

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Soldiers in uniform, sights seeking those
Invisible heroes to some I suppose
Once friendly allies, now enemies sworn
Bullets are flying for causes forlorn

No more a battlefield, blood on the walls
Homes filled with death that now hardly appals
Happy the warlords for whom life is cheap
Those who huge profits from conflict still reap

Malevolence fills the hearts of some who pose
As saviours until hidden truths they expose
Phantoms of those who once played in the light
Minds warped by science seek prey in the night

Madness, insanity, words that appear
While thinking of so many dying in fear.
Victims of hearts frozen by endless greed
Searching, n’er finding what they really need

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Some would have us all believe
that they have nothing up their sleeve
that science is objective still
though subject to their masters’ will.

Theories can never show
the truth behind the mirrored glow
for there is nothing there to find
external to the human mind.

As fingers reach into the mist
its droplets move to coexist
but if one wants to know just how
no trace remains that to allow.

Our world is one that we create
agreeing to participate
in painting images that deem
to make real what remains a dream.

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An aboriginal in the far north (of Australia) can understand an aboriginal from the far south without understanding his language; he translates the melodies of his songs and therefore knows which path he is walking and where he is from.
From “The Songlines” by Bruce Chatwin

The cause is greater than the man
whether god’s or devil’s plan.
Danger lurks when minds unfold
the nature of Creation’s mould.

A levelling is what we need.
Sever peaks to find the seed
that when tended shall reveal
the secret of the turning wheel.

So sing the song to stir the Earth
and hear the voices of rebirth.
See the road laid out so clear
the one that leads away from here.

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“However, in the view of elites, population control is more about controlling the people than saving the environment.”

From: New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship
by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Scientists and industry
Working for the few
Thinning out our ranks to bring
World Order that is New

Poisons in the water
Poisons in the air
Poisons in the food we eat
Do you really care?

Poisons in the packaging
Poisons in vaccines
Poisons in the pills we take
Just some of their means

Ways to sterilize you
Ways to make you ill
Ways to bring you to your knees
For the final kill

Laugh and say it’s nonsense
Laugh and say I’m mad
Laugh until you see I’m right
When things get that bad.

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“The man who voyages strange seas must of necessity be a little unsure of himself. It is the man with the flashy air of knowing everything, who is always with it, that we should beware of.”
Fred Hoyle

Science for sale: tailor-made to your wish.
Climate is hot so we might cut a deal
weaponry always a favourite choice,
fooling the masses we do with one voice.

Dissenters we guarantee won’t have a say.
Masters we are in the art of deceit.
Ears will just hear and eyes only will see,
comfort distortions designed by degree.

Industry’s slaves we its bidding must do
freedom of research a thing of the past.
Fools there are still who deny any lies
searching for truths that will bring their demise.

People are happy with things we provide:
pleasures to keep them subdued not alive.
Power and fortune are matched to the fame
of playing with loaded dice, winning the game.

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The American multimillionaire and scientist Craig Venter has just synthesised artificial life, mixing four chemicals off his lab shelf to make a living microbe. His new microbe, which he calls Synthia, behaves like any other, dividing and dividing to generate millions of identical offspring.

Author’s note: One might think that a discussion between immortal beings would be irrelevant, being all knowing and all seeing as they are, but it seems that they do it nevertheless.

The Creator is working in one of the huge laboratories with strange looking creatures (which I shall call Aids) doing all sorts of strange unfathomable (to us) things. One of them stands watching at the Creator’s side as another galaxy reaches completion. 

‘May I say something?’ says the Aid.


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Interesting video from New Zealand’s Professor Robert M Carter, one of the world’s leading palaeoclimatologists.
It can be found here on the site of the Science & Public Policy Institute.
As he says “All scientists are skeptics”.
Theories are dependent on facts and not the other way round.

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“And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”


I read in the newspaper today that according to Australian scientists the Earth could become inhabitable for humans by 2030 due to man-made global warming. As if we needed more predictions of doom based on dubiously relevant data and oversimplified models. I’ll make an equally valid forecast: the Earth could become inhabitable for humans by 2030 due to global cooling. But, of course, anything in between is also possible.


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