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April’s arrived but then what’s in a name?
Nature is playing still its waiting game.
Springtime on tiptoes trips first here then there,
urging to action all those that might dare.

A planet moves so very far away
and eyes look up to see its rising suns
with scorching breath ignite another day.
Those of the night descend without delay.

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Capricious One

Another day that’s cold and grey,
the warmth of late a memory
and winter coats and scarves appeal
those parts then bared again to seal.

“Ne’er cast a clout till May be out”.
How true is still this proverb old
that warns how fickle is the spring
whose weather mirrors moods that swing.

A drizzle falls from thickening clouds
now drifting in on northwest winds
to sprinkle all that thirst for more
before revealing what’s in store.

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