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Arousal quartet

Two bodies meet with tingling flesh
Hands move to where but few have been
And passing between half-closed eyes
That old dream in a new disguise.

A kiss that lingers wakes inside
Kaleidoscopic thoughts sublime
That move in some way uncontrolled
Releasing what one can’t withhold.

Two cling, oblivious to all
Against the cool tiled subway wall
The rumblings of approaching trains
Enhance their passion’s rhythmic strains.

The movements now without restrain
Are thrown across the windowpane
As shadows mime the troubled flow
Lit by a soft light’s haunting glow.

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I’m erotically yours
Steaming window condensation
Feel your arms
Is it my imagination?
Rising to
Heights of unknown stimulation
Lips reveal
Urgent inner expectation
Is this love
Or an induced conflagration
Losing touch
With a rising desperation
Wordless sounds
Some exotic evocation
Absent thoughts
In that final liberation
No one there
Just a joint collaboration
Raged desire
Now a distant aspiration
Whispered now
Emanations of elation
I was yours

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A sexton is a bell-ringer and general odd job man around the church if my Oxford Dictionary really knows anything about the subject. I hope they all have a fruitful life and can later pull in a good pension.
This piece has really nothing to do with sex or sextons – well not directly anyway – but I felt in a naughty mood and wanted to see how many readers would be drawn to my boudoir with the word blazoned in the heading to light up expectant eyes and attract those of a curious bent. I won’t get to find out who you are, of course, but the numbers should get pumped up somewhat. I realize this may work against me but what the hell have I got to lose. (more…)

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