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Whom and what to believe

Two towers and then a building fall
Events that shock and most appal
Ten years of doubts and thoughts that chill
The plaintive cries unanswered still

A world divided, faith revealed
As hatred deep no more concealed,
By those it seems with much to gain
From unrest, hardship, death and pain

An age of terror born of fear
Where freedom ebbs more year by year
The fight against the final foe
Unbeatable — most apropos


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How hypocritical of the US government and its allies to accuse the Egyptian Dictator of wrongfully suppressing free speech during the present uprising when the US is preparing legislation to do the same, and the UK, Australia and New Zeeland already have it in place, see here.

The West, once haven for the free
Now victim of a powerful few
Becomes no different from the rest
Where freedom is with force suppressed

In fear of losing power to rule
They need to disallow free speech
And “terrorists” provide the way
To make us bend and make us pay

Those who submit without protest
Will find no peace when they are slaves
Of masters who seek paradise
A madness that’s worth any price

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On modern “Pavlovian” conditioning methods of those in power.
is an example of the horrors involved

Body scanners
Mind your manners
Or we’ll grope and grope
For the nation
Peepshow isotope

Gives us freedoms
Say goodbye to hope
Higher taxes
Lower income
Getting hard to cope

Need a saviour
Earn a handout
Guess who is the dope
Is our striving
On a worldwide scope

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Naked body scanners may be dangerous: scientists

TSA encounter at SAN

Governments of the people, for the people, should ban this dangerous and insidious intrusion into our privacy, but their reluctance to do so speaks volumes about where their allegiances lie. In the name of protecting us from their self-made terrorists, they are enslaving us within their growing police states.

Only our refusal to submit to the terror within can turn the tide.

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Well, according to various reports, the local authorities in Europe were wrong to impose a no fly ban during the recent Icelandic eruption. In an article here from the Mail Online the European Commission’s director general of transport accuses the weather experts in the UK of using a model not based on scientific facts to forecast the spread of volcanic ash. (This reminds me of something. Oh yes, global warming is based on similar contentions).
Limited airborne measurements taken since the eruption have found little evidence over Europe of ash components that could be damaging to aircraft engines. As I suggested yesterday the lives of some are apparently cheap when authorities are willing to risk accidents to avoid financial pain.


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Temptation’s great while at the gate
to take a look at someone’s mate
to see what’s hanging and how far
what’s fat or limp or just ajar.

Firm buttocks and breasts pointing high
the shapes take form before the eye.
You look for hidden bombs it’s true
but it’s exciting and so new.

To have a laugh or gasp in awe
something you’ve never seen before
or dreamed of in your wildest dreams
a copy is a must it seems.

You know it is against the rule
to give to those who’ll gape and drool
over a torso now revealed
of one whose looks had so appealed.

You have the power; you can decide
which person you take for a ride.
The training helps but after all
we’re all suspect, both short and tall.

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Reports on the Internet tell of governments, and other interested parties who stand to make a lot of money, pushing for the installation of 3-D body scanners at airports worldwide, even though many experts say that they form a potential health hazard and wouldn’t have detected the “underwear” bomber’s chemicals anyway. (more…)

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The government in The Netherlands, like other European nations and America, is in the process of setting up a police state, all in the name of fighting the ghostly terrorist threat. The international connection is obvious which places the controlling force outside national borders. (more…)

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I wanted to write something yesterday about the new body scanners  soon to be used at airports and the reasons behind their introduction, but there were so many other tasks to carry out that I didn’t get around to it. Anyway, here it is.
The story of the Christmas Day “Underwear Bomber” in short: (more…)

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