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I am rather bemused and in no way amused
by the messages coming my way
about crashes and gold
will it be warm of cold
and how much will be left of my pay.

I look up to the stars and that slight reddish Mars
and bold Jupiter shining so bright.
No Moon is to be seen
all around is serene
in the wonderful quiet of the night.

I peer round at the rose standing there by the door
with fresh buds about ready to flower.
See the grass growing slow
there the blackbird I know
and I feel, as they, old Nature’s power.

I gaze into the mirror at he who looks back
the one free of what’s lurking inside.
I want now to step through
so that I can see who
is the one in which these thoughts reside.


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I’m just a fool; I know that now
but I must go on anyhow.
There are those who might giggle, sneer,
pity the one who’s sitting here.
It seems so very long ago
that we bathed in sweet young love’s glow.
When smiles and laughter filled our days
and tenderness knew many ways:
a touch, a kiss, a warm embrace,
such joy that sadness had no place.
Yes, I remember oh so well
when all at once the curtain fell
almost transparent but too strong,
each wondering just what went wrong.
Was what we had something so blind
that doubts could rise to plague the mind,
thoughts that in Nature have no place,
the curse of that which has no face
that weaves the nightmares from our dreams
and holds at bay true love it seems?

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