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Whom and what to believe

Two towers and then a building fall
Events that shock and most appal
Ten years of doubts and thoughts that chill
The plaintive cries unanswered still

A world divided, faith revealed
As hatred deep no more concealed,
By those it seems with much to gain
From unrest, hardship, death and pain

An age of terror born of fear
Where freedom ebbs more year by year
The fight against the final foe
Unbeatable — most apropos

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The Truth Is Out There

What the US government and most media don’t want us to know: http://911blogger.com/node/22854

POLICE STATE 2010: Homeland Security Unveils Mobile Mind Screening Checkpoints see here

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Considering the devastating influence this event has had on world affairs and people’s lives everywhere and the unanswered questions and inconsistencies prevalent in the original investigation, the continuing refusal of governments to re-investigate this event and the lack of main media coverage concerning the facts can only brand their members as traitors to the cause of freedom. Charlie Sheen has now valiantly taken up the baton.



Ok, so we’ve seen and heard all the evidence: the videos, the testaments of eyewitnesses, the official report, the views of experts outside government influence (yes, there still are many – thankfully). If YOU haven’t yet and want to, then start with above piece by Charlie Sheen on prisonplanet.com and go on from there, or go to the links below. You will soon come to realize why it is vitally important that there should be a reinvestigation of the events of 9/11.

In short, there is overwhelming evidence that points to this attack on America being engineered by forces inside the country, which included government officials. If this is so and considering the available evidence it seems that there can be only one conclusion.

1. The buildings involved were attacked by planes somehow under external and/or autopilot control, or in the case of the Pentagon by a missile or small drone aircraft.

2. The event was staged as a “false flag” operation to obtain public support for the “war on terror” which was a pretence for not only the colonial type expansion into the Middle East but also for the subsequent expansion of government control at home in the name of increased security, both ongoing.

3. The three buildings were deliberately caused to collapse to cover up evidence of the above. The pulverized debris of the towers was quickly removed before it could be investigated. No black boxes have ever materialized.

Who would benefit from such an unbelievably callous act? The finger must point in the direction of the military/industrial complex and its financial backers. Only within these organizations is there enough power and influence to implement such an event.

Weigh the above scenario against the official story that the whole thing was engineered by a small group of fanatical Muslims acting under dubious circumstances and with equally dubious skills to carry out such an attack, whose leader has never been proved guilty of complicity. Note that I am not saying that such an organization couldn’t have been involved in some way with the attack, only that it is improbable that it could have carried it out without help.

But don’t just accept or deny the above, investigate the evidence for yourself and draw your own conclusions. The truth is out there.

More info can be found at, among others:




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