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Seems I’m spreading good vibrations
Feelings sour are turning sweet
It’s as if I’m some conductor
In tune with an ancient beat

Nature favours with its blessing
Let’s me join with life around
In a wondrous celebration
Freely shared, not duty bound

Thought can no more find direction
In that world so empty now
Of reflections from the mirror
Losing form, I know not how

Words are hollow, void of meaning
Changing shape then symbols fly
As a voice sings soft but clearly
In a tongue of days gone by

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I have too much on my mind
Just too many thoughts that bind
Future dates with things to do
Of uncertainties a queue
Minutes turning into hours
Stretch the limits of my powers
Even sleep is shorter now
Restless moments disallow
Time to take a stock of sorts
Of the varying reports
From the rim of senses touch
Yes, it really is too much

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Life’s threads are tangled
in skeins of complexity.
What will come next
to increase my perplexity?


I’ve joined the information game
Communication is the name
My brain is working overtime
Sometimes it almost seems a crime

I’m ever shouting in a crowd
Some near me hear but words are drowned
Lost in the tumult’s deafening roar
Waves crashing on that inner shore

A bounded, finite universe
Within which minds and hearts converse
To spread emotions far and wide
And answer questions, most implied

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