A product of culture
Forged on the line
Honed by the voices
Symbols define
Lost in the daydreams
Those of the night
Phantoms beguiling
Clouding the sight

Views of eternity
Rise from somewhere
Calming the cold fears
Life’s wear and tear
But no escaping
Binds of the past
First breath of freedom
Would be my last


On the spot

Four days of fumbling, scratching lines
Mixed thoughts cajoling round and round
While trying to slice and deal out time
To put down something that might rhyme

Perhaps a late return to prose
But lengthy business, explanations
Not quite trials and tribulations
And the frivolous and bland
Refuse to move from head to hand

Importance hardly recognized
Old ideas somehow compromised
Profusions of inanities
Serve to confuse
That’s how it is

Temporary thaw


Photo courtesy John Walker 

The grey clouds, featureless and low
Bring moisture from the southern seas
As winter waits not far away
And other forces hold their sway

Rain falls where frost has lately lain
Across this land of leafless trees
A patchwork still of sleeping green
Adds colour to the wintry scene

The annuals are still alive
Within their pots upon the wall
Somewhat bedraggled now it’s true
But precious are their days so few

Flowers of the rose in frozen joy
It seems, dance still upon the breeze
As blackbirds dart in search of fare
Within that movement always there

Face of winter

First frost arrives as powdered white
Upon those staring to the night
A tingle added to that drawn
The breath of life each moment born

Cold quietness lingers, settles down
Oblivious to smile or frown
Storms that so long have had their way
By winter’s hand are held at bay

Sun’s rays are warm that pierce the air
To fall upon those few parts bare
Between the ice clouds drifting by
Upon that frozen sea of sky

Natural man

The peace one is seeking is already inside, in the harmonious functioning of the body

A light that shines so very bright
that turns to day the darkest night
burns deep inside what I call mine;
no thought has it to tow the line.

It seems somehow I can connect
with one not wayward or correct,
but driven onward to survive,
to reproduce and stay alive.

How is it that things go astray?
What emptiness is there at play
that draws me to wish and take stock,
to strike out and to run amok;

to rein in one that was born free,
to halt the gallop, blind to see?
Its movement leaves me far behind
midst cold illusions, man defined.


Lying in the folds of night
the spectres rose to fill with fright
as body turned and twisted then
the nightmare came to haunt again.

Transpiring from that hellish tale,
through gritted teeth there came a wail.
What tortured thoughts could bring such woe,
could take such hold, such fear bestow?

The demon raged, its madness free
to weave a horror none could see,
until the first light pierced the air
and drove the beast back to its lair.


Psychological dependence sows only decaying seeds of progress

Disturbing developments
Deluge of thoughts
To formulate

Bedded in fear
And hope
Rear up


Calendar day, last but one
Still chance to get those few things done
That can’t wait till a brand New Year
Comes strutting in to raucous cheer

Eve of New Year, now in sight
The partying into the night
Friends, family, all gathered round
With happy laughter, joyful sound

Fireworks galore, shooting high
Some splitting air with shrieking cry
Explosions meant to chase away
Bad spirits that would gladly stay

Quietness abounds, morning breaks
Behind us then the gives and takes
The Young One leads a thoughtful throng
Along that road, one year less long


This Christmas came and then it went
With lots of money being spent
According to the tabloid press
That enjoys such things to express

Now down we go to a New Year
The days slide by in second gear
As hopes and fears form in the minds
Of all who wish to draw the blinds

Perhaps a Mayan light will shine
Upon some undiscovered shrine
And throw man to the wolves of kind
That then devour his feckless mind

Christmas Greetings

Image courtesy Simon Howden

To visitors, friends, far and wide

I wish you all at this Yuletide

Much joy, and happiness and peace

From warmth that loving hearts release

First flurry

The festive time is nearing
And not a lot to say
The weather’s drab and drizzly still
On this last autumn day

The spirit seen in Christmas trees
And Santa’s everywhere
Excitement in the children’s eyes
And decorations’ glare

A warmth to keep the cold at bay
I would that all may share
Both in the heart and fingertips
Enough to calm despair


It’s colder now as polar air
Sweeps down from northern latitudes
And over North Sea’s choppy brine
Are born showers that to snow incline

The annuals bid now farewell
To life and droop as leaves turn brown
Their flowers wilt to a memory
Extravaganza, Nature’s spree

As winter ever closer draws
And nights erode the light of day
The thoughts return of warmth to share
When gathered, free of mad affair

Year’s end

Grey, nebulous clouds
Frozen by early winter’s breath
Move lazily through pale blue shivering skies
The shortest day approaches
Soon to pass
Before the days of Christmas
Fill the glass


“Peace on Earth!” I hear the cries.
“Good will to all!” And then the sighs
as hopes for better things to come
rise up inside each dad and mum,
and eyes of older generation
look inside in contemplation.
Small ones play as only they
can, conscious not of words that pray.


My days unnumbered, light to dark
No hands of clock could set a mark
With eyes wide to the wonders there
No thoughts of time could me ensnare

Horizons still within mists lay
No future urged me to obey
My world was small and undefined
Without rigidity of mind

No love’s demands me to cement
But with the knowledge instinct lent
The care of a protecting arm
Unnoticed, kept me safe from harm

Blind creation

From the past was born a future
using strands of thoughts inane:
greying fears, transparent notions
binding, merged with tangled pain.
Rising then, it lurched unfettered;
trod the road that lay ahead,
ribbon in the darkness calling,
grinding grit of words long dead.
Onward to those new tomorrows
scattering while on its way
seeds of madness finding nurture
from tears of some yesterday.


I’m numbed by the scope of betrayal
The insidious patience of those
Who plan our lives to their advantage
With hearts that so long ago froze

If I could of myself avail
The hope that it might just be a dream
That I may awaken each moment
And find my fears flowing down stream

I feel if mankind now should fail
To at last conquer selfish ideals
The past might deliver a future
That really to no one appeals

Higher calling


Will they be there at the end
Those who once called me a friend
And my family, as I remember them?
Will they also be there too
Ones I wronged all shouting boo
Or allowed in others ways me to condemn?

I imagine them all there
At those gates above the stair
In that terminus where one goes up or down
Where forgiveness might be found
Or damnation underground
When those highly thought of judges go to town


My friends the clouds go drifting by
So unassuming, low and high
I wish that I could float with them
Above the din of man’s mayhem


Seems I’m spreading good vibrations
Feelings sour are turning sweet
It’s as if I’m some conductor
In tune with an ancient beat

Nature favours with its blessing
Let’s me join with life around
In a wondrous celebration
Freely shared, not duty bound

Thought can no more find direction
In that world so empty now
Of reflections from the mirror
Losing form, I know not how

Words are hollow, void of meaning
Changing shape then symbols fly
As a voice sings soft but clearly
In a tongue of days gone by

Information game

One gets an education
To learn a thing or two
Some will become the clever clogs
‘I know it all, don’t you?’

Who gain a first or second
To research, teach, dictate
Upon the board behind the pawns
The moves meant to checkmate.

Spout as someone of letters
Or conjure with the mind
Something of scientific worth
That had lain undefined.

We aid thought in its conquest
Of Nature’s mysteries
And help build up the walls of fear
Protecting histories

By squeezing information
Beyond the membrane’s skin
Into the hearts of waiting cells
To nestle there within


Carefree I of mad intent
Crossing fingers, heaven sent
Fleeing from hot breath of souls
Changing ways and digging holes
Cartwheels turning creaking down
Muddied tracks to one such town
Fresh the air that breathes inside
Filling spaces long denied
Creatures watch with whispers wild
Calling to this lonely child
Sun sinks now behind the eyes
Into calm and emptied skies
Carefree I of mad intent
Crossing fingers, heaven sent