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Six times six is thirty-six
unless my mind is playing tricks.
Four sixes rise and me implore
to add them to the final score.

Left with one six clutching nought
it seems that I have sixty wrought.
Where have those other sixes gone?
Absorbed like magic every one.

Numbers running round my brain,
all integers from their domain.
The “point” is, as I hope you’ll see,
removed from this reality.

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Nine lives



If nine by nine is eighty-one
as it would seem to be
then with nine more
and then times ten
nine hundred we might see.

And if another hundred came
what could heave into sight?
No numbers nine
but just a one
with three noughts to the right.

What is the purpose of this piece
you might now wish to know?
It’s just a rhyme
to fill the time
arriving apropos.

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"Whenever we encounter the Infinite in man, however imperfectly understood, we treat it with respect. Whether in the synagogue, the mosque, the pagoda, or the wigwam, there is a hideous aspect which we execrate and a sublime aspect which we venerate. So great a subject for spiritual contemplation, such measureless dreaming — the echo of God on the human wall!" – Victor Hugo

If I could grasp infinity
that wholeness steeped in mystery
unknown to thoughts of time and space
then where would be this secret place
in which I hide to look upon
the mask presented by the one?

Strange as it seems twixt nought and one
are numbers endless in their girth
but none can reach that distant shore
on which God sits in gentle mirth
as man attempts to reach beyond
the borders of his muddied pond.

The universe must have an end
a place where none can come or go.
Somewhere that’s different from the rest
so one may say, “I told you so.”
But man’s time’s better spent it’s true
the bounds of knowledge to pursue.

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