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Wild one

Love pounces, there we lie

Held by its kiss and talons sharp

Until the day we die

Unless one day its lips draw free

And heal the wounds that burn

Then we may rise to hope again

That it will soon return.


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I looked into those loving eyes;
my middle was of swollen size
There resting on that sliding tongue.
“Oh God,” I thought, “can this be wrong.”

A hand squeezed gently. Oh, the thrill
as I drank down another pill.
Then lying back with drooping lids,
I succumbed to what He forbids.

And later in that simple room
a candle burned to chase the gloom,
as on my knees with hands clasped tight
I begged for mercy for my plight.

“Oh Lord, forgive a sinner’s lust
or punish me if that you must.
For I am in temptations grip
as into fires of Hell I slip.”

I felt my throat constrict and choked
on memories that thought evoked.
Then pain so great turned all to white
and dragged my soul into the light.


I stare across the room to where
a cross hangs in the candle’s glare.
So many months have now passed by
since through the tears we said goodbye

I look into the face of He
who brought me back and set me free,
from thoughts that now seem far away
and feelings that once lead astray.

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The joining

Is it hard to say “I love you”
Or does it slip out on thin ice?
Do those three words convey
What you feel there today
Or are they, well, just too precise?

Thought’s really a second hand lover
Its words have all been said before
What’s unspoken is real
What brings tears that appeal
Harbors truth that one cannot ignore.

The eyes are the mouth of what’s hidden
Deep down behind all that’s been learned
Gentle hands that reach out
Never leave any doubt
And speak never of what must be earned.

Real love knows not of hesitation
For time is what holds us apart,
And when two are as one
Then the moment is gone
That might come between beats of the heart.

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Still waiting

I miss you, I miss you
Please give me a call
It’s saying a month now
The one on the wall

The calendar marking
The passage of days,
Another page torn while
I stare in a daze

I see your face smiling
In mind’s mirror clear.
Will I ever see you
Again to hold near?

It was just a moment
Of time rushing by
Words too quickly spoken
No way to deny

I hear the door closing
Again and again
When you left me standing
My heart filled with pain

Cold thought will be master
No love does it feel
It waits not a second
And hears no appeal

I miss you, I miss you
Please answer my call
Without you I’m losing
To thoughts that appall.

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Yes, grind me down beneath your boot,
but still there’ll grow a little shoot
of love and hope for fellow men,
from blood that seeps to earth again.

I see the hate, the fear, torment,
of one who was from heaven sent;
who once cried in a mother’s arms
and since has witnessed many harms.

All born into the breath of life,
who know not then of war and strife,
see but the wonders all around;
embrace the gifts that there abound.

Forgiveness comes from hearts still warm.
Tears flow from eyes that ride the storm,
at last to see the sun again,
rise on that day when thoughts restrain.

For freedom shared is Nature’s joy.
Let not your anger you employ.
Hear not the whispers of those who
deny that which they never knew.

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Time stretches, yawns, when you’re away
A week it seems is every day
A month is as a year to me
When you no more I hear and see

And when at last I touch your hand
When falls that final grain of sand
That marks the end of absence cruel
Then flow the tears from this old fool.

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No longer do I know your touch
Or feel the lips that once met mine
The warmth we gave each other then
Now cold though never lost in time

In dreams you’re there but ever far
Unreachable at every turn
I feel the pain of guilt and shame
Yearn for the flame that will not burn

Too many words, too long unsaid
Our mouths forever silent now
Only in sleep to speak again
When thought our meeting will allow

I count the years, perhaps each day
The visions come to jibe and taunt
And ghosts of yesterday return
These empty halls once more to haunt

The secrets we can never share
With friendly smiles that come to call
The memories glow deep within
That in our silence we recall.

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Hidden one

The cold damp air of longing
The shivers of desire
Steal warmth from this poor flagging heart
That yearns still for that fire
The surge that tender fingertips
Released with gentle touch
Soft lips that lightly brushed my cheek
Are what I miss so much
Soft eyes that loving kindness brought
And smiles that moved to tears
The sighs that carried whispered thoughts
Still ring inside my ears
The laughter like the rainbow’s gold
That follows grey filled skies
A waterfall of colors bright
To shed my feigned disguise
As memories you come to me
On wisps of time you ride
Still bringing comfort from afar
Wherever now you hide

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Night visitors

A late night in the morning
The wakened daylight dawning
Still waiting are the tired eyes
For new day’s sun to quickly rise.

For darkness urges sleeping
When dreams of you come creeping
Across the landscape of the mind
To where they know my heart they’ll find.

The sadness of the evening
Distractions now are leaving
The fading light leaves me behind
To face alone those dreams unkind.

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Reaching out

A distant friend is waiting
For one to make a call
Across that EM ocean
Through router and firewall
The fingers of a heart that hurts
Have given life to letters bland
Extending love where it may lead
Hoping that it will stir the hand
Of one they’ve waited for so long
By waking feelings there within
To play upon the keys of hope
And bring about a new begin.

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Age of innocence

Gone are the days when love
Was what we thought love was
And missed by a mile, right up the aisle
But stayed around because.

Gone are the days when love
Was what we knew love was
And danced for a while to a fading style
But stayed around because.

Gone are the days when love
Was what we heard love was
And searched for the phial that would beguile
But stayed around because.

Gone are the days when love
Was what we found love was
And through its denial what was worthwhile
We’re here still just because.

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Time traveller

Fond memories I have of you
A figure trapped in time
Now pictures on the inner wall
Those moments, yours and mine.

I see your face, the laughing smile
And sense your fragrance still
The softness of your hand in mine
Forget I never will.

The thrill whenever our lips met
Two hearts that beat as one
The tenderness of your embrace
The warmth that now has gone.

Frames taken from the film of life
If only I could see
The latest reel as you are now
Forever lost to me.

Perhaps you are but memories
To all who came your way
And no more walk upon life’s road
Alive in yesterday.

How fragile are the strands of time
That form that synergy
The force that binds can also break
As it took you from me.

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Together apart

How can I ever make you see
That we as one can never be?
For watching are the two who share
Our hopes and dreams, our helpless stare.

How can I ever make you see
That we’re alone in mystery?
The roads we tread keep us apart
Paths laid before us at the start.

How can I ever make you see
That we are living history?
What’s gone before will come again
Like winter cold and springtime rain.

How can I ever make you see
That there’s no way we can be free?
Thought has made all that we hold dear
From past to future, year by year.

How can I ever make you see
That love like hate brings misery?
For we desire what none can give
An end to hurt so long we live.

How can I ever make you see
That none’s to blame it just must be?
Until the last moment of time
That brings an end to yours and mine.

So throw the dice and take a chance
Sip now the cup of wild romance
Each moment will be ours to fill
No time for those to bend our will.

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The joining

Say your love me, say you care
Hold my hand to climb the stair
And when we’re there where lovers meet
Please be gentle, soft and sweet
Take me off to paradise
Show me heights as yet unclimbed
Let me feel the warm breeze blow
That points the way that I must go
And as the waves crash on the shore
May we be one for evermore.

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The need

Is it love your searching for
Or something else that’s gone before?
Is loneliness your guiding light
Someone to share the sleepless night?

Is it love that you have won
Or something else that’s just begun?
Is satisfaction guaranteed
By one who knows your every need?

Is it love that you have lost
Or something else that much has cost?
Is he or she the one to blame
The one who couldn’t play your game?

Is it love that you have found
Or something else on firmer ground?
Is there the will to understand
And to forgive without demand?

Is it love that fades with time
Or something else that’s yours and mine?
Are we just islands in a sea
Of memories how it used to be?

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